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illustration of 30 x 40 steel buildingPractical and Economical

At RHINO Steel Building Systems, we sell prefabricated metal buildings for every purpose under the sun.  Although we can deliver any low-rise building size required, we have several basic sizes remain popular year after year.  Our 30’ x 40’ metal building represents one of those most-ordered structures.

Whether you are interested in a small metal building for home or business, the 30’ x 40’ metal building kit could be the perfect fit for you.

Multi-Purpose Garages with a 30 x 40 Metal Building

One excellent use for the 30’ x 40’ steel building kit is as a detached, multi-purpose two-car garage.  What do we mean by multi-purpose?  That is entirely up to you.

Since most cars are typically 16’ long or less, there should be at least 600 square feet of additional space in the rear of a 30’ x 40’ garage for storage, or a workshop.

You might wall off that extra area to create a climate-controlled exercise room, a small home office, or a hobby area.  Or use the extra length for storage for your bass boat.  You might even consider putting a garage door in both endwalls for an easy pull-through garage for your boat (if the lot allows maneuvering room).

Picture all the possibilities with our 30×40 metal garage kits.

Retail Uses for 30 x 40 Metal Buildings

While 1,200 square feet of compact space does not sound like a lot for commercial enterprises, many specialty stores and small retail establishments contain even less.  Independent insurance and real estate offices often fit into this category.  Fast food chains like McDonalds typically use buildings in the 1,200 square foot range.

Commercial clients appreciate the built-in values of a steel-framed building.  Since steel is non-combustible, it is never the ignition point for a building fire like wood framing often is.  Nor does steel provide fuel for a building fire as wood framing does.  Consequently, many insurance companies discount their rates for steel structures.

30 x 40 Metal Buildings for Agriculture

The 30’ x 40’ metal building also works well for a typical general-purpose small barn or hay shed.  Since all RHINO 30′ x 40′ building kits are available in a variety of eave heights, you can choose any height necessary for the maximum height the hay bales stack.

Steel framing allows for clearspan interiors, permitting ultimate maneuverability within the structure.  Agriculture customers may choose barns with overhead doors or simple framed openings, whichever best fits their particular needs.

Call RHINO at 940.383.9566 for more details about our 30’ x 40’ metal building packages.