Indoor Horse Arenas

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Steel Indoor Riding ArenaOver two million people in the U.S. own horses. These animals represent a large investment of time and money. Protecting these assets means sheltering these magnificent animals in the best facilities possible, both for the horses and for the owners who love them.

Steel Buildings for Riding Arenas

Covered or indoor riding arenas are a great solution in areas of the country where the climate can adversely affect the equestrian industry. Rainy or extremely hot or cold weather can interfere with riding lessons or horse training, reducing not only the effectiveness of the training, but also reducing potential income for the trainer. With a covered open-air horse arena or an indoor climate-controlled steel riding arena, you have the ability to work with horses and train year round. Steel riding arenas can withstand the elements, provide lighting for late workouts, offer greater protection for the animals and their riders, and include extra storage for tack and feed.

RHINO covered arena kits can accommodate a wide variety of both open and enclosed horse riding arenas. Steel horse barns, hay sheds, shelters, offices, stables, and arenas can also be adapted to fit your specific needs, including options like skylights or wall lights, insulation, and various partitions for horse stalls or feed storage areas.

Metal Buildings for Covered Pavilions

Metal Indoor Riding Arean with Finished CeilingThese same structures also make great covered pavilions for guest ranches, campgrounds, playgrounds, parks, or event centers. Prefabricated pavilions and open-air shade shelters work well for any protected outdoor activities, like large group picnics and outdoor concerts or other entertainments where inclement weather could otherwise ruin a planned event.

RHINO covered riding arenas and pavilions are delivered to your location from the closest one of our multiple shipping points. The framing components are prefabricated for easy assembly. No welding is required for these covered arena kits. With a small crew of just three or four people you can have your new riding arena erected in about a week. Or if you prefer, we can recommend an experienced erection crew in your area to build your structure for you.

Durable Prefabricated Steel Buildings

These sturdy, rugged, long-lasting shelters provide decades of protection from rain, snow, high winds, lightning, termites, and earthquakes. Each RHINO steel frame is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes for the lifetime of the structure.

Our staff of experienced metal building technicians is available to answer any questions to assist you in selecting the perfect metal structure for indoor horse riding arenas designed for your specific requirements. Call today toll free at 888.320.7466 or 940.383.9566 for more information on one of our covered arena kits.

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