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School Gymnasiums Built with Steel- Part 2

How Metal Buildings Meet the Criteria for Gym Construction

In our last post, we examined some of the special challenges of school gymnasiums. This post shows why pre-engineered steel buildings meet the criteria for school gyms better than any other building method.

Steel: the Smart Choice for School Gymnasiums

Steel Gyms 2Let’s study the factors unique to school gym construction, point by point:

FULLY USABLE SPACE: As with aircraft hangars and warehouses, gymnasiums require unrestricted use of space. Steel boasts the greatest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. Steel easily spans immense spaces. Clear span metal buildings require zero interior columns for extra bracing.

(Larger gyms with huge clear spans structures are not even possible with other building materials.)

ADAPTABILITY: Since most school gyms serve multiple sports and functions, adaptability of space is crucial. Clear span steel buildings supply incredibly flexible use of space now— and in the futures as needs may change.

CAVERNOUS AREA: Pre-engineered steel buildings easily span up to 300’. There is no limit at all to the building’s length. Steel buildings typically allow up to 40’ eave heights on a basic, standard order. Even higher structures are possible with additional engineering.

LIMITED BUDGET: Pre-engineered steel structures are surprisingly economical for school gymnasiums. Steel gyms may save as much as 30% over traditional building methods.

Steel’s strength means fewer framing components are needed to build a very solid sports facility. Fewer pieces mean less weight. Lighter framing requires less concrete for the foundation, saving money.

Shipping the structural materials from the closest factory reduces shipping costs.

OPERATING BUDGET: The deeper walls created by commercial steel’s thick columns allows the … Read more »

School Gymnasiums Built with Steel- Part 1

The Challenges of Gym Design and Construction

Kids today spend far more time staring at flickering screens than working up a sweat in school gymnasiums. That needs to change.

America’s youth is following in the dragging footsteps of adult couch potatoes.

Steel GymsTechnological gizmos and gadgets capture kids’ time and attention. Many of today’s children and adolescents have little time or interest in sports or fitness.

The majority of schools no longer require physical education classes for all ages. Obesity rates for both children and adults are staggering— and getting worse. (See infographic below.)

American schools must step up to the challenge before it is too late. Schools should instigate creative programs to encourage kids to turn off the technology and MOVE.

School gymnasiums need to entice kids to join sports teams, training programs, or fitness classes just for the fun and camaraderie of it.

Benchmarks for Building School Gymnasiums

Gymnasiums for elementary, middle, and high schools— as well as colleges— require the same basic criteria, regardless of the size or function of the facility.

FULLY USABLE SPACE: School gyms cannot function with bulky columns blocking the spectator’s view and the action on the floor. Open floor space is a must for any successful sports facility.

ADAPTABILITY: To be practical, school gymnasiums must be multi-function facilities. The same space may be used for athletic training, basketball games, pep rallies, physical education classes, tennis, volleyball— and unrelated school functions like dances.

Higher education facilities often offer indoor pools for competitive swim teams training and events.

CAVERNOUS AREA: Indoor sports demand plenty of room. Soaring roofs, extreme widths, and massive lengths are called for to create the most versatile, functional facility.

LIMITED … Read more »

Metal Buildings for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Building Buns of Steel in Steel Buildings

Health clubs, fitness centers and gyms are springing up all across the U.S. and the world. Membership-based fitness facilities like these create an exciting income potential for health-conscious individuals, professionals, and investors alike.

Strong Bodies Strong BuildingHow much income does the fitness club industry generate? Globally, member-based fitness facilities rake in over $84 billion annually.

The key to success in the fitness market is to create an inviting environment at a convenient location, staffed with attractive and professional fitness trainers who motivate members to reach their health goals.

12 Reasons to Choose RHINO Steel Buildings for Fitness Facilities

Pre-engineered metal buildings create great centers for fitness operations.

Listed below are just a few of the advantages metal buildings offer health club-type businesses:

  • Unobstructed interiors. No invasive support columns or walls in the way.
  • Wider structures. Steel buildings span 200’ or more.
  • Higher structures. Steel allows ceilings 40’ or more in height.
  • Floor plan freedom. Steel buildings are simple to design now or change later.
  • Faster construction. Pre-engineered steel buildings cut construction time 33% or more.
  • Affordable upkeep. Virtually maintenance free.
  • Lower utilities. Pro-Value insulation packages save up to 50% on heating and cooling costs.
  • Green building. Steel is the most recycled material in the world
  • Discounted insurance. Lower insurance rates with most carriers.
  • Eye-catching appearance. Use colorful steel panels, glass, stucco, brick, stone, or wood for the exterior look you want.
  • Worry-free operating. Resistant to damage from condensation, earthquakes, fire, high winds, … Read more »

Metal Buildings for Karate Schools and Dance Studios

Teaching People to Kick Up Their Heels in Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings prove an excellent investment for karate schools and dance studios. Metal structures offer the unfettered spaciousness critical to the free motions of martial arts and performance arts training.

Four Reasons Karate Schools and Dance Studio Owners Choose Steel Buildings

Steel ClassroomEvery successful commercial enterprise demands cost-conscious locations to do business. Steel buildings provide martial arts dojos and schools of dance with features that meet their unique needs— at a surprisingly affordable price.

1. FLEXIBLE DESIGNS: Although very different disciplines, karate schools and dance studios both teach movement. The ability to move freely is essential. The safety of students demands unrestricted space for movement.

Steel’s superior strength allows open, column-free structures. Pre-engineered steel buildings can span up to 200’ or more without any cumbersome interior support walls or columns. High ceilings are also easily accomplished in steel buildings.

Steel buildings’ clear span interiors allow plenty of room for students in motion. They also permit complete floor plan freedom. Owners design their layout to suit their own specific needs.

As the business grows and changes, so can the floor plan. Altering the interior layout of a clear span metal building is quick and easy. There are no restrictions. Add walls or delete walls as needed.

There are no limitations on the exterior design of a steel building either. Every pre-engineered metal building is basically a custom design, created specifically for the buyer and location.

While the steel roofing and wall panels typical of metal buildings are most familiar metal building exteriors, they are not the only option. Dance studio and martial arts school owners may choose any exterior building façade they want to reflect their vision … Read more »

Garage/Storage Buildings for Business

Commercial Applications for Steel Multi-Purpose Structures

In a recent post, we focused on large garage/storage buildings for homeowners. However, many commercial enterprises also benefit from building pre-engineered multi-purpose steel buildings.

Vehicle Shelters

Garage-Storage Buildings fior BusinessMany businesses require delivery vans or trucks to transport their products. Caterers, florists, furniture stores, medical suppliers, office supply companies, party planners, printing companies, and the like depend on their vehicles to keep their businesses rolling.

Commercial trucking companies also own fleets of vehicles.

Without the protection of a garage, delivery vehicles and trucks are vulnerable to damage from sun, rain, snow, hail, vandalism, and theft.

Vehicles used for transporting people also represent a significant investment.

  • Day care centers, nursing homes, private schools, and retirement centers own passenger buses and vans.
  • Many non-profit institutes like churches and synagogues use buses and vans to gather their flocks for services.
  • Every school has a fleet of buses to transport students. Sports teams have buses to convey them to games.
  • The criminal justice system maintains buses and vans to move prisoners from jails, to courts, to prisons.

Protecting those vehicles from weather, damage, and loss is the fiscally responsible thing to do.

Storage Space and So Much MORE

Investing in combination garage/storage buildings provides safe havens for commercial delivery vans and trucks— plus added SPACE.

Expansive steel buildings allow room for vehicle maintenance. In addition, the structures offer cover for landscaping equipment, climate-controlled office space, records storage, overflow or seasonal inventory, supply storage, and warehousing.

Steel: The Strongest, Safest, Smartest Way to Build

If your business depends on your vehicles, consider the convenience and protection afforded by steel-framed multi-purpose structures and garage/storage buildings.

Business owners with large fleets of vehicles should consider steel-framed shade structures for their vehicles.

Pre-engineered steel structures supply garage/storage … Read more »