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Steel Buildings for Theaters and Museums

Steel Buildings Create Unobstructed Space for Audiences

All buildings for theaters and museums have one common requisite: spaciousness.  Pre-engineered steel buildings provide the column-free openness performances demand.

Clear Span Steel Buildings

plush movie theater constructed with clear span steel buildingsSuccessful audience-based venues must make the most of available space.  Seating is paramount.  After all, the more seating that is available, the greater the profits per showing or event.

However, it is equally important to keep the customers comfortable with an unhindered view of the presentation.  Wide spaces and high ceilings set the tone for audiences to enjoy the show.  No one wants to be stuck behind a roof-supporting column.

Only the strength of steel furnishes the voluminous space needed for buildings for theaters and other projects like these:

  • Banquet halls
  • Church sanctuaries
  • Community theaters
  • Cultural centers
  • Exhibition centers
  • Movie cinemas
  • Museum displays or presentations
  • Park or community outdoor theaters or band shells
  • Performing arts theaters
  • School or community auditoriums

Cavernous Space Calls for Steel

illustration of clear span metal buildings widths compared to the length of a football fieldThe unmatched strength of steel allows extremely long building roof spans ideal for movie theater and museum construction. Clear span steel structures eliminate the need for clumsy and intrusive load-bearing columns in buildings for theaters.

So how far can a pre-engineered metal building span without support columns?

On a standard design, RHINO steel buildings span up to 150 feet in width.  With additional custom engineering, our structures may reach 300 feet in width— the entire length of a football field!

Other Benefits of Using Steel Buildings for Theaters

Fortunately, open space is only one of the advantages of building with steel.  RHINO steel buildings also promise:

  • Built-in resistance to fire, lightning, wind, and earthquake damage
  • Consistent quality with dimensionally stable building components
  • Decades of hassle-free service
  • Easy upkeep
  • Extremely low energy costs (with optional Pro-Value Insulation System)
  • Fast erection with simple-bolt-together framing for lower construction costs
  • Reduced waste
  • Sizable discounts on insurance
  • Termite and mold resistance
  • Unlimited possibilities of exterior styling

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