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Steel Building Sandwich Shops

If You Build It, They Will Come! A steel building and a sandwich shop make the perfect pairing for budding entrepreneurs. So what makes pre-engineered steel buildings and sandwich shops the best idea since sliced bread? The Sandwich Market First of all, Americans are positively mad for sandwiches.  In fact, Americans consume 300 million sandwiches every day!  That’s almost 92% of the entire U.S. population! Secondly, Americans buy the majority of those bread-stuffed wonders from the nearest sandwich shop or… Read More

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Fat Profits in Steel-Framed Sweet Shops

The Sweet Smell of Success Found in Donut and Coffee Shops Steel-framed buildings make ideal bakeries, donut shops, and coffee shops.  And there is no better time to cash in on a snack business than today.  Sales are high and the profit margin plump in sweet and coffee shops. A Quick Look at the Snack Market While Americans say they care about eating healthier, the numbers refute the claims.  The sales of coffee and bakery goodies continue to soar.  It… Read More

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Why Steel Buildings Make the Best Restaurants

7 Reasons Most Restauranteurs Choose Metal Buildings Steel buildings now claim 65% of all new commercial construction, including restaurants. Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) earned their market dominance the same way all successful products do— by providing greater benefits than the competition. America’s Changing Eating Habits Last year, for the first time in history, Americans spent more on eating out than eating in. The National Restaurant Association offers the following facts: 40% of Americans confess eating out is an essential part… Read More

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Prefab Steel Buildings Make Great Restaurants

According to the latest figures, a restaurant can be a terrific investment.  And prefab steel buildings make excellent restaurants. Food-service sales in the U.S. are $1.7 billion per day.  That’s equal to about 4% of the gross domestic product.  The National Restaurant Association reports the total annual economic impact of the restaurant industry is $1.7 trillion. Using a Prefab Steel Building to Start a New Restaurant So you want to start a new restaurant.  Who will be your target market?… Read More

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