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Steel Building Construction Loads 101

Part 1: Understanding Dead Load and Live Load To appreciate the work of structural engineers, you need some rudimentary knowledge of construction loads. Metal building structural engineers analyze the strength and stability of a building. Their calculations determine the integrity and safety of a building design. Steel building engineers determine the placement and gauge of each part of the metal building system. Without the input of a certified structural engineer, a metal building might be “under-engineered,” meaning the building would fail to support its loads under duress, or “over-engineered,” meaning more steel is used than actually needed, making to structure too expensive. Ideally, engineered metal buildings never compromise safety to cut costs— nor do they overbuild and inflate pricing. Engineers…

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Steel in Construction and So Much More

The Many Ways Steel Is Used Today- Part 3 PART 1 of this series on steel in construction and in other products covered steel’s uses in agriculture, food packaging, infrastructure, and transportation. PART 2 focused on steel’s many uses in our homes, the energy industry, medicine, and the military. Of course, as the owner of a pre-engineered steel building company, my livelihood comes from the use of steel in construction. Why Steel Dominates the Construction Market Buildings with skeletons of steel rise from one story structures to multi-story high-rises and towering city skyscrapers. Most non-residential construction depends on large steel cranes, heavy-duty steel earth-moving equipment, steel-reinforced concrete, steel framing, and metal roofing. Aircraft hangars, commercial structures, hospitals, industrial buildings, manufacturing…

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Metal Buildings and So Much More

The Many Ways Steel Is Used Today- Part 2 In PART 1 of this series on metal buildings and other steel products, we looked at steel’s uses in transportation, agriculture, food packaging, and infrastructure. Now let’s look at some of the other ways steel frames our lives. More Steel Products Our search for the uses of steel continues… ENERGY INDUSTRY: How could the power-generation and oil and gas industries function without the strength of steel? Steel creates electrical towers, gas and oil derricks, offshore oil platforms, pipelines, solar panels, storage tanks, transformer cores, transmission towers, and wind turbines. MEDICINE: Everything from hypodermic needles to hospital beds, patient lifts, and wheelchairs depend on steel. Surgically precise steel artificial joints, pins, and…

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Steel Buildings and So Much More

The Many Ways Steel Is Used Today- Part 1 After a life-long career in the metal building industry, I appreciate all the attributes of steel buildings. But did you ever stop to think how many uses there are for steel? Steel is an essential part of modern living. Reliable, robust, resourceful, and recyclable, steel creates the strongest products in the marketplace today. Steel’s versatility makes it ideal for all sorts of products. For example, sheet metal steel ranges from as fine as 38-gauge (0.00625”) to a massive 0000000-gauge (0.50”) thickness. From automobile engines to zither strings, when durability and strength matter, manufacturers choose steel. Scope of the Steel Industry First, a little background on the scope of the steel industry:…

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Metal Buildings in New Jersey

Building to Beat Nature’s Savage Fury with Steel When a monster storm like Hurricane Sandy slams into the coast, the farsighted rejoice that they chose to construct metal buildings in New Jersey. They know that steel buildings withstand Mother Nature’s tantrums better than other structures. When Sandy Pounded New Jersey When “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy crashed into the U.S. on October 29, 2012, it left darkness and devastation in its wake across seventeen states, including New Jersey. An astonishing 820-miles-wide, Sandy meted out punishing amounts of howling winds, drenching rains, and blizzard conditions across the northeastern U.S., disrupting electrical service for days on end. Sandy pummeled Belmar and several other coastal towns in the state. The storm forced many Jersey towns…

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Steel Recycling Facts

America Recycles Day: November 15, 2016 When you look at the facts, it is clear that steel recycling is extremely effective. As we celebrate the 19th America Recycles Day, let’s take a closer look at the ways steel recycling helps the environmental. Why Steel Leads the Recycled Materials Pack Examine these steel recycling facts: 100% RECYCLABLE. Unlike other recycled materials, steel is 100% recyclable. VOLUME. The staggering amount of steel recycled each year bogglers the mind. The U.S. recycled 67 million metric tons of steel last year. That is more than the total amount of recycled aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic combined. ESSENTIAL. Steel scrap is an indispensable component in the making of new steel. LONGEVITY. While other industries joined…

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A Steel Buildings Salute to the Military

RHINO Says “Thank You” to U.S. Veterans Without U.S. military structural innovations, RHINO Steel Buildings Systems might not even be here today. American veterans served our country and defended our freedom at home and abroad. How can we ever thank them enough for that? But as a pre-engineered metal building company, we owe even more to American World War II veterans. We owe our very existence to the military’s development of the first prefabricated steel buildings. Quonset Huts History Early in 1941, it was apparent to military experts that World War II would soon pull America into the fray. The logistics of housing troops adequately and quickly during wartime is a daunting task. Some sort of all-purpose, light, durable, easily…

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RHINO Steel Buildings: The Clear Winner

Cast Your Ballot for the Front Runner in Metal Buildings As the Clinton and Trump campaigns wind down, the RHINO Steel Buildings campaign continues gaining momentum. Our crusade to be the leader in the pre-engineered metal building continues through the 2016 Election Day— and beyond. We consider each metal building order as a vote of confidence in RHINO’s products and our service. We pledge to do our every very best to fulfill that sacred trust for every building we supply. Elephants, Donkeys, and Rhinos RHINO runs a truly bipartisan campaign. We believe that everyone deserves a better building product, regardless of political affiliation. Both liberals and conservatives can agree on the merits of steel structures. Our structures lean neither left…

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How to Build Green Auto Dealerships

When Building Green, the Best Deal is Steel As in any other construction enterprise today, green building matters to an auto dealership. In fact, eco-friendly construction matters to all vehicle dealerships, whether for cars, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, or tractors and farm equipment. Where do you start? Green building begins with steel. Steel: The Most Recycled Material on Earth No other material on the planet comes close to matching the recycling record of steel. The steel industry is no Johnny-come-lately to recycling; the North American steel industry has been recycling steel scrap for over 150 years. Steel scrap is the main ingredient in all new steel. Modern furnaces are created to consume steel scrap. Why was steel so far…

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3 Reasons to Choose Steel Vehicle Showrooms

If It Moves on Wheels, Display It with Steel! Dealerships overwhelming use pre-engineered steel buildings to construct their vehicle showrooms.  Steel brings many benefits to the table for showrooms. From cars to campers, marine to motorcycles, and trucks to tractors, all shrewd vehicle dealers look for the same basic things in a new facility: unobstructed space, economical construction, and affordable operation. 1. Vehicle Showrooms Demand Wide Open Spaces First of all, showrooms need to be, well, showy. To display the merchandise to its best advantage, the sales floor must be spacious and well lit. Customers quickly leave an over-crowded, dimly lit storefront, heading to a competitors location. The larger the vehicles, the greater the amount of showroom space required. Only…

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