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Museum Covers Tracks with Steel Building

Ridgway Railroad Museum Builds Shelter for Trains Colorado’s Ridgway Railroad Museum sought a steel building system with a proven track record for their new rolling stock shelter. After careful Internet research, museum officials decided a RHINO metal building was just the ticket. Ridgway Railroad History Nestled in a valley of the San Juan Mountains, Ridgway, Colorado’s scenic beauty drew settlers to the region— as did the area’s rich silver mines. Thanks to the early mining in the area, Ridgway also enjoys a unique place in American railroad history. The first Colorado silver discovery was in the 1860s. In 1879, a large silver strike in Leadville, Colorado, fueled the silver boom. Soon other silver mines opened across the state, including those…

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Steel: The All Purpose Building System

Whatever the Project, Build It with Steel Pre-engineered steel framing uses an all purpose building system that fits any low-rise construction project. Steel buildings generally cost less to construct and to operate than other traditional building systems. From a backyard workshop, to church sanctuary, to a massive distribution center— and everything in between— a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) can do it all. Specifically Design There are no cookie-cutter steel buildings. Designed exactly to the customer’s specifications, every PEMB order meets or exceeds all current local building codes for that location. Today’s innovative computer-aided structural steel design programs create prefab metal building designs easily, economically, and efficiently. Once the customer approves the plans, an engineer, specifically licensed for that state, sends…

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Steel Buildings Promise Lower Maintenance- Part 2

More Ways Metal Buildings Reduce Maintenance Headaches Part one of this series revealed some of the ways steel buildings deliver lower maintenance. Here are a few more ways a metal building reduces the upkeep hassles and expenses associated with wood structures. Steel is Impervious to Termites and Wood Ants Wood is the favorite food of destructive termites and wood ants. Lumber-framed buildings require periodic termite and ant inspections— and costly chemical treatments or repairs if infestation is detected. So how much can termites cost? Termite inspections with a written report cost about $75 to $150, depending on location and the size of the structure. If evidence of termites is found, treatment is required. Extermination costs fluctuate widely, based on the…

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Steel Buildings Promise Lower Maintenance- Part 1

Metal Buildings are Practically Maintenance-Free When choosing your low-rise construction system, keep in mind that steel buildings promise lower maintenance. The only maintenance peculiar to metal buildings is occasionally power washing the structure to remove grit and oxidation. All the other maintenance projects we’ve discussed in earlier blogs— cleaning the gutters, keeping door operating well, keeping debris and snow from piling up on the roof, and so forth— are maintenance chores needed on any structure, wood or steel. However, there are several other ways steel buildings triumph over wood structures, reducing the need for additional maintenance. Avoid the Hassle of Constant Painting Wood structures require regular painting. The frequency of the painting depends on your location— and the quality of…

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17 Metal Building Maintenance Tips

Steel Building Maintenance- Part 4 In earlier blogs, we covered metal building maintenance through washing the structure, cleaning the gutters, and cleaning overhead doors. Now let’s look at a few more easy ways to keep your steel building at its best. Metal Building Maintenance Safety Tips TIP 1. Do not neglect simple maintenance. Do-it-yourselfers can easily do these simple steel building upkeep projects. However, if you are unable to do the maintenance yourself, enlist the aid of reliable, licensed, and insured professional contractor, rather than letting upkeep go undone. TIP 2. Practice ladder safety. Use a sturdy ladder that reaches a minimum of three feet above the roofline. Make sure the ladder is level and on firm ground. Secure the…

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Steel Built the SS Christopher Columbus

An Innovative Marvel in American Maritime History In 1893, the gates opened on the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, unveiling numerous iron and steel built wonders, including a steel-hulled excursion liner christened the SS Christopher Columbus. Planning for the World Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, began in the late 1880s. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. all vied for the privilege of hosting the Exposition. The United States Congress awarded Chicago with the project in 1890. The Exposition Committee set up offices in Chicago’s Rand McNally Building, the world’s first steel framed skyscraper. Designed as a celebration of the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America, the World Columbian Fair should have opened…

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How to Clean Metal Building Overhead Doors

Steel Building Maintenance- Part 3 Cleaning metal building overhead doors helps maintain their function and beauty through decades of use. Washing an overhead door takes only 20 or 30 minutes. Like washing your car, door cleaning makes a great weekend project on a bright, sunny day. The best time to wash metal building overhead doors is probably the same time you clean gutters, during scheduled building cleaning. These recommended procedures cover anything from a roll-up metal garage door to a gigantic hydraulic lift steel bi-fold hangar door— and everything in between. Before Washing Overhead Doors Heed two warnings before you start: Clean all the tracks of the door’s operating system before you begin. Use a soft brush or broom to…

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How to Clean Metal Building Gutters

Steel Building Maintenance- Part 2 The best way to prevent potential gutter problems is to clean metal building gutters regularly. Keeping gutters and downspouts clear stops drainage and foundation complications before they start. How often gutters systems need cleaning depends on type of gutter, climate, location, and tree cover. Annual gutter cleaning suffices for open areas in milder climates. However, most gutter manufacturers advise semi-annual gutter cleanings. Structures surrounded by overhanging trees require even more frequent cleaning. Systems installed with gutter guards— which block leaves, twigs, and wildlife nests— need less frequent maintenance. In areas heavily populated by birds, chipmunks, and squirrels, examine and clean gutters a minimum of twice a year. When to Clean Gutters Cleaning gutters in the…

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How to Wash a Metal Building

Steel Building Maintenance- Part 1 Keeping a steel structure in tiptop condition begins with knowing how to wash a metal building. Ignoring the foreign matter building up on your structure is not an option. While cleaning a metal building is a very simple procedure, there are a few guidelines. Dirt, grime, greasy residue, leaves, bird stains, and mineral deposits naturally collect on all structures. The longer the grime builds up, the greater the chance for corrosion and oxidation to damage your metal building. Ultraviolet light (UV) can degrade the color of steel building panels— just as it does on your car. Once bright, attractive, glossy panels start to look faded over time— especially in very sunny southern climates. Rain washes…

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Building Green Helicopter Hangars

Steel: The Environmentally Sound Choice for Chopper Hangars Astute aircraft owners choose to build green helicopter hangars with steel. Chopper businesses and recreational enthusiasts alike appreciate the environmental benefits afforded by steel construction. An Arial Perspective on the Planet Hovering high over our incredible planet offers chopper pilots and crews a unique view of Earth’s beauty— and its struggles. Along with breathtaking natural vistas, they also see man’s marks on the land: clouds of pollution, urban sprawl, decimated forests, overflowing landfills, and rivers choked with debris. Such a perspective gives helo crews a heart for the land— and a deep desire to help alleviate mankind’s scars on it. When constructing hangars to house their choppers, environmental responsibility ranks high on…

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