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Why You Need Stamped Plans for a Steel Building

The Importance of Plans Stamped by a Licensed Engineer

Never underestimate the importance of obtaining stamped plans for a steel building.  It is critical to the success of any metal building project that a steel engineer licensed in your state approves the plans.


A photo of a new metal building warehouse lays on a blueprint with the text "The Importance of Engineer Stamped Plans"There are two main reasons engineer stamped plans are vital to your steel building project.

First, engineer-approved plans expedite the building permitting process.  Building officials trust structural engineers willing to stamp the plans.

More importantly, stamped plans for a steel building are your assurance your structure is safe and it will last.

When a structural engineer applies his or her stamp to building plans, he or she is in effect guaranteeing the performance of that structure.  The engineer’s neck is on the line for the safety of that building throughout the life of the structure.  They are not about to take responsibility for a shoddy, subpar structure by putting their stamp of approval on it!

Steel Building Engineers

As implied by the term, pre-engineered steel buildings are designed by structural engineers trained in metallurgy.  A steel building engineer knows:

  • The right type of steel to use for each piece of framing
  • The right spacing for each framing piece
  • How to meet the local building loads provided by the customer
  • What type of bracing is required and where it needs to be installed
  • How to adjust the steel calculations for brick or stone veneer, overhead cranes, parapets, roof-mounted air conditioners loads, etc.

RHINO Steel Building Systems provides three sets of stamped plans for every building it sells, at no cost to the buyer.  An engineer licensed in the state where the structure is being erected stamps the plans.  RHINO also includes three Letters of Certification, guaranteeing the steel framing meets— or exceeds— all current local building design loads for the lifetime of the structure.

Contact RHINO Today

Do you have questions about pre-engineered metal buildings, the permitting process, or engineer stamped plans for a steel building?  Call RHINO now.  Our number is 940.383.9566.  Friendly RHINO metal building specialists are available to assist you.