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How Do I Love Steel Buildings?

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February 14, 2014

Let Me Count the Ways…

Valentine’s Day seemed the perfect time to count the reasons our customers LOVE their RHINO steel buildings.

How do we know?

1. They tell us how much they love their RHINO metal buildings.
2. They order more RHINO buildings.
3. They recommend RHINO to their friends, family, and business associates.
4. The people our customers refer to us also order RHINO steel buildings.

Counting the Reasons People Love RHINO Metal Buildings

The number of benefits for constructing with pre-engineered steel buildings almost exceeds the number of applications for these sturdy and versatile structures. Here are just a few steel framing advantages:

1. STRONG: Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. Requires far fewer framing pieces than wood. Clear span capabilities, for large open spaces. High-strength bolts and screw connections.

2. CONSISTENT: Steel framing manufactured to precise tolerances governed by stringent industry standards. All framing components stay straight and true for the life of the structure. No creeping, warping, cracking, twisting, sagging, or splitting over time.

3. SIMPLIFIED: All framing cut to length, welded, punched, and clearly marked at the factory. Most efficient use of steel, resulting in lower building costs.

4. FASTER: Cuts framing time by one third. Easy to understand assembly instructions. Shorter construction time means faster occupancy. Delivery available in 4-7 weeks from ordering.

5. SAFER: Withstands harsh weather extremes much better than ordinary construction. More resistant to earthquakes, high winds, heavy snows, fire, and lightning damage.

6. TIGHTER: Resists energy-wasting air leaks common in other aging structures. Windows and doors close correctly throughout the lifetime of the structure. Overhead door openings stay straight and true.

7. INORGANIC: None of the rotting, molding, or termite problems associated with wood structures.

8. FLEXIBILITY: Few load-bearing interior walls— or clear span, column-free space for complete floor plan freedom. Finish exterior with durable and colorful steel panels, brick, stone, glass, tilt-up concrete, hardy plank, or even wood. Designed and engineered to meet or exceed any North American building code for the lifetime of the structure.

9. NON-COMBUSTIBLE: Framing will not ignite, nor add fuel to a fire. Possible discounted insurance.

10. LESS WASTE: Prefabricated system produces much less waste. Less cleanup at the job site. Sell any steel scrap to a recycler. Reduces landfill waste.

11. RECYCLABLE: Average recycled content of steel is 77%; RHINO average recycled content 89.5%. No loss of strength when steel recycled.

12. VERSATILE: Same structure could serve many purposes. Endless possibilities.

13. DURABLE: Built to last decades longer than typical wood framing, with far less maintenance. Holds beauty and resale value much longer than wood framing.

14. ADAPTABLE: Easy to enlarge as needed.

15. ENERGY-EFFICIENT: Save as much as 50% with Pro-Value insulation package. Greatly reduces outside noise, too.

16. WATERPROOFED: Many extra waterproofing features included with the standard RHINO package.

17. SERVICE: Knowledgeable RHINO metal building specialists who listen to their customers. Free quotes, free information. No hassles, no pressure.

Feel the Love with Your Own RHINO Metal Building!

Now you see why pre-engineered steel buildings are the preferred construction method for most commercial, industrial, agricultural, aviation, warehousing, and institutional building buyers.

Residential buyers enjoy the same benefits as “the big boys” of construction. Home owners order RHINO structures for storage buildings, RV/boat/car garages, hobby houses, equipment storage, shops, man caves, woman caves, craft cottages, and lakeside cabins and more.

Want to know more?

Call RHINO’s steel building specialists today for information on steel framing advantages or to get a free estimate on your next project.

Call today: 940.383.9566.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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