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What Is a Metal Building Kit?

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November 28, 2017

Discover the wonders of a Steel Building Kit

What does the term “metal building kit” mean?  A pre-engineered metal building kit is basically a life-sized version of a kid’s erector set.

A steel building kit is the simplest and most efficient way to build— and a do-it-yourselfer’s dream structure.  Every piece of the structural framing ships straight from the factory.  Each component arrives pre-formed, marked for easy identification, and ready to assemble for fast building construction.

What is included in a Metal Building Kit?

A RHINO prefabricated steel building kit contains everything you need to complete the “dried in” building shell, including:

  • Primary Framing:  Steel columns, rafter beams, x-bracing, and endwall framing
  • Secondary Framing: Girts, purlins, base angle plates, plus framing for doors, windows, and openings ordered
  • Wall and Roof Cladding:  Top-quality steel exterior PBR (purlin bearing rib) panels and die-formed ridge caps
  • Trim:  Cover trim for all framed openings
  • Waterproofing Materials:  Foam rubber closure strips and mastic double-sided tape sealants
  • Fasteners:  High-strength nuts, bolts, and screws for assembly
  • Instructions:  Anchor bolt plan, instruction manual, construction DVD
  • Support materials:  Check list of all shipped materials, three sets of engineer-stamped plans with Letters of Certification, guarantee
  • Options:  Any additional walk-in doors, overhead doors, metal building-style windows, gutter systems, skylights, interior sheathing, insulation, or vents ordered by the buyer

What Is Not Included in a Steel Building Kit?

Not part of a metal building kit, these items are purchased locally:

  • Foundation materials and anchor bolts
  • Any interior wall framing needed
  • Any added exterior trim, such as brick or stone
  • Residential-style doors and windows
  • Plumbing and wiring

What Are the Best Uses for a Steel Building Kit?

The versatility of prefab steel buildings makes them ideal for any one to two story building project.  They adapt easily to any commercial, industrial, or personal project where fast building construction is needed, including:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Auto shops and tire stores
  • Churches and worship centers
  • Farm and ranch buildings
  • Gyms and recreational buildings
  • Horseback riding arenas and stables
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Multi-purpose garages and personal storage structures
  • Office and medical buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail centers
  • Self-storage businesses
  • Vehicle salesrooms for cars, trucks, tractors, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, or RVs
  • Warehouses and distribution centers

The Metal Building Kit Advantage

There are three strong reasons for opting to build with a steel building package system:

  • Affordability:  Metal building kits generally cost less per-square-foot than other building methods.
  • Faster Construction:  Due to its great strength, steel requires fewer framing pieces to create a stronger structure than ordinary wood framing.  And since all the framing is pre-cut and ready to assemble, the framing goes up much faster. A 2,500 square-foot metal building kit assembles in about three days by a crew of four.  A 6,000 square-foot structure should take about a week to erect with a crew of five or more.
  • Long-Term Savings:  Steel buildings cost less to operate than other building systems.  Commercial-grade steel building kits earn big discounts on insurance.  They require very little maintenance.  When properly insulated, a metal building kit saves as much as 50% on monthly utility bills over other types of buildings.  And steel buildings retain their good looks and value for decades longer than wood-framed structures, too.

Want to Know More About Metal Building Kits?

Call RHINO Steel Building Systems today for more information on our fast building construction services.

Our friendly and knowledgeable metal building specialists will answer every question you may have and provide free quotes on any of your upcoming building projects.  Call RHINO now at 940.383.9566.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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