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Steel Building Options

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Dektite® Gives Metal Buildings the Boot

Premium Pipe Flashing Seals Steel Buildings Tight Corrugated steel roof panels on metal buildings present a challenge for pipes and flues. Creating custom-fabricated metal roof flashing for pipes protruding through the ribbed panels was once a major headache. Sealing pipes, flues, and ducts is a problem no more, thanks to an ingenious device called the Dektite® roof boot. A Revolution in Metal Roof Flashing The Dektite® roof boot consists of a rubbery cone sleeve, attached to a strong, yet flexible… Read More

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Hangar Doors for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Extraordinary-Width Doors for Aircraft and Large Access Equipment Aircraft demand mega-wide hangar doors for building entrances. RHINO steel buildings can accommodate any aircraft or vehicle with hangar-style doors in a variety of styles. Aircraft Hangars Built with Steel From helicopters to jumbo jets, aviation relies on steel-framed hangars almost exclusively. Why? Steel is the only sensible choice for hangars. Only steel provides the obstruction-free space required by aircraft. RHINO steel buildings easily span 200 feet or more without any interior… Read More

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Choosing Overhead Doors for Steel Buildings

RHINO Overhead Doors Increase Comfort and Convenience RHINO provides a wide selection of overhead metal building doors. Choosing the right style and size for each overhead door requires a little thought and planning. What Size of Overhead Door Will You Need? Think of what you will be moving through your overhead door— not only now, but also later. For example, if you are building a steel garage at your home, you will need to measure any vehicles you plan to… Read More

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RHINO-Tough Steel Building Doors and Windows

Add Accessibility, Eye-Appeal, and Comfort to a Metal Building Both functional and attractive, steel building doors and windows create a more inviting look to a structure. Whether the metal building’s purpose is agricultural, commercial, industrial, or residential, doors and windows dramatically improve the design. RHINO is committed to supplying top-of-the-line accessories, including high-quality metal building doors and windows. All doors and windows arrive at the job site with the steel framing. RHINO’s metal building doors and windows are “field located,”… Read More

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Let the Sun Shine In with Metal Building Skylights

Steel Building Skylights Let You Cash In on Nature’s Free Lighting Installing metal building skylights not only stretches natural resources, it stretches your resources. Including skylights with your steel building order gives you the satisfaction of making the “green” building choice. It also saves your nice green money by reducing utility costs. What Are the Benefits of Using Skylights? Obviously, reducing the amount you pay for lighting a building is the greatest advantage of skylights and wall lights. Skylights, also… Read More

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Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 3

Are Rain Gutters the Right Choice for Your Location? In Part 1 in this series on rain gutters for metal buildings we covered all the advantages of including rain gutters and downspouts with your pre-engineered steel building order. Part 2 of the series explained using gutter systems and rain barrels to conserve water. However, metal building gutters and downspouts are not the right choice for all climates. People living in areas of extreme snowfall and frequent ice storms need to… Read More

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Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 2

Conserving Water with Gutters and Rain Barrels Rain gutters for metal buildings have one major job: to move water away from the structure. Why stop there? Go “green” by conserving the runoff water and learn how to collect rainwater from gutters. Rain Barrels: The Eco-Friendly Choice In the first part of this series on rain gutters for metal buildings, we covered the advantages of including gutters and downspouts with your pre-engineered steel building orders. The option of rain water collecting… Read More

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Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 1

6 Reasons to Add Gutters to Your Steel Building Order When planning to build a steel commercial building— or your own personal steel structure — consider including steel rain gutters and downspouts on your metal building order. Why gutters? In one word: PROTECTION. Here are some of the reasons why: 1. Self-Protection It is obvious the first job of gutters is allowing people to enter the building during a rainstorm without dashing through a waterfall. Without gutters, anyone coming inside… Read More

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Controlling Airflow in Metal Buildings- Part 2

GOOD METAL BUILDING VENTILATION CREATES COMFORT AND EXTENDS BUILDING LIFE Never underestimate the importance of airflow in metal buildings. As discussed in part 1, adequate ventilation controls comfort, humidity levels, and condensation in steel buildings. Two Types of Ventilation Controlling airflow in metal buildings without air conditioning and heating is simple. You need fresh air flowing into the building and humid air flowing out. This is easily accomplished with vents and large door openings. Steel barns, equipment structures, storage buildings,… Read More

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Controlling Airflow in a Metal Building- Part 1

The Importance of Ventilation in Steel Buildings Providing adequate airflow in a metal building affects both the comfort level inside and the durability of the structure. Preventing moisture buildup with good industrial ventilation prolongs the life of a steel building. Three Factors Affecting Climate in a Metal Building Climate controlled buildings create some airflow and control moisture with heating and air-conditioning systems. Even these may need additional ventilation. However, many metal buildings are not climate controlled. These include: • Agricultural… Read More

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