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Building Steel Pharmacies and Medical Offices

RHINO Metal Building Kits for Drug Stores and Doctors’ Offices

There are so many reasons for building steel medical businesses.

Firstly, the need is rising for additional medical office and pharmacy construction.

Medical caduceus emblem indicating steel structures for pharmacies and medical buildings.Secondly, medical businesses are looking to expand their operations by building steel prefab medical buildings.

The Mushrooming Medical Market

America’s population is graying rapidly.  More and more baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are joining the over 65 population.  As baby boomers age, demands increase for all medical services.

Number One Reason to Build Steel Medical Businesses

There are approximately 67,000 pharmacies in the U.S. today.  That number will undoubtedly escalate with the senior population explosion.

Large chains still dominate the drug store market.  However, an impressive 35% of today’s pharmacies are independent operations.

Three generations pictures at the pharmacy counter.Moreover, over a million physicians are practicing in the U.S. in 2019, according to the Kaiser Foundation.

Unfortunately, medical businesses are also prime targets for robberies and burglaries.  Robbers hit 700 drug stores each year in America.  Even more appalling, U.S. pharmacies experience over 7,000 burglaries each year.

Consequently, safety ranks as the top reason to choose steel buildings for pharmacies.

Commercial-grade, RHINO prefab metal building kits are strong.  Burglars find gaining entrance through a wall far more difficult in a well-sealed steel building.

Moreover, metal building kits stand up to nature’s challenges, too.  Metal structures provide built-in resistance to rain, snow, wind, fire, lightning, and earthquakes for new pharmacy construction.

And best of all, noncombustible steel offers built-in fire resistance.

As an inorganic material, steel deters mold and mildew too, promoting a healthier environment.  Steel also repels rodents and termites.

More Reasons for Building Steel Drug Stores and Medical Offices

Why steel structures are the perfect prescription for pharmacies and medical offices.Here is another great point in steel’s favor: adaptability with medical office and pharmacy construction.

A steel building need not look like a metal barn.  A RHINO metal building design adapts to any style.  Choose brick, stone, block, stucco, tilt-up concrete, or fiber cement siding to finish your building’s exterior.

As a clear span structure, a metal building delivers ultimate floor plan freedom.  The floor plan has no restrictions.  Moreover, the layout can be easily rearranged.

In addition, expanding the drug store as the business grows is a snap with a prefab building design.


RHINO infographic depicting 15 benefits provided by metal building kits.Now is the time to expand your medical business. Steel structures make the most sense for drugs stores and other medical businesses.

Steel Building Design for Medical Businesses

RHINO’s sturdy metal structures offer other advantages, too, including:

Learn more.  Find out all the reasons RHINO offers the best deal in low-rise commercial and industrial metal structures.

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(Updated 8-28-2019.  Originally published 5-15-2018.)