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Prefabricated Workshop Garages for Auto Repair Shops

Prefrabricated Workshop Garages for Auto Repair Shops

Now is a terrific time to open an auto repair shop — or to expand an existing repair busines — with a steel, prefabricated workshop garage.

More than ever, people are delaying buying another car or truck. Repairing an existing vehicle is becoming more popular than purchasing a new car. Furthermore, when people do make a new car purchase, they’re opting for less expensive used cars over new, premium vehicles.

Older cars on the road inevitably lead to more upkeep, maintenance, and repairs — and auto repair shops can reap the rewards.

Pre-engineered metal buildings make the best garages

RHINO Steel Garages and Shops

RHINO Steel Building Systems’ pre-built shops provide many benefits to the auto repair industry.

First, auto repair shops must be safe from fires. Flammable materials and gasoline make mechanic garages prone to fire, but steel is non-combustible. Steel will not ignite — nor will it add fuel to a garage fire.

Another benefit of premanufactured shops is how quickly they can be assembled. Steel garages and shops erect in about one-third less time than other building methods. This means your new repair shop can be up and running as quickly as possible.

Longevity is important for any business, and RHINO’s prefab shops and garages are built strong to last long. You can trust that your business investment will stand the test of time when you build with RHINO.

It’s also vital that auto repair shops have adequate space. Order RHINO steel garages and shops in any size needed to accommodate your lot. Your ceilings can soar to heights of any size up to 40’ for standard pricing.  Every RHINO building is designed and manufactured specifically for the client and the location.

You can also add optional insulation packages and insulated overhead doors to your prefabricated workshop garage to create a comfortable working environment.
Call RHINO today at 940.383.9566.  Our metal building construction specialists will answer any and all questions about prefabricated workshop garages, plus provide a free quote upon request.