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Less is More with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Less Hassles and Headaches with Steel Building Systems

Pre-engineered metal buildings distill the building process to its simplest form. Steel building systems by design eliminate the wasted materials, wasted time, and wasted motion so often a part of building.

Whatever the application, choosing a dependable, easy-to-erect prefabricated metal building takes the stress out of construction.

Why Less is MORE with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings- Less is MoreIt sounds like an oxymoron, but less really is more with RHINO steel building systems.

LESS TIME: Prefabrication makes steel buildings go up much faster than other building methods. Everything arrives ready to assemble. No need to measure, cut, weld, or punch the prefabricated framing components. It is like an erector set for grownups.

LESS FRAMING: Steel’s strength means less framing pieces construct a far stronger structure very quickly.

LESS PEOPLE: The simplicity of pre-engineered steel buildings requires fewer erectors. Building crews are smaller, cutting erection costs. Many people opt to erect the framing themselves with a few friends.

LESS MONEY: Streamlined processing and fabrication makes steel building systems very affordable.

LESS HEADACHES: Pre-engineered metal buildings arrive clearly marked for quick identification. Doors, windows, skylights, gutters, insulation, and other options ship with the framing.

LESS INSURANCE COSTS: The quicker a building goes up, the less builder’s insurance costs. The faster the construction, the less time thieves have access to building materials, too. As a fire-resistant commercial-grade building material, steel buildings receive substantial long-term insurance discounts with most carriers.

LESS UPKEEP: Steel buildings require very little maintenance, cutting long-term costs over other building materials.

LESS TO OPERATE: Day-to-day operation costs less with prefabricated metal buildings. RHINO’s optional Pro-Value Insulation … Read more »

Quality Control in Steel Building Fabrication

The Importance of AISC Certification to Metal Building Buyers

The quality of a pre-engineered steel building ultimately rests with its fabricators. Poor steel building manufacturers produce sub-standard, problem-filled structures. Steel building fabricators with vision use stringent quality control systems to produce durable, dependable, problem-free metal buildings.

Steel Building Quality ControlWant assurance your steel building order is fabricated by quality-conscious professionals? Order from an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified fabricator.

AISC: A Brief History

In the early 1900s, no standards for steel fabrication existed. Every company did their “own thing” without basic quality controls. Chaos ruled.

Industry leaders sought to set fabrication and ethical standards.

Then America entered the “Great War” (World War I) on April 6, 1917. Major steel companies created a War Service Committee to organize the fractured and fractious individual steel companies to aid in the war effort.

After the war, the War Service Committee reorganized as the National Steel Fabricators Association (NSFA). In 1921, NSFA members wrote the first charter and by-laws. They also changed the non-profit organization’s name to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

Ninety-four years later, the AISC continues working to promote steel construction.

Since 1923, AISC has provided the steel industry with “Standard Specifications for the Design, Fabrication, and Erection of Structural Steel Building.”

During World War II, technical committees in the AISC developed steel methods, which conserved critical alloys need for the war effort. In recognition, the U.S. Department of the Army bestowed AISC with the Distinguished Service Award.

Today, the International Building Code used throughout the United States includes all the AISC standard specifications.

AISC Steel Building Fabrication Certification

Auditors from the AISC’s Quality Management Systems division provide— or deny— certification to … Read more »

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings in NEW YORK

New Yorkers Know and Appreciate the Value of Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings in New York are nothing new. New York is famous for its steel skyscrapers. Many iconic and innovative high-rise steel buildings dot New York City’s landscape.

metal-buildings-NEWYORKPrefabricated steel buildings in New York offer the same strength and durability of high-rise structures to the low-rise construction market.

Imagine the possibilities. Giant warehouses in New York City, aircraft hangars in Utica, restaurants in Albany, churches in Syracuse, recreation centers in Rochester, office buildings in Buffalo, self-storage buildings in Amherst, barns in rural New York— all framed with pre-engineered steel framing.

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings in New York

RHINO steel buildings are:

• Economical to buy— and to operate. • Clear span, with completely unobstructed interiors. • Durable and long-lasting, requiring little maintenance. • Erect quickly and easily. • Versatile in design, end use, and appearance. • Eco-friendly, as steel is the most recycled material in the world. • Super energy-efficient (with the optional Pro-Value Insulation package) • Resistant to damage from fire, high-speed winds, crushing snow, lightning strikes, Eastern subterranean termites, mold, and earthquakes.

The Possibilities are Endless!

There are many pre-engineered metal building companies in the U.S., but only one delivers RHINO-tough structures.

RHINO includes many to-quality features in our prefabricated steel buildings in New York:

• 100% commercial-grade steel framing • High strength bolts and nuts for stronger connections • Long-lasting zinc-cast screws with EPDM sealing washersTime-saving pre-welded clips • Cover trim for all framed openings • Ready-to-assemble components • High-quality PBR steel exterior panels • Die-formed ridge caps for a tighter seal • Closure strips for superior water protection • Formed base trim to prevent corrosion

Are you … Read more »

200 RHINO Steel Buildings Blogs to Date

Pre-engineered Metal Building Information at Your Fingertips

Blogs at FingertipsWe are celebrating the 200th RHINO steel buildings blog this month! We thought this would be the perfect time to make some of our most informative posts available in an easy-to-use, click-through index.

These posts cover a wide range of metal building-related topics.

Over the last two years, RHINO blogs featured the benefits of prefabricated steel buildings, types of structures, building costs, the environmental advantages of steel structures, metal building accessories, building techniques, and a host of other subjects.

Check for the articles of most interest to you.

Index of Favorite RHINO Blogs:

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Environmentally Efficient Steel Buildings

Building Green with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Eco-friendly pre-engineered steel buildings meet all the criteria for a green, environmentally conscious building material.

Steel production’s efficiency— and the efficient processes of designing, engineering, and manufacturing the structure— eliminates waste.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce Reuses Recycle 3Living green requires using resources wisely.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mantra “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” admonishes us to stretch natural resources.

Choosing green building materials like steel framing stretches resources.

The strength of steel reduces the amount of framing material needed to create a strong, durable structure. When a steel structure outlives its usefulness, the framing can be reused to create other steel products— or another steel building— by recycling.

The New, Greener Steel Reduces the Environmental Footprint

The steel industry spent billions of dollars in recent years to make producing steel a more environmentally friendly process.

  • Steel production today requires 34% less energy to produce than it did 40 years ago.
  • Today, 95% of the water used in steel processing is reused.
  • Scrap steel is an essential ingredient of today’s steel.
  • Recycling steel takes less energy than producing virgin steel from iron ore. Every ton of steel recycled saves 10.9 million Btu’s of energy, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone.
  • The North American steel industry began recycling over 170 years ago.
Steel Buildings: Recycled Efficiently

Steel is the most recycled material in the world. It is the only material which can be recycled countless times without changing its strength. No other building material can make that claim!

  • Every steel product contains recycled steel.
  • 100% of the steel framing and steel cladding used in RHINO … Read more »

Metal Buildings: Efficiency and the Bottom Line

How Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Save Money Now— and Later

Pre-engineered metal buildings positively affect the construction bottom line. Even more importantly, steel building systems cut long-term operating costs.

Cost Efficiency of Metal Buildings

In part one of this series, we covered the incredible efficiency of modern steel production and pre-engineered metal building design, production, and delivery.

Metal Buildings and the Bottom LineWhat does metal building efficiency mean for the steel building buyer? By eliminating waste at every level of production, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a high-quality product at a very cost-competitive price.

Efficient Manufacturing Slashes Construction Time 33% or More

Steel buildings offer consistency not possible with other building methods. Every piece of the framing fits together precisely.

The framing kit arrives ready to erect. Every piece is cut-to-length, welded into shape, pre-punched and drilled, and clearly marked from the factory.

RHINO metal buildings provide fast-track construction. Components assemble logically and quickly. There is only one way to assemble a RHINO steel building— the RIGHT way.

On average, RHINO steel buildings cut construction time by one-third or more. The faster the construction time, the more you save on construction costs— and builder’s insurance. The quicker the building is completed, the sooner it is in operation.

The strength of steel means fewer pieces build a sturdier structure. Using less framing pieces actually saves on concrete foundation costs, too.

The Long-Term Savings of Metal Buildings

The long-term savings possible with pre-engineered steel buildings are even more significant to the owner of the structure.

  • Steel buildings outlast other structures. Built strong to last long, prefabricated metal buildings retain their value and appearance decades longer than other building methods. Steel framing … Read more »

One Word Describes Metal Buildings: Efficient

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: A Streamlined System

No other building material or structural system matches the efficiency of pre-engineered metal buildings. From the production of the steel to the completion of the structure, every phase of a prefabricated steel building project promises ultimate efficiency.

Efficiency of Steel BuildingsWhat do we mean by metal building efficiency?

The dictionary defines “efficient” as “productive without waste.” What a perfect definition of pre-engineered steel buildings! Steel building production wastes nothing.

Efficient Steel Production

Steel production techniques have made tremendous strides since metal building systems burst on the construction scene after World War II.

Today’s steel is 30% stronger than steel produced only a decade ago. The new, stronger steel supports greater weights with less material than ever before. If engineered and constructed today, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge would require half as much steel as the original structure.

Using sophisticated computers and plant automation, today’s steel takes far less time to produce than ever before, too.

Recent innovations in steel production have dramatically increased labor efficiency. In 1900, it took 70 man-hours to create one ton of steel. Today, one ton of steel is produced in only two man-hours or less.

Engineering Efficiency

Computer aided design (CAD) and modern steel engineering and stress software programs combine to create sophisticated, well-documented metal building designs in a fraction of the time.

In the past, metal buildings were often designed for “worst case scenario.” Over-engineered, the plans wasted steel while increasing costs.

Today, steel building is far more efficient. Every stress and load is swiftly computed to generate detailed plans for the strongest possible structure— with the least amount of steel.

Steel’s strength allows for improved space efficiency, too.

Steel columns typically cover 75% less area than concrete columns. Metal buildings require … Read more »

RHINO Steel Buildings Charges Ahead into 2015

Turning a Steely Eye to the Future of Prefabricated Metal Buildings

As we bid farewell to 2014, we here at RHINO Steel Buildings turn expectantly toward an even brighter future in 2015.

RHINO Steel Buildings: Grateful for 2014

Our sixteenth year in operation proved to be an exciting one.

Sales continued to grow. The past year produced our second highest sales on record.

2015 at RHINOWe shipped a number of interesting and unusual buildings during 2014.

A project shipped to Wisconsin last month, for example, will cover huge conveyer belts in a processing plant. This mammoth 18,720 square foot metal buildings sports a center section with a towering 85’ eave height, bracketed by two 60’ tall sections.

RHINO’s list of returning customers expanded even further during the past year. Our referral rate climbed higher, too. In the past 12 months, 39.1% of our orders originated from previous customers and those referred to RHINO by happy clients.

RHINO still maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Consumer Affairs places RHINO in its Top 10 list of steel building companies.

Looking Forward to 2015

Industry experts predict U.S. construction starts to rise 9% in 2015. Dodge Data and Analytics expect commercial construction to increase 15% in the coming year, led by new office buildings. Warehouse structures are expected to lead new industrial construction in 2015. As pre-engineered steel buildings continue to grab a larger and larger share of the commercial and industrial building markets, we believe such predictions mean a rosy future for RHINO metal buildings.

RHINO’s Pledge for 2015

Our New Year’s resolution for 2015 remains the same as every previous year: to strive for excellence.

We believe by offering outstanding productsRead more »

The Importance of Metal Building Opening Trim

The Finish Touch on a Well-Constructed Steel Building

Metal building opening trim is just one of several elements separating a cheap-looking structure from an attractive and professional-looking steel building.

All Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Are Not Alike

Many metal building companies choose to cut corners to increase their profit margins. They think consumers will not notice the differences between their metal building packages and those of high-quality steel building packages.

Door Opening TrimAt RHINO, we believe perceptive, quality-conscious metal building buyers do their homework.

Our customers appreciate the RHINO Difference in prefabricated steel buildings. We know this is true because so many of our customers buy more RHINO steel buildings— and refer RHINO to their friends and family. In fact, in the past 12 months over 39% of our sales came from repeat buyers and referrals.

Why Is Opening Trim Important?

All metal building trim has two jobs: to protect and to enhance.

Red-iron jambs and headers on a steel building opening lie naked and exposed without trim. The opening appears raw and unfinished. Steel building opening trim covers the framing, while complementing the rest of the building trim. It creates an attractive border outlining the opening.

Not all companies exclude steel building opening trim from their structural packages. Some companies include “extra” steel trim which the builder must field-cut and fit on site. Often the trim is insufficient for the job. In addition, the cut edges are sharp and dangerous to handle.

Other companies may offer steel building trim only as an option— at extra cost.

RHINO Metal Building Opening Trim

RHINO includes opening trim with all orders— at no additional cost.

Our trim is factory-cut to fit the opening exactly. The fabricators turn the sharp edges underneath like a hem, for a more finished look— and for … Read more »

RHINO Prefabricated Steel Buildings in WYOMING

Metal Buildings Lasso the Market in the Cowboy State

From remote ranches and farms to friendly towns and bustling cities, nothing matches the versatility of pre-engineered steel buildings in Wyoming.

Need a large agricultural supply warehouse in Casper? Planning a steakhouse in Cheyenne? Imagining a theater in Jackson Hole? Expanding your offices in Laramie? Want an aircraft hangar in Gillette? RHINO metal buildings meet every commercial requirement.

Mining operations in the state find pre-engineered metal buildings are the best buy for industrial structures, too.

The Benefits of Steel Buildings in Wyoming

Of course, with 66% of Wyoming’s land devoted to grazing, agricultural buildings rule the building market. Farmers and ranchers love the simplicity and durability of steel buildings in Wyoming. Whether the farm or ranch operation is near a town or in a remote area, RHINO delivers directly to the job site.

metal-buildings-WYOMINGTalk about “land, lots of land, under starry skies above” and you are describing the vast expanse of the Wyoming. The spirit of the Old West lives on in the Cowboy State to this day.

Ranchers and farmers find the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings in Wyoming impressive. They demand structures that take on the challenges they face with the “give it all you’ve got” spirit they embody.

RHINO steel buildings offer:

  • AFFORDABILITY: Prefabricated steel buildings from RHINO are economical to buy and to operate.
  • USABLE SPACE: Wyoming agribusiness operations often require plenty of maneuverable space for large, unwieldy farming equipment, barns, indoor riding arenas, and stables. Steel’s strength, harnessed by modern technology, allows metal buildings in Wyoming to include unobstructed space, free of interfering interior columns.
  • DURABILITY: RHINO’s steel buildings last … Read more »

Happy Holidays from RHINO Steel Building Systems

Wishing You a Holiday Season Filled with Love and Laughter


Happy Holidays

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Build Your Own Pre-engineered Metal Building

Why Do-It-Yourselfers Love RHINO Steel Buildings

Ever wonder if you could build your own pre-engineered metal building?

Yes, you can!

Build-It-Yourself Steel BuildingOver the years many individuals have elected to erect their RHINO steel building themselves.

All the pieces of the framing kit are prefabricated. All the primary framing bolts together with high strength steel bolts and nuts.

Everything arrives at the job site clearly marked for easy identification. RHINO metal buildings require no field cutting or punching. Even the clips are pre-welded for the customer’s convenience.

A RHINO steel building kit really is much like a life-sized version of a kid’s erector set.

What Are the Benefits of Building My Own Steel Building?

There are really three reasons to choose do-it-yourself construction:

1. To save money 2. For the fun of it 3. Bragging rights

Naturally, if you are able to erect the structure yourself, you do not need to hire a steel erection crew. That saves a lot of money.

How Much Money Can I Save by Erecting My Own Metal Building?

Let’s look at a typical example.

Our most popular sized structure is a 40’ x 60’ steel building with a 12’ or 14’ eave height. Erection crews generally charge about $3.50-$4.00 per sq. ft. to erect a steel building, including insulation and trim. By erecting a 2,400 sq. ft. building yourself— with a few helpful friends— you might save $8,400- $9,600.

What Support Materials are Available from RHINO?

A printed RHINO installation manual and DVD instructional video accompany each order. These construction aids take you through a typical metal building erection process from foundation preparation to peak trim installation.

Topics covered in the RHINO … Read more »

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings in IOWA

Steel Buildings are Capturing Hearts in America’s Heartland

Farmers, businesses, and individuals all appreciate the advantages of choosing metal buildings in Iowa.

Grant Wood American Metal 02The climate challenges of the Hawkeye state demand strong structures. Iowa’s economic diversity demands versatile building systems. Heartland pride demands attractive structures. No other construction system meets these demands as well pre-engineered metal buildings.

Agribusiness in the Hawkeye State

Farming has always been the backbone of Iowa’s economy. However, farming in the state today differs drastically from bygone years.

Mega-acre agribusinesses have replaced most small farms. Iowa’s terrain and climate makes it ideal for the highly mechanized farming operations of today.

Huge equipment, modern farming techniques, and hybrid crops allow cultivation of vast acreages by far fewer people. Although 90% of its land is devoted to agriculture, Iowa farmworkers make up only 10% of the state’s workforce.

RHINO’s metal buildings in Iowa offer farmers advantages no other building system can match. Compare steel buildings to other construction methods. You will find pre-engineered metal buildings will:

• Span farther • Erect faster • Last longer • Require less maintenance • Cost less to construct and operate • Save on insurance costs • Maintain beauty and value longer • Resist damage from wind, rain, snow, fire, mold, lightning, and termites better

The Commercial and Industrial Market for Metal Buildings in Iowa

Recent decades brought more diversification to Iowa’s economy.

The Hawkeye state now boasts many businesses manufacturing products like heavy equipment, motor homes, large appliances, chemicals, food products, and farm implements. Financial services, information technology, biotech industries, and green energy production businesses also operate in Iowa today. Service businesses, tourism, and gambling bring in revenues to the mixed economy of state as well.

Most of these … Read more »

RHINO Metal Buildings Slash Construction Time

Build Faster, Occupy Sooner with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

You can cut your construction time by one-third or more by choosing RHINO metal buildings.

Why is construction time critical to a project? Because time truly is money.

RHINO Fast ConstructionThe quicker your commercial or industrial property is completed and occupied, the sooner you will be turning a profit.

The longer a building project takes, the more you will pay in labor costs and construction insurance. Faster construction means less spent on job site security costs, too.

Faster construction also matters on personal building projects. The quicker you erect your residential building, the sooner you can enjoy your new space.

RHINO Metal Buildings Arrive on Schedule

Keeping construction projects on time and on budget present many challenges.

Coordinating building materials with subcontractors requires diligence and exact timing. If the building materials arrive too soon, protecting them from job site theft and weather becomes a problem. If the materials arrive late or damaged, you waste time and money while subcontractors stand idly by. Worse yet, subcontractors may leave, shelving your project for a later date.

RHINO steel buildings reach your job site at a pre-scheduled time, clearly marked and ready to assemble.

Stronger Framing with far Fewer Pieces

Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight of all building materials.

Because steel is so much stronger than wood, pre-engineered metal buildings require far fewer framing pieces. Sophisticated engineering programs make maximum use of steel’s strength, creating a solid, durable structure— with the most efficient use of steel. No steel is wasted.

The outside wall of a 100-foot-long steel building usually frames with only five steel columns. The same 100-foot-long wall constructed with wood framing would require 101 wood studs— each of which would … Read more »

What Is a Pre-engineered Metal Building?

Solving the puzzle known as PEMB

Which of the following do you think is the correct definition of a pre-engineered metal building?

• A cost-efficient alternative building system to conventional construction • A steel building designed for the most efficient use of raw materials • A structural system generally including steel framing, roofing, and wall cladding • A structure built on site using prefabricated components • A simplified, streamlined building system designed for quick construction

Puzzled About Pre-engineered BuildingsActually, all of these definitions describe today’s pre-engineered metal buildings. However, “giant erector set” may be the most succinct description of a pre-engineered steel building.

A pre-engineered metal building, often called a PEMB, creates a strong, durable, economical structure. The versatility of PEMBs make them popular building solutions for commercial enterprises, industrial structures, and even individual use buildings.

Creation of a pre-engineered metal building follows a logical progression.

Step 1: The Details

Pre-engineered metal buildings are not cookie-cutter designs ordered from a catalog. Each PEMB is designed, engineered, and fabricated for the specific project.

The customer contacts a RHINO steel building specialist with the details, such as size, location, building use, special equipment loads, options, accessories, and time frame.

Step 2: Design and Engineering

Based on the customer-supplied details, computer-aided design software creates working plans. Local building codes, equipment loads, and other detailed criteria are fed into sophisticated steel engineering programs.

Every order includes an anchor bolt plan, plus three full sets of plans stamped by an engineer licensed for that state or province and a Letter of Certification. (This documentation makes getting building permits much easier.)

Step 3: Fabrication

Drawings detailing the manufacturing of every piece of the framing arrive at the manufacturing plant. Each individual component of … Read more »