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Building Green for Our Children’s Future

Environmentally Responsible Building Starts with Steel Building green is one way we can help insure a better future for generations to come. Selecting sustainable construction materials like steel offers the most environmentally responsible choice for our children— and our planet. Green commercial and industrial builders today overwhelming choose steel framing for all their one to two-story construction projects. In fact, steel dominates all low-rise construction. Steel frames 65% of all new commercial construction and 95% of all new industrial building in the U.S. Aircraft hangars, barns, churches, day care centers, garages, offices, restaurants, self-storage facilities, stores, warehouses, and other building projects find building green both easy and economical with steel. Five Ways Building with Steel Helps the Environment The U.S.…

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Safer Day Care Centers with Steel Buildings

The Strongest, Healthiest Childcare Centers Start with Steel Safety is the number one reason to construct day care centers with steel buildings. The health and well-being of the children and the staff must always be the first priority. Poor Indoor Air Quality Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) cannot be overstressed in any structure, but particularly in a childcare center. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) considers indoor air quality more critical to overall health than air pollution. Why? Because Americans spend almost 22 hours a day indoors. According to an EPA study, indoor pollutants can be 100 times greater than outdoor pollutants. Poor indoor air quality causes a range of for symptoms often misdiagnosed as colds, flu, allergies, or…

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Metal Buildings for Horses

Steel Frames the Best Barns, Stables, and Riding Arenas Equestrian enthusiasts appreciate the advantages supplied by metal buildings for horses. Whatever the need, pre-engineered steel buildings deliver the most durable structure at the best price. For the Love of Horses The love of horses runs deep in our history. America was literally explored and expanded by adventurers and pioneers on horseback. Horses pulled the covered wagons that brought settlers across the land. Freight wagons drawn by horses brought supplies to new settlements dotting the westward expansion. Daring cowboys astride well-trained cowponies drove cattle from ranch to market. Even the farms that fed the early settlers would have been impossible without horses to pull the plows. Horses are still a vital…

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Why Tree Huggers Love Metal Buildings

Building with Steel Saves Trees— and Our Planet! Why would self-proclaimed “tree huggers” love metal buildings? Because every structure built with steel framing instead of wood framing saves trees. Breathe Easier with More Trees Deforestation diminishes the single greatest asset in combating air pollution— trees. So what is so great about trees? Here are just a few of the reasons we need to protect forests: Trees actually scrub our atmosphere. Trees inhale carbon dioxide from polluted air and exhale life-sustaining oxygen into the atmosphere. A single tree absorbs forty pounds of carbon dioxide in a year. U.S. forests remove over 1.5 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide annually. In addition to cleaning the carbon dioxide from the air, trees also reduce…

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Vetting a Metal Building Company

All Steel Buildings are NOT Created Equal Let the buyer beware if they do not thoroughly examine a metal building company before signing the contract. Not all steel building companies are the same— and neither are their metal building packages. To make a wise buying decision, you must examine the reputation of the company. To compare prices accurately, you need to know precisely what each company includes in their quote— and the quality of the steel framing system. “Extreme Vetting” Applies to a Metal Building Company Politicos are debating the pros and cons of “extreme vetting” daily in the news. Yet no one would argue that a metal building company must pass muster before you place an order. Here are…

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Metal Building

Novice builders sometimes fail to do their homework before buying a metal building. Careful thought and research make the steel building purchasing process easier, more enjoyable— and can save money. MISTAKE # 1: Vague Building Needs Too many people get the idea they would like a steel building without first taking time to define exactly what they need. They immediately want to find a “ballpark” price on metal buildings. People call RHINO every day asking, “What’s the current cost-per-square-foot for metal buildings?” Would you ask a car salesperson, “How much does a vehicle cost?” Of course not. You know there is a big difference in the prices of a Yamaha motorcycle, a Chevy compact, Ford pickup, a Lexus SUV, and…

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#1 Reason to Buy Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Steel Buildings Cost Less What is the main motivation so many people choose to construct pre-engineered metal buildings? Well, it is the same basic motivation driving people choose any other product: the bottom line. Steel buildings cost less. We all spout platitudes about demanding quality— and we do want the most bang for our buck— but when push comes to shove, money talks. In fact, money SHOUTS! No matter how wonderful the features of a building system, if it is not affordable, the benefits do not sway us. Today 65% of commercial building projects use steel framing. Steel boasts an astounding 95% of all new industrial construction. So why are pre-engineered metal buildings so incredibly popular? Steel buildings offer that…

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How Steel Buildings Offer Unlimited Possibilities

Discover the Versatility of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings What do you picture in your mind when you hear “steel buildings”? A metal-clad barn? A gigantic warehouse? An aircraft hangar? A self-storage building? Well you are right… sort of. Metal buildings do create awesome barns, hangars, storage buildings, and warehouses. But the same features that make pre-engineered steel buildings appeal to self-storage and warehouse operators, farmers, and pilots also make them perfectly suited to any other low-rise building project. Hiding a Heart of Steel While colorful, sturdy, low-maintenance steel panels work for many applications, they represent only one choice. Steel buildings can look any other building system on the outside. Any exterior finishing material you use on other building systems you can…

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How to Expand a Steel Building

Part Two: Metal Building Side Wall Expansions While it is usually more economical to expand a steel building at an endwall, adding floor space at a side wall is also feasible. Unlike other building systems, pre-engineered metal buildings are completely self-supporting. A clear span steel building does not require interior walls or columns to “prop up” the weight of the structure. To add floor space, engineers simply create another self-supporting design to adjoin the original structure. Metal Building Side Wall Expansions Two types of side wall extensions prove the most logical choices for steel building renovations. SINGLE SLOPE: The first choice is to add a shed-type roof structure. Known as single slope system, this addition abuts the original structure on…

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How to Expand a Metal Building

Part One: Steel Building Endwall Expansions As a business grows, it may become necessary to expand a metal building. The most economical way to enlarge a pre-engineered steel building is by adding frames at either endwall. The simplicity of increasing a metal building at the endwalls depends on the original builder’s preplanning for future expansion. Two things need consideration: Is there sufficient room on the property for expansion without interfering with legal easements? Did the original building have at least one expansion endwall, or is it framed with a post-and-beam endwall? Metal Building Endwalls: The Key to Easy Structural Expansion Pre-engineered metal buildings generally come in two basic styles: POST-AND-BEAM ENDWALLS: Also known as bearing endwalls, post-and-beam endwalls frame the…

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