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Steel Building Sandwich Shops

If You Build It, They Will Come!

A steel building and a sandwich shop make the perfect pairing for budding entrepreneurs.

So what makes pre-engineered steel buildings and sandwich shops the best idea since sliced bread?

The Sandwich Market

large sandwich with the text Building a Business with sandwiches and steel buildingsFirst of all, Americans are positively mad for sandwiches.  In fact, Americans consume 300 million sandwiches every day!  That’s almost 92% of the entire U.S. population!

Secondly, Americans buy the majority of those bread-stuffed wonders from the nearest sandwich shop or deli, rather than making their own at home.

Not only that, but sandwich buyers usually add a drink and chips to their purchase.  According to USA Today, sandwich totals ring up to $11.14 per person on average.

And according to the latest food service data, the average sandwich shop brings in revenues nearing $580,000 annually.

However, in spite of the number of sandwich lovers today, currently only 15 sandwich shops exist for every 100,000 U.S. citizens.  That leaves the market wide-open for the eager entrepreneur.

Spring for a sandwich franchise, start your own independent sandwich operation, or open a full deli.  The choice is yours.

The many ways of cashing in on the sandwich craze are mind-boggling.

Specialize in subs, create gourmet double-decker sandwich wonders, or sell Grandpa’s famous melt-in-your-mouth barbecue-on-bun.  Set up shop near a neighborhood or high-traffic area.  Deliver to local businesses.  Create a counter operation, provide a drive through window, or include restaurant-style seating.

Why Steel Buildings Create the Best Sandwich Shops

Most sandwich shop owners find rent is their largest expense.  Why pay rent when you can build a steel building shop that creates a business asset?

A pre-engineered steel building offers the advantages sandwich shop owners and other restaurateurs appreciate.  RHINO steel building benefits include:

  • An affordable, low cost-per-square foot structure
  • Big discounts on insurance
  • Built-in fire resistance— an important asset for any restaurant operation
  • Built-in waterproofing and sealing features
  • Commercial-grade steel framing
  • Easy building expansion
  • High resale value
  • Open interiors for optimal space usage
  • Quick and easy kit assembly
  • Superior strength for extra protection from Mother Nature’s fits and furies
  • Top-grade insulation products that cut heating and air conditioning costs in half
  • Virtually maintenance free

In addition, expanding your sandwich shop business to other areas becomes simpler with a RHINO steel building kit.  Simply have RHINO duplicate your first order for your new locations.

Call RHINO and ask for a quote on your sandwich shop plans— or for any other upcoming low-rise construction projects.  Learn why RHINO’s steel buildings stand out from the common herd of metal building companies.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly steel building specialists today by calling 940.383.9566.