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Hurricane-Resistant Construction- Part 1

Understanding Hurricane Dangers Before Building Building in cyclone prone coastal areas demands hurricane-resistant construction. Building the strongest possible structure requires thoughtful planning. Risking your building investment— or your life— by choosing a sub-standard building system is not an option. Historical Hurricane Background The first record of a U.S. tropical cyclone was in 1495, when Christopher Columbus and his crews encounter a storm on their voyage to the New World. In June 1502, on his fourth voyage to the New World, Columbus anchored in a natural harbor in Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic). Columbus warned the local governor that he believed a huge storm was imminent. Publicly laughing at Columbus’s prediction, the governor ordered a fleet of treasure ships to leave…

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Building a Safer Pet Hospital with Steel

Protect the Animals and Your Investment by Building with Steel Pre-engineered steel buildings safeguard a pet hospital investment— as well as its precious animal patients— better than other building materials. When fierce winds wail, lightning sizzles, fire rages, or the earth tremors, prefabricated metal buildings stand up to the challenge. Commercial-grade steel framing like RHINO Steel Building Systems provides maximum damage protection for a veterinary facility. WINDS: Most wind damage occurs when strong winds breach the building envelope. High winds can literally lift a wood-framed roof from the building— or the entire structure from the foundation— as nails pull out under the pressure of the winds. RHINO’s steel framing connects with high-strength bolts and nuts that hold fast against howling…

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A Healthier Vet Hospital Starts with Steel

Building Healthy Surroundings for Animal Patients Pre-engineered steel buildings create an atmosphere for improved health and healing in many ways for a vet hospital— as well as other medical or commercial structures. The same health benefits metal buildings afford people also benefit animals recuperating in veterinary hospitals. Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality (IAQ) is of paramount concern. According to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Yet an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study found harmful indoor pollutants could be up to 100 TIMES greater indoors than outdoors. It stands to reason that improving air quality in a vet hospital benefits both the animal patients and their professional caregivers. Most indoor air…

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Veterinary Clinic Chooses RHINO Steel Buildings

Outlaw Equine Selects on RHINO for Its New Facility Outlaw Equine Hospital and Rehab Center began construction of a new state-of-the-art veterinary clinic in 2012. Determined to offer the finest care for horses in all of North Texas, Outlaw Equine chose RHINO Steel Building Systems to house the new facility. Medical Care for Equine Athletes Josh Harvey, DVM, opened the Outlaw Equine (OE) in 2007. Veterinarian medicine runs in the blood of some families. “My father was a vet and my grandpa was a vet, it’s something I felt like I always wanted to do,” says Dr. Harvey. “To be a good equine veterinarian you have to love stress and hate sleep, but when you save a horse’s life or…

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Steel Buildings in Maine

Three Reasons Mainers Build Metal Buildings Pre-engineered steel buildings in Maine make perfect sense to the down-to-earth, practical Yankee logic of Down Easters. Steel buildings offer many advantages, but three benefits in particular appeal to residents of the Pine Tree State: Increased fire-resistance Exceptional durability and Energy efficiency The Great Maine Fires of 1947 Along with the Great Chicago Fire and Peshtigo Fires of 1871, the Great Maine Fires of 1947 claim a place on the list of the most devastating wildfires in U.S. history. The spring of 1947 found Americans still elated with the end of World War II and eager to get back to business of living “normal” lives once again. That year, after an exceptionally early and…

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Metal Buildings for Veterinary Facilities

Why So Many Veterinarians Choose Steel Buildings Whether building a new practice from scratch or expanding a current operation, metal buildings fit the bill for all types of veterinary facilities. Pre-engineered steel buildings deliver greater usable space, simpler customization, and faster construction than other building methods. Surprisingly affordable, metal buildings promise more bang for the buck now— plus lower expenses over time. Lower maintenance and discounted insurance premiums reduce metal building operating costs. Optional high-grade insulation packages save on energy bills in the climate-controlled portions of a veterinarian enterprise. Building Steel Veterinary Facilities Pre-engineered metal buildings provide many advantages to all animal care operations, including small private practices, large clinics, and even exotic animal care facilities. All pre-engineered steel buildings,…

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 3

Why Roof-Only Farm Buildings are Gaining in Popularity One of the agricultural building trends we cited in part one of this series was the increasing number of roof-only farm and ranch structures. There are two main reasons for the recent upsurge in unenclosed agricultural construction. First, open-walled structures make movement easier. Today’s massive farm equipment does not turn on a dime. Maneuvering in and out of a wall-less structure is much simpler than fitting through a tight doorway. Secondly, roof-only buildings cost less. Modern farming and ranching requires much larger farm buildings. Opting to build with fewer walls helps offset the cost of construction. Wall-free barns and ag buildings save an average of $2 per square foot over fully enclosed…

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 2

21 Reasons Perceptive Farmers and Ranchers Choose Steel Buildings In part one of this series on agricultural building trends, we learned both farms and farming equipment are much larger today. Barns and other farm buildings must increase in size. Consequently, agricultural steel building sales are on the rise. Why are so many farmers and ranchers choosing to build with steel? Pre-engineered steel buildings are the only structures that meet the demands of 21st century farming operations. 21 Benefits of Steel Agricultural Buildings Metal building advantages for today’s farm and ranch operations include: 1. WIDER SPANS: Steel farm buildings span much farther than other building systems, creating massive, column-free space. RHINO metal buildings span as far as 300’ wide without any…

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 1

The Super-Sizing of U.S. Farming BIG defines the agricultural building trends today. Farms are bigger and so are tractors and other farming equipment, creating an increased need for bigger farm buildings. In 1790, farmers made up 90% of the U.S. labor force. Farming required backbreaking work, plowing fields with crude wooden plows pulled by horses or oxen. Three hundred man-hours were needed to produce 100 bushels of wheat. By the mid-1800s, innovations in farming— like the steel plow— allowed farmers to produce greater yield in fewer hours. A farmer could raise and reap 100 bushels of wheat in about 90 man-hours. Farming employed 69% of the American labor force. The average farm size at this time was roughly 200 acres.…

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Building Green Down on the Farm

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings People who enjoy country living favor building green, eco-friendly structures on their rural properties. Whether their country home represents a retreat from urban life or their livelihood, rural dwellers love the land. Country people are, by nature, conservationists. Environment preservation is important to them, and so is eco-friendly green building. Farmers and ranchers were the first to appreciate and build with steel. Even before the environmental movement gained national support, those who made their living from the land recognized the advantages of building eco-friendly steel barns and steel agricultural support structures. Steel Buildings: The Right Choice for Rural Structures Pre-engineered metal buildings offer farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents many advantages. Quite…

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