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The Benefits of a Metal Building System

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April 12, 2013

The Faster Way to Get Commercial Steel Buildings Up and Running

A pre-engineered metal building system brings substantial benefits to the commercial market.  The speedier construction time probably matters most to business owners and commercial property investors.

Project manger in a pre-engineered steel building under constructionThe faster a commercial building is constructed, the less the labor costs— and the quicker the enterprise opens for business to start generating profits.

A Metal Building System Uses Fewer Pieces for a Stronger Frame

One of the benefits of a steel construction system is that it erects much faster than traditional construction because it requires far fewer pieces. The superior strength of steel means using less material to create a stronger, sturdier structure.

Typically, a steel building system’s primary frames are spaced 20-25 feet apart.  Wood frame studs, on the other hand, are spaced 16-24 inches apart.

A Metal Building System Means Less Work at the Job Site

The factory fabricates each piece of the metal building kit to a precise size and gauge.  Each framing member fits into a pre-determined spot in the framing.  Framing components arrive already cut, welded, and punched.

Sorting lumber and sawing wood to length slows construction.  Pre-engineered metal building kits arrive clearly marked and ready for step-by step assembly.

Erecting a metal building system is much like using a life-sized erector set.  The primary steel framing components quickly bolt together.  The secondary framing and steel panels attach with self-drilling screws.  What could be simpler?

A Steel Building System Reduces Construction Time by 35%-50%

Depending on the size of the crew, the framing for a modest 2,500 square foot metal building goes up in about three days.  A 6,000 square foot structure would take about a week to erect.

A RHINO Metal Building for Every Commercial Application

RHINO’s expert steel building specialists take your initial concept and develop the perfect metal building. Whether you need a low-rise office building, retail outlet, medical clinic, big-box store, strip mall, shopping center, convenience store, automotive-related business, restaurant, or other commercial enterprise, the RHINO-tough metal building system can do the job quicker and easier than other building methods.

Call 888.320.7466 today for full details about the benefits of steel construction systems or for a free no-obligation estimate on a RHINO building.



- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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