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Celebrating Steel Buildings on Earth Day 2014

Steeling into a Greener Future with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Today, April 22, 2014, marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day. Since the first Earth Day held in the U.S., the movement has spread to global proportions. This year over a BILLION people in 190 countries actively participate in Earth Day. Green Cities built with Red-Iron Steel The theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Green Cities.” “With smart investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy, and an educated and active… Read More

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7 Green Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Saving America’s Resources with Eco-Friendly Steel According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): “A green building is a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout its life-cycle.” Pre-engineered steel buildings fit that criteria perfectly.  Here are seven reasons why red-iron steel makes a great green building material: 1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: 100% Recyclable Steel is recycled far more than any other material. Why? One, steel separates easily from the other waste materials with huge electromagnets.  Two, steel can be… Read More

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Saving Energy with Commercial Metal Buildings

HOW BETTER INSULATION FOR STEEL BUILDINGS DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES ENERGY BILLS Non-residential structures constructed with pre-engineered commercial metal buildings can reap huge energy savings— with the right insulation package.  In fact, proper insulation for steel buildings can provide decades of energy savings. Deeper Wall Cavities in Commercial Metal Buildings Insulation packages for commercial pre-engineered steel buildings are environmentally “green.” Investing in premium-grade metal building insulation saves natural resources— and the greenbacks of the property owners. The walls of pre-engineered metal buildings are by… Read More

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Go Green with a Pre-engineered Metal Building

HOW GREEN STEEL BUILDINGS HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT A pre-engineered metal building uses the most recycled substance in the world: steel. For the environmentally conscious, making "green" steel buildings using metal to frame a commercial building is a no-brainer. Using A Pre-Engineered Metal Building Saves Trees With Eco-Friendly Building Materials For example, let’s say you are planning an 80’ x 125’ single-story commercial building.  The structure would require 200-250 trees to produce the lumber for the framing.  That is about… Read More

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Building Green with Commercial Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: The Eco- Friendly Choice Did you know pre-engineered commercial steel buildings help protect the environment? Today American commercial builders and investors place great importance on using “green” sustainable building materials.  According to one Gallup Poll, 73% of Americans admit being concerned about the environment. But is steel a green, sustainable building material?  You bet it is. Commercial Steel Buildings and Recycling Steel is the most recycled material in the entire world. The Steel Recycling Institute reports 82… Read More

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The Clearspan Advantage of Pre-engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Wide Open Spaces for Floor Plan Flexibility Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.  Consequently, pre-engineered commercial steel buildings allow much wider, unobstructed interior areas for commercial building projects. How Clear Span Floor Space Enhances Commercial Steel Buildings This ability to span long distances without interior support columns is called “clear span.” Clear span steel framing supports the load of its own weight without the need to “prop up” the framing with load-bearing interior walls. RHINO prefabricated… Read More

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How Cool Metal Roofing on Steel Buildings Saves the Environment

In the first article in this two part series, we discussed the ways cool metal roofing saves money on utility bills. However, cool-coated steel roofing also powerfully impacts the environment as an example of environmentally friendly roofing. COOL METAL ROOFING PANELS ON STEEL BUILDINGS: NOT A BLACK OR WHITE ISSUE We have always known a white roof is cooler than a dark roof, regardless of the roofing material. Just as you are cooler in the summer if you wear white… Read More

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How Cool Metal Roofing Saves Money on Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

More and more people now choose cool-coating steel roof panels to top their pre-engineered steel buildings.  In fact, cool metal roofing today account for 25%-30% of all steel metal roofing sales. What Is Cool Roofing For Metal Roof Insulation? A relatively new technology, “cool coating” allows steel roof panels to reflect 40%-50% of heat away from the building and back into the atmosphere. Discovered as a result of the military’s coatings developed for stealth aircraft, this infrared (IR) reflectivity innovation… Read More

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Recycle, America with Steel Buildings

November 15, 2012 is America Recycles Day. This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of America Recycles Day, an annual event initiated by the Keep America Beautiful program.  A nation-wide event, America Recycles Day serves to remind us all to do our part to save natural resources.  The day is dedicated to helping communities raise awareness of the positive effectiveness of recycling on our environment. Recycling steel helps the environment. All metals are eagerly sought by recycling centers, but steel is… Read More

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RHINO Steel Buildings: Building Green with Red-Iron

When choosing steel buildings for agricultural, commercial, industrial, rural, or suburban use, the price is a primary concern.  However, the environmental impact of the construction material should also be measured.  After studying all the framing material options and their ecological qualities, many people ultimately decide a prefabricated metal building like a RHINO steel building is the “greenest” way to build. Make no mistake; American consumers really do care deeply about environmental issues.  According to a recent Gallup poll, 73% of… Read More

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