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Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 3

Are Rain Gutters the Right Choice for Your Location?

In Part 1 in this series on rain gutters for metal buildings we covered all the advantages of including rain gutters and downspouts with your pre-engineered steel building order. Part 2 of the series explained using gutter systems and rain barrels to conserve water.

Close up of a white steel gutter system and downspout on the corner of a gray metal buildingHowever, metal building gutters and downspouts are not the right choice for all climates.

People living in areas of extreme snowfall and frequent ice storms need to evaluate whether gutters for metal buildings are needed in their location.

Ice Dams and Roof Damage

In a poorly insulated structure, escaping heat melts snow and ice on the roof. Since gutters and downspouts hang away from the warmer roof, melting snow and ice refreeze in the gutters, creating ice dams. Ice dams hold melting snow and ice on the roof, allowing water seepage into the building envelope. Dripping water leaks into the structure, soaking insulation.

While ice dams present a greater damage risk to shingled wood roofs than metal building roofs, slowly melting heavy snow or ice can cause leaks on any roof over time. Excess weight of snow or ice can even damage the rain gutters, ripping them from the building.

There are several remedies for ice dam destruction on metal building gutters and downspouts.

  • Use higher-grade insulation to eliminate heat loss through the roof. RHINO Steel Building Systems offers an upgrade insulation system that cannot be beat.
  • Keep metal building gutters and downspouts clear of debris and clogs that may exacerbate ice dam problems.
  • Buy a gutter heating system or heated gutter guard if you live in an area prone to sub-zero temperatures. In less extreme northern climates, heat tape along the gutter may do to the trick.

Design Options for Heavy Snow Areas

In high volume snow locations, consider ordering a steel building with deep overhangs.

Overhangs and canopies are not only practical, but also very attractive. They move snow and ice melting safely away from the structure in winter, reducing the need for gutters. Overhangs also create cooling shade around the structure in summer.

(Remember that the terrain surrounding a structure needs to drain away from the building.)

You may order RHINO metal buildings with sidewall overhangs from 2’ to 10’ deep. The building kit includes all soffit material for underneath the overhang. Endwall canopies are available from 1’ to 8’ deep.

Take All Your Metal Building Questions to RHINO

RHINO steel building specialists will assist you in choosing the right options for your location. Please call today for details about our metal buildings, our accessories, and a fast, friendly quote.

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