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Metal Buildings: Efficiency and the Bottom Line

How Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Save Money Now— and Later

Pre-engineered metal buildings positively affect the construction bottom line. Even more importantly, steel building systems cut long-term operating costs.

Cost Efficiency of Metal Buildings

In part one of this series, we covered the incredible efficiency of modern steel production and pre-engineered metal building design, production, and delivery.

Magnifying glass examines a steel building with the heading "Metal Buildings Sweeten the Bottom Line"What efficient building construction mean for the steel building buyer? By eliminating waste at every level of production, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a high-quality product at a very cost-competitive price.


Steel buildings offer consistency not possible with other building methods. Every piece of the framing fits together precisely.

The framing kit arrives ready to erect. Every piece is cut-to-length, welded into shape, pre-punched and drilled, and clearly marked from the factory.

RHINO metal buildings provide fast-track construction. Components assemble logically and quickly. There is only one way to assemble a RHINO steel building— the RIGHT way.

On average, RHINO steel buildings cut construction time by one-third or more. The faster the construction time, the more you save on construction costs— and builder’s insurance. The quicker the building is completed, the sooner it is in operation.

The strength of steel means fewer pieces build a sturdier structure. Using less framing pieces actually saves on concrete foundation costs, too.

The Long-Term Savings of Metal Buildings

The long-term savings possible with pre-engineered steel buildings are even more significant to the owner of the structure.

  • Steel buildings outlast other structures. Built strong to last long, prefabricated metal buildings retain their value and appearance decades longer than other building methods. Steel framing goes up straight— and stays straight— throughout the lifetime of the structure.
  • Metal buildings require minimal maintenance. Usually, hosing down the structures and clearing the gutters and downspouts once a year suffices.
  • Expanding pre-engineered steel buildings is easy— simply add more steel bays at either end of the structure. Steel expansion causes less disruption than remodeling other types of structures.
  • Prefabricated steel buildings protect better than other building systems. Wood framing will crack, split, twist, rot, and creep over time. The strength of steel provides better protection from winds, snows, fire, lightning, and earthquakes. As a fire-resistant, commercial-grade building material, steel earns big discounts with most insurance companies.
  • Building with steel reduces many health risks, too. There is no need to treat the structure with dangerous toxins to combat termites or wood ants. Unlike steel web building systems, RHINO rigid-frame steel buildings do not attract messy birds. Steel is inorganic, so it does not support mold like wood framing does. Insulated steel buildings squelch outside noise from entering the building envelope.

Efficient System Reduces Waste

With wood framing, builders pay to have culled lumber and wood scrap debris hauled away.

Galvanized stick-for-stick framing creates some job site waste, as well.

Pre-engineered metal buildings produce almost zero waste. Any metal pieces remaining at the end of construction are sold to scrap dealers for recycling, creating profit instead of loss.

Energy-Efficiency of RHINO’s Metal Building System

Typically, energy costs account for 30% of a building’s total operating costs.

The deeper wall cavity afforded by steel buildings allows room for extra-thick insulation. RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation system reaps significant rewards, decreasing heating and cooling costs by 50% or more.

Choosing cool-coated steel roofing in warm climates reduces utilities another 7% to15% during hot weather, as it reflects ultraviolet rays away from the structure.

Building Smarter Means Building with RHINO

RHINO metal building experts are available at 940.383.9566 to answer all questions about our efficient building construction. Call today for more information, a free quote, or for help in planning your next building project.