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Construction Permits for Metal Buildings

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February 20, 2015

Five Things Required to an Obtain Metal Building Permit

Obtaining new construction permits for your metal building can sound daunting. However, it’s generally a simpler process than you would expect! This is especially true when you are working with RHINO — our building specialists are metal building permit experts, and RHINO’s Letters of Certification make getting approval easier than ever. Here we’re breaking down all of the requirements for building permits, so you can approach the process completely informed and prepared.

To apply for new construction permits you will need:

  1. Your property deed with the legal description of the property.
  2. The size and intended use for the structure.
  3. Structural plans certified and stamped by an engineer licensed in that state.
  4. Location of the building on the property.
  5. Patience!

When obtaining metal building permits, your local building department makes sure your project meets all code, load, zoning, safety, size, aesthetic, and local requirements. They also confirm that your building location does not interfere with easements, watershed, setbacks, sewer lines, and so forth.

Always check to see if your neighborhood building association imposes limitations on structures. In most locations, acquiring metal building permits is a simple, straightforward process. You fill out an application for a new building permit, describing the details about the structure, its use, and the building’s location. Once your application is approved, construction can begin.

However, in some areas meeting the requirements for building permits can be a lengthy process. This is especially true in some large metropolitan areas or in places with stringent seismic and wind load requirements. Furthermore, high-occupancy structures like churches and large retail stores may also face longer process for commercial building permits.

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How Does RHINO Help with Metal Building Permits?

Obtaining new construction permits remains the responsibility of the steel building buyer. However, RHINO does offer help. Our steel building specialists can lend their expertise on requirements for building permits and the process. Feel free to ask them for information and advice on how to make the metal building permitting process as smooth as possible.

As stated earlier, new building permits normally require plans stamped by an engineer licensed in your state. Every RHINO order includes three sets of engineer-stamped plans with a Letter of Certification. Beware of any metal building company that does not provide certified plans!

Most building departments also ask for certified foundation plans. RHINO supplies an anchor bolt plan for all structures. A civil engineer and some concrete contractors provide certified foundation plans for the building department.

What is a “Permit Hold” Metal Building Order?

Where permitting is a more extended process, RHINO offers a “permit hold” order. To insure your building meets all criteria, manufacturing of the structure is delayed until your permitting process is completed.

On a permit hold order, you receive plans for your building department after RHINO receives your order. Your steel building order is protected from price increases after the order is released for manufacturing. Typically, these hold-for-approval orders deliver about five weeks after fabrication begins.

RHINO’s Steel Building Experts

RHINO’s experienced and knowledgeable steel building specialists are available to guide you through the the process of obtaining your new building permit. Please feel free to call RHINO toll free at 888.320.7466 with questions about requirements for building permits. We can provide you with information, assistance, expertise, and a fast, free quote.

Why wait? Call now and get your dream building project in motion.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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