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Reindeer and Red-Iron: A Metal Building Story

A red and white RHINO steel building lined with Christmas lights and the greeting: Happy Holidays from RHINO Steel BuildingsA Holiday Tale from RHINO Steel Buildings

As the holidays approach, we thought it might be fun to detour slightly from our usual metal building blogs.

Here is a light-hearted story for the holidays of Santa’s quest for new steel buildings.  We hope you enjoy it.


A Merry Metal Building Christmas

(with apologies to Clement Clark Moore)

‘Twas the last of September at RHINO H.Q.,
Where all the employees were just about through
With the busy day’s contracts and orders and phone calls,
When suddenly a ruckus was heard down the halls.

Mat was heard shouting, “Of course we can do it!”
Our system’s the best; we’ll help you get through it.”
‘Though everyone wondered, no one dared to ask
What had happened to cause this unusual blast?

The sales team was busy, each working a sale,
Discussing the buildings, getting all the details,
When Mat called a meeting as quick as a wink.
The sales team was flustered. What were they to think?

When all the team gathered, they asked, “What’s the matter?”
Mat’s wild-eyed expression made them all want to scatter.
To the front of the room he dashed like a flash,
Panting and shaking, his face white as ash.

“You’re not going to believe who’s on his way here!
His order’s astounding; his intent is quite clear.
He needs some steel buildings, and he needs them real quick.
We can’t waste a minute. We must help St. Nick!”

Shock coursed through the room; jaws dropped in surprise.
Was Mat only kidding? If not, what a prize!
Was it really possible; could they help St. Nick?
He’d better be serious and not pulling some trick!

“He needs a new warehouse, toy factory, and stable.
I promised we’d do it as fast as we’re able.
Here are the sizes, e-mailed from the Pole.
Get his quotes right away. Get to it! Let’s roll!”

More rapid than eagles the sales team dispersed.
Metal buildings for Santa; that’d be a first!
After all that the jolly old elf did for kids
It’d be a real pleasure to give him some bids.

The warehouse was massive— two million square feet.
The stable would house his elite reindeer fleet.
One prefab steel building to store the deer’s hay,
While a red and white hangar would house Santa’s sleigh.

But a factory for Santa to build all the toys
That went every year to the good girls and boys?
What greater honor could RHINO achieve?
(Yet if they ere told it, who would believe?)

They spoke not a word but went straight to their quoting,
Crunching the numbers— adding extra snow loading.
To keep the elves snug, great thick insulation.
(Plus, they threw in an elf dorm without hesitation.)

When Santa arrived, he drove up in a Lexus,
Even stranger, he looked like he’d been born in Texas.
From his white Stetson hat to his boots and blue jeans,
He was the strangest Santa ere seen.

They all shook his hand, brought him cookies and cocoa.
He laughed when he saw it. (They thought he’d gone loco.)
“I’m here on the Q.T.; I’m dressed incognito.
And if you don’t mind, I’d like chili and Fritos.”

After feeding the dear man his Texas-style snack,
The RHINO team brought Santa straight to the back
Where they showed him the numbers and shared all the plans.
When they finished he stood up and gave them his hand.

“It’s a deal,” said the old man. “Your product’s the best.
But, along with these orders, I have one request.
Christmas comes quickly; I need it on time.
If building’s delayed it will be a great crime.”

They agreed on a rush job; he strode out to his ride,
Waved a swift friendly greeting, then tumbled inside.
But they heard him exclaim as he hit the freeway,
“Merry Christmas to all! And ya’ll have a nice day!”

In no time at all the metal buildings were ready.
They’d finished on time; the feeling was heady.
The trucks loaded up and toward the Pole rolled.
Soon the buildings were up, keeping elves from the cold.

When you need a structure, think RHINO and steel.
Like Santa, you’ll find they make just the right deal.
And let us exclaim, ere this year takes flight,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Steeling into 2014

We on the RHINO metal buildings team wish to express our sincere thanks to all our customers in 2013. You have honored us with your patronage. It has been a privilege to serve you.

May you all have a sage and wonderful holiday season and a fabulous new year in 2014!

If we can do anything to serve you, please call RHINO Steel Building Systems today at 940.383.9566.