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RHINO Metal Buildings Slash Construction Time

Build Faster, Occupy Sooner with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

You can cut your construction time by one-third or more by choosing RHINO metal buildings.

Why is construction time critical to a project? Because time truly is money.

Large steel warehouse framing with the heading: "Steel buildings go up 33% faster than other buildings."The quicker your commercial or industrial property is completed and occupied, the sooner you will be turning a profit.

The longer a building project takes, the more you will pay in labor costs and construction insurance. Faster construction means less spent on job site security costs, too.

Faster construction also matters on personal building projects. The quicker you erect your residential building, the sooner you can enjoy your new space.

RHINO Metal Buildings Arrive on Schedule

Keeping construction projects on time and on budget present many challenges.

Coordinating building materials with subcontractors requires diligence and exact timing. If the building materials arrive too soon, protecting them from job site theft and weather becomes a problem. If the materials arrive late or damaged, you waste time and money while subcontractors stand idly by. Worse yet, subcontractors may leave, shelving your project for a later date.

RHINO steel buildings reach your job site at a pre-scheduled time, clearly marked and ready to assemble.

Stronger Framing with far Fewer Pieces

Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight of all building materials.

Because steel is so much stronger than wood, pre-engineered metal buildings require far fewer framing pieces. Sophisticated engineering programs make maximum use of steel’s strength, creating a solid, durable structure— with the most efficient use of steel. No steel is wasted.

The outside wall of a 100-foot-long steel building usually frames with only five steel columns. The same 100-foot-long wall constructed with wood framing would require 101 wood studs— each of which would need to be culled, measured, and sawed before use.

Ordering pre-assembled wood trusses saves construction time on a lumber-framed project, but also adds expense. Creating wood trusses in the field costs less, but slows down construction.

A 100-foot-long structure in wood takes a minimum of 76 trusses. The same 100-foot-long building in a metal building typically requires only five rafters, created from bolting ten rafter beams to ten steel columns.

This 100-foot-long building scenario does not even take into account all the interior load-bearing walls wood requires to “prop up” the framing. Clear span RHINO steel buildings need no interior supports at all.

Prefabricated steel buildings are much easier to build than other construction methods. Many people choose to erect the framing themselves with a few friends.

Prefabrication Reduces Construction Time

Trained steel fabricators prepare every steel column, rafter, girt, purlin, and header in the building kit. Fabricators cut to the correct length, weld into the right shape, punch bolt-holes, paint components, and mark each piece for identification.

Prefabrication drastically reduces construction time in the field. Wood framing, for example, requires labor-intensive measuring and sawing, wasting time, money— and lumber.

Unlike many other metal building systems, RHINO steel buildings also include pre-installed clips, another major saver.

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: The Fastest Way to Build

It is easy to see why no other building method erects faster than pre-engineered metal buildings. No wonder steel buildings claim 70%-80% of commercial markets and 95% of all industrial building projects.

Find out more about the numerous advantages of choosing RHINO metal buildings. Call today to discuss your next commercial, industrial, or personal building project. The service is friendly and the quotes are free.

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