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Celebrating Steel Buildings on Earth Day 2014

Steeling into a Greener Future with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Today, April 22, 2014, marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day.

Since the first Earth Day held in the U.S., the movement has spread to global proportions. This year over a BILLION people in 190 countries actively participate in Earth Day.

Being GreenGreen Cities built with Red-Iron Steel

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Green Cities.”

“With smart investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy, and an educated and active public, we can transform our cities and forge a sustainable future,” say Earth Day organizers.

One of the best ways to forge a green future is by choosing to build with steel.

What makes pre-engineered steel buildings the “green” choice?

Steel: The Most Recycled Material on Earth

Green building means using sustainable building materials. No other building product matches the sustainability of steel.

Steel is the most recycled material on Earth. Over 80 million tons of old cars, trains, boats, appliances, cans, bridges, buildings and other steel products are recovered each year.

Steel is 100% recyclable. Recycled steel is just as strong as virgin steel. In fact, steel can be recycled endlessly without losing any of its strength. What other building material can make that claim?

However, recycling is not a new concept in the steel industry. Steel makers have been using old steel to make new steel for over 170 years.

RHINO’s steel framing contains up to 90.7% recycled steel.

The Energy Efficiency of RHINO Steel Buildings

According to Earth Day organizers, most buildings do not use energy efficiently. Commercial buildings slurp up 17% of all energy in the U.S.

Using Read more »

RHINO Steel Building vs. Monster Hailstorm

Severe Weather Tests RHINO’s Metal with Softball-Sized Hail

On April 3, 2014, treacherous storms pounded the RHINO Steel Building headquarters Denton, Texas. The freakish storms spawned damage and havoc across North Texas and into Missouri.

Two Storms Hit RHINO Steel Building Offices

Two storms, less than two hours apart, pummeled RHINO’s offices in Denton that Thursday afternoon.

The first round struck the area about 4:00 PM local time. Massive hail thrashed the company’s pre-engineered steel building headquarters, located just north of the I-35 and Hwy. 380 intersection.

Warning sirens shrieked all over Denton as residents scurried for cover.

When it hit, the roar of the storm was both chilling and deafening. RHINO took blow after blow as the relentless storm hammered the metal building offices.

RHINO employees watched helplessly as the softball to baseball-sized hail mercilessly battered their cars in the parking lot, shattering windows and denting bodies.

Round Two Strikes Denton

Before RHINO employees could completely assess the damage, a second storm howled into the area about 5:45 PM. RHINO endured yet another round of egg to tennis ball sized hail, heavy downpours, and screeching winds.

A few miles south of RHINO, the Denton Airport reported an 82 mph wind gust.

Denton Damages after the Storm

The storms imposed widespread damage across the county, to both structures and automobiles. Hail was reported all over Denton, from 2.75” to 4.25” in diameter.

At the Walmart across from RHINO, store employees hustled customers into the storeroom for protection as 200 skylights disintegrated under a siege of hail. When the customers exited the building after the storm, they found the parking lot looking like a war zone.

Both the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University in Denton … Read more »

Types of Metal Buildings from Rhino Steel Building Systems

With so many options available for metal buildings, you will want to know what features and specifications are available with each different type of metal building. This infographic shows the multiple options available for various types of buildings and what those specific buildings have to offer.


Types of Metal Buildings from Rhino Steel Building Systems

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Factory-Made Cars and Factory-Made Steel Buildings

Comparing Automotive Automation to Metal Building Production

Have you ever thought about the parallels between cars and steel buildings? Both industries are constantly evolving to bring a better product at a better price to today’s savvy consumer.

Automobiles and Buildings in 1900

AUTOMATION: From Factory-made steel cars to factory-made steel buildingsAt the beginning of the 20th century, only the very wealthy could afford to own the new “horseless carriages” known as automobiles.

Constructed by skilled craftsmen one at a time, cars were extremely expensive. Complex and prone to breaking down, these first automobiles generally needed professionally trained mechanics and chauffeurs to keep them operating, creating additional expenses.

Construction in the early 20th century was the same. Buildings were produced one at a time at the job site. Professional carpenters and experienced project managers were required. Every piece needed to be measured, cut to the correct length and angle, and nailed into place, one by one.

Sadly, many homes and businesses today are still constructed in this inefficient, old-fashioned way.

Henry Ford and the Assembly Line

In 1903, Henry formed the Ford Motor Company. In 1907, Ford announced his goal to create “a motor car for the great multitude.” The Model T debuted in 1908, with a sticker price of $825-$950.

The Model T was a massive step forward in the automotive industry— but still beyond the budget of most Americans. Ford worked with his top managers to find a way to increase production, thereby decreasing the price.

After several attempts at automating production, efficiency gradually improved. By 1913, Ford’s team had perfected an assembly line operation. Model T prices dropped to $360 by 1916— and to about … Read more »

Steel Buildings in COLORADO

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Rock in the Centennial State

From the plains in the east to the mountaintops of the Continental Divide, no other building system meets the challenges head on like RHINO steel buildings in Colorado.

The more you know about the benefits of RHINO metal buildings, the more you will agree nothing else compares. RHINO is quite simply the strongest, safest, speediest, and smartest construction method for the state.

RHINO-Tough Metal Buildings in Colorado

Colorado Steel BuildingColorado’s terrain varies as much as 11,123 feet from its highest to lowest points. Consequently, weather varies dramatically across the state.

Urban and rural areas also present unique building challenges there.

Prefabricated RHINO steel buildings in Colorado are a perfect fit.

FIRE: Recent years of drought radically increased wildfire danger in Colorado. In the first decade of this century, an average of 2,500 wildfires a year erupted in the state.

In 2012, over 4,000 wildland fires racked up an estimated $538 million in property loses.

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park was one of the most popular tourist stops in Colorado. It is home to the highest suspension bridge in the U.S., which towers 955 feet above the Arkansas River. But in 2013, the park burned to the ground when a wildfire swept through the area. Only the steel bridge itself survived the conflagration.

That same month the Black Forest Fire— the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history— scarred the over 14,000 acres. Property losses exceeded $300 million.

Choosing a steel building for Colorado construction just makes sense. While no structure is fireproof, non-combustible steel-framed buildings offer far better protection than wood-framed structures. Not only is steel framing never … Read more »

How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality

Part 3: An Exceptional Product at an Economical Price

Pre-engineered rigid-frame steel buildings outperform all other building methods.

In the first two articles of this three-part series, we examined wood-framed buildings and light gauge steel framing. This third and final article explains the advantages of prefabricated metal buildings.

The Uniformity of Prefabricated Rigid-Frame Metal Buildings

There are no variations or unknowns in RHINO’s commercial-grade rigid-frame steel buildings.

Steel Buildings offer Consistent QualityPrecisely manufactured to the exacting tolerances of strict industry guidelines, every steel member of a prefabricated RHINO metal building package is absolutely consistent and predictable. Each piece of a particular gauge performs exactly as all other pieces of the same type and gauge, supporting a known weight at a certain width and at an exact distance from the next component.

Red-iron steel will not rot, warp, creep, twist, or split like wood. Every steel member is strong and straight and true when the building is erected— and for many decades later.

The RHINO Difference

Every RHINO order is calculated using sophisticated computer-aided steel engineering software created specifically for the steel construction industry.

Each load and local code is analyzed before creating an exact list of the pieces needed to construct the structure ordered at a specific location. The software generates detailed drawings for the factory. The factory nearest to the job site then produces the “kit” for the building.

All the components of the steel framing are manufactured to exact specifications from 100% American-made steel. Each piece is cut to the correct length, welded and drilled where … Read more »

How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality

Part 2: The Pros and Cons of Light Gauge Steel Framing

This second article in our three part series compares pre-engineered rigid-frame steel buildings to the advantages — and disadvantages of light gauge steel-framed buildings.  (See Part 1 and Part 3.)

Light Gauge Metal Framing

Some builders continue to use the same basic framing techniques as traditional wood building, substituting light gauge steel studs for wood studs.

There are certainly benefits when using light-gauge steel over wood. Light-gauge is more fire, mold, and termite resistant than wood. It is also eco-friendly, creates less waste, and far more durable. Light-gauge steel framing also earns discounts on insurance.

However, light-gauge steel framing has definite drawbacks.

Labor Intensive

Framing with light-gauge steel is very time-consuming. In construction, time is money.

As with wood, all the work must be done in the field. Every stud must be cut to length with a special chop saw. Every one of the numerous connections requires several self-drilling screws.

Since light gauge steel framing imitates wood, it needs just as many framing pieces. More pieces mean a longer, more complicated construction time. More framing pieces also means more weight and stress on the foundation.

Stronger, commercial-grade rigid-framed steel uses far fewer framing pieces, so reduces the stress on the foundation—and it reduces the construction time, too.

Performance Problems

More pieces mean more connections along which outside temperatures slip inside. Thermal transference makes light-gauge structures more costly to heat and cool than prefabricated red-iron steel buildings like those from RHINO.

As with wood framing, light-gauge steel framing requires interior load-bearing walls. Clear-span interiors are problematic. Floor plan changes … Read more »

How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality

Part 1: The Inconsistencies of Lumber

This is the first of three articles explaining why pre-engineered rigid-frame steel buildings are the preferred method for low-rise construction.

Below is a discussion of the problems inherent in wood framing. The second article highlights the pros and cons of light-gauge steel framing. The third article focuses on the many advantages afforded by prefabricated red-iron metal buildings.

The Irregularities of Wood Framing

Wood building is an imprecise discipline. It must approximate the framing loads based on the average strength of a particular type of wood.

Every tree species has entirely different fortes and characteristics.

Each tree within a species varies widely. Location, age, weather patterns, soil, insect infestations, and disease all mark the attributes— and the deficiencies— of every single tree, and therefore the lumber milled from that single tree.

Given all these variables in wood, how can anyone accurately predict how lumber will behave under stress?

Even after it is harvested and milled into lumber, changing temperature and humidity in and around the lumber causes wood studs to mutate.

After construction, wood framing continues to expand and contract at different rates along its width, depth and length. Consequently, wood framing twists, warps, bends, splits, and creeps over the years.

Just turning on the heating or cooling in a new wood building starts lumber moving. As the lumber creeps, the nails start to back out. Wood builders are all too familiar to “nail pops,” their number one source of callbacks to a job.

This process of the loosening of wood framing lasts for the lifetime of the structure. Doors and windows … Read more »

Prefabricated Steel Buildings in ILLINOIS

RHINO Provides Metal Buildings for the Prairie State

No other state in the U.S. matches the impressive history of steel buildings in Illinois. Architects and builders in Chicago pioneered many of the early techniques which led up to today’s pre-engineered metal buildings.

Steel building in Illinois: A History of Innovation

Look at a brief timeline of the events which brought about the evolution of steel building in Illinois— and the rest of America:

1871: The Great Chicago Fire devastated Illinois residents. An extremely dry summer had left Chicago vulnerable to fire. Wood-framed structures dominated the city. An estimated 300 people died in the conflagration. Of Chicago’s population of 300,000, over 100,000 became homeless. In November, newly elected Chicago mayor Joseph Medill promised more stringent building codes to prevent the disaster from reoccurring. Builders started looking for more fire-resistant construction materials.

1885: The world’s first skyscraper is completed in Chicago. The ten-story Home Insurance Building is the first structure using a steel and iron self-supporting frame.

1889: The Rand McNally Building in Chicago becomes the first all steel-framed skyscraper.  For many years after, all-steel framed structures were known as “Chicago Framing.”

1893: The World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago celebrates Columbus’ discovery of the New World. The 633 acre Exposition embraced many progressive building techniques in its 14 main buildings, which included 18,000 tons and steel and iron. Over 25% of the entire population of the U.S. visited the Exposition.

1933: Chicago hosts the World’s Fair, which included a Homes of Tomorrow exhibit featuring a steel-framed home. Good Housekeeping and Stans-Steel worked together to create a house that would be fireproof, prefabricated, and affordable. The completed house was a modest … Read more »

A Sturdy Church Building That Is Cost-Efficient

steel church buildingChoosing the right framing style is important for a church building. Consider the relationship between the cost and performance when choosing a new steel framing system. Some structures can use steel framing while using traditional wood framing for other church buildings might be a better choice.

Seven Framing Styles Explained

It is always wise to consult with a professional before making a framing style decision. They will help you figure out the best framing style and materials for your project. Companies like Rhino can provide you with several sets of plans and a seal of approval from a licensed engineer. Depending on the width, length, and height you need, consider the seven styles of framing. The first style is a straight column. This is the most traditional way of creating a structure. A tapered column will have a little bit more support for the main frame. A modular span will have a column in the middle in addition to a tapered column. A modular span can also have 2 rows in the middle to add even more support. To really keep the top from falling through, a modular span with 3 rows can provide tons of strength. A single slope relies on using less material for a solid frame. A lean-to framing structure will be leaning on another type of support to keep it from falling.

Consider The Costs

One of the first things most people think about before building a structure is cost. Churches usually have a limited budget. Creating a good balance between the budget and performance is the wisest choice to make. You should be mapping out the blueprints before you ask about a steel framing structure. Steel frames can be the … Read more »

Security of Steel Buildings

Variety of Structures

steel buildingAnyone considering buying or building steel buildings is likely concerned about security. Prefabricated metal structures are a fast and economical way to have storage for a variety of purposes, including housing livestock on a farm or storing airplanes at a landing field. Whatever the reason is to have a metal structure, owners want to know the items located inside are difficult for thieves to steal or vandalize. Rhino Steel Building Systems Inc. located in Denton, Texas, has many years of experience helping customers select the best building for their needs. In addition to selecting a structure that is appropriate for a particular purpose, customers need a space that protects the items inside from bad weather such as heavy rainstorms, hail, or snow.

Doors and Locks

Steel buildings are available in a wide assortment of styles with different types of walls, roofs, and doors. Customers can choose metal material in a variety of weights, with or without insulation, that are suitable for protecting perishable products in a warehouse environment. Alternatively, our customers may need a simple structure to store lawn care equipment or farm implements. The value of the items stored in a metal structure typically determines the type of security our customers require. We have ways to make the metal structures designed with more secure with specialty doors and locking devices. Metal structures are available with windows that can have security covers installed to open during the day and close at night.

Additional Security Measures

Customers considering steel buildings are frequently concerned that vandals or robbers can disassemble a building easily by removing screws that hold the structure together. At Rhino Building Systems Inc., this is something our design team has considered, leading to innovative techniques … Read more »

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for VIRGINIA

Testing Our Metal in the Old Dominion

RHINO prefabricated steel buildings for Virginia bring affordability and durability to the construction market of the commonwealth. Our structures meet or exceed all local buildings codes, last decades longer than other structures, and provide versatility not available with other building products.

Virginia’s Unique History and Economy

A rich history and gorgeous natural landscapes make Virginia a prime tourist attraction. Location marks this commonwealth as an economic beneficiary of federal government employment. These factors combine to create one of the highest per capita incomes in the South. Virginia claims many distinctions, including the following:

  • The home of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America (1607)
  • The birthplace of six of the forty-four U.S. Presidents
  • The birthplace of the National Weather Service (1871)
  • The location of the Pentagon, Norfolk Naval Station, Quantico, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC), and a huge U.S. Coast Guard facility

RHINO supplies strong, attractive, long-lasting prefabricated metal buildings for Virginia. We understand the opportunities afforded by this unique area. From residential accessory structures, to mid-sized commercial buildings, to huge industrial or governmental structures, RHINO has the low-rise construction market covered in Virginia.

Climate Extremes and Metal Buildings for Virginia

While Virginia ordinarily enjoys a mild climate, don’t be deceived. The weather can turn deadly at any time.

The first recorded hurricane in what is now the United States occurred in August 1635. It is believed to have hit in present day Virginia. In September 1821, one of the most violent hurricanes on record pounded the commonwealth. The October 1897 hurricane drove Norfolk tides eight … Read more »

Build Your Own Metal Building Guest Cottage

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 12

Our last article began a discussion on creating a metal building guest cottage in your own backyard. This final installment in our backyard hideaways series provides further information on private guesthouse uses.

The Pressures of the “Sandwich” Generation

In many cultures it is common for several generations to live together. More and more, families in America are embracing this idea, too.

Reportedly, 49 million Americans now live in a household with at least two adult generations.

Many people waited longer to start their families, focusing on establishing their careers first. Since people are also living longer now, some families find they are sandwiched between two generations, caring for their parents while still raising their children. It is a challenging situation for everyone.

Adult children returning from college or a after a divorce find transitioning back into the family home difficult— and so do their parents. Having separate living spaces serves as a buffer, reducing conflicts and friction.

Having a metal building mother-in-law cottage allows people to stop running frantically across town— or across the state— to grandma’s house to change light bulbs, mow the grass, or do other household jobs.

Often a “backyard granny” or grandfather can assist with childcare. Older children may help with odd jobs for their grandparents, easing the stress for all concerned.

Building a pre-engineered metal building guest cottage is more affordable than remodeling to add a mother-in-law suite to an existing home. Moreover, it is certainly far less expensive than paying thousands of dollars each month for assisted living apartments or professional home health care!

Beyond the Metal Building Guest Cottage

By any other name, a steel building guest … Read more »

Save Big Bucks— or Make Big Bucks— with a Steel Building Guesthouse

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 11

The last two articles in our series on backyard hideaways concentrate on constructing a steel building guesthouse or other dwelling on your property. There are many reasons for needing a backyard guest cottage.

Many Uses for a Metal Building Guesthouse

In today’s economy, many people are embracing the second home concept. Here are just a few of the ways a small backyard dwelling serves needs:

  • Visiting Friends and Family. Do you often have overnight guests? Having a comfortable lodging in your own backyard allows your guests to visit and share planned activities or meals— without crowding your family and without staying in an expensive and impersonal hotel.
  • Aging Parents. Families often find that their parents need additional assistance as they age. The time comes for all of us when we need help with driving, yard work, or other everyday chores. However, senior still cherish their independence.
  • Adult Children. Many empty nest couples are finding their fledgling adult children boomeranging back to the nest. College holidays and summer breaks, divorce, and unfortunate economic realities make returning home for an extended time very appealing.
A Steel Building Guesthouse Provides Privacy for All

Whether your “company” comes to visit for a few days, a few weeks, or needs to stay indefinably, both parties will fare better in separate quarters. Having time alone in your own space makes the time together more gratifying— for both you and your guests.

Why a Steel Building Guest Cottage is a Great Investment

A metal building guesthouse also can be a great moneymaker.

  • Renting the space to short-term guests like tourists or business people brings in a … Read more »

Entertain in Style in Your Own Steel Party Building

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 10

Host your family’s next Thanksgiving dinner, your son’s scout meeting, or a barbeque with your co-workers in your own steel party building. People who love to entertain guests will love having the perfect party place in their own backyard.

Sharing Your Gift of Hospitality

Some people have a true gift for hospitality. They have a way of making even a casual gathering both enjoyable and memorable. Gifted hosts truly enjoy gathering with friends, family, or business associates. Everyone feels wanted and welcome in their home.

However, finding room to entertain at home often presents a problem.

The space available controls the size of your guest list. Consequently, many events you would like to celebrate is style are ignored for lack of space— or moved to a cold and generic commercial venue, rather than the warm, inviting atmosphere of your home.

Just Imagine the Party Possibilities

You design your own steel building for entertaining. Think carefully about what you want to include. Will you need powder rooms, a gourmet kitchen, a big screen TV and sound system, a fireplace, or a bar?

Live in a mild climate and enjoy entertaining outdoors? Consider a leisure steel-framed pavilion. Picture picnic tables, a full outdoor kitchen, an open fire pit, comfortable lounge chairs, soft music and a soft breeze, the sound of laughter and crickets, and the tantalizing smell of big thick steaks sizzling on the grill.

Unlimited Celebrations in Your Own Metal Party Building

A steel building is amazingly versatile for entertaining.

The clear span interior provides the freedom to arrange and decorate each celebration as you see fit. Whether you … Read more »