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The Low Cost of Metal Buildings

Why a Steel Building Costs You Less Now… and Later

Iconic graphic depicting the ongoing savings of buying, building, and operating a metal building.When it comes to buying and building, RHINO’s cost of metal buildings is less than other traditional buildings systems.  Pre-engineering and prefabrication keeps our steel building costs low.

However, that is just half the story. 

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) continue to save you money even after construction.

Efficient Use of Materials Cuts the Cost of Metal Buildings

The same incredible strength that supports today’s skyscrapers also frames over 50% of commercial low-rise structures and 95% of all industrial low-rise construction.  That strength is steel.

Granted, the benefits of low cost metal buildings should be enough to convince you to choose metal buildings over alternative building methods. After all, steel buildings outperform and outlast all other structures. 

However, the bottom line still rules. 

Steel would not be so popular if it were not also extremely cost efficient. 

Here is why prefabricated metal buildings are so economical:

  • Photo of a man putting money in a piggy bank as he stands before his metal building under construction.Recycled steel is not only eco-friendly; it is also less expensive to produce. Moreover, no matter how many times it recycles, steel’s strength never degrades.
  • Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. Consequently, a lot less material is required to create a much stronger structure.  
  • Pre-engineering ensures the minimal use of steel for the maximum amount of strength.
  • Factory-made goods sell for less than handcrafted goods. Why?  Factories cut costs by producing in volume, and by increasing efficiency.  Therefore, factory-made metal buildings also offer the most economical, precision-made structures.

Why the Construction Cost for Metal Buildings is Less

Prefabrication makes metal buildings quick and easy to erect.  There is no culling, measuring, or cutting required.  The building kit arrives ready to assemble. 

  • Photo of a RHINO metal building with a shower of money falling in front of it to indicate savings.On large commercial and industrial projects, time is money. Slicing construction time by 33% brings huge savings to a building project budget.
  • Small to medium sized projects allow competent do-it-yourselfers to erect their own structures with a few friends. They save money on construction, have a great time as they build, and earn the bragging rights.
  • Churches, organizations, and small businesses sometimes opt to slash construction costs by banding together to erect their own structures.

Metal Building Pricing and Construction is Just the Start of the Savings

Shrewd people look beyond today’s metal building pricing to the long-term costs of owning and operating the structure. 

Fortunately, the total operating cost for metal buildings is lower, too.  

In fact, steel buildings save money many ways, including the following:


You will enjoy our low cost steel buildings when you buy, build, and use your long-lasting RHINO structure.

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Photo of a smart phone displaying the RHINO Specials web page.Today thousands of satisfied customers are now enjoying the low cost of RHINO’s affordable metal buildings.

How do we know they continue to love their RHINO metal buildings? 

They tell us so— and they keep coming back to us for all additional structures. 

Join them.  Try RHINO for your next building project.  See how The RHINO Difference can lower the cost of metal buildings for you— today and tomorrow!

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(Updated 4-1-2020.  Originally published 6-8-2018.)