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Convenience Stores in America- Part 1

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June 10, 2016

The 24-Hour Moneymaking Machines

The frantic pace of modern living requires time-saving shortcuts like instant oatmeal, fast food restaurants, movies-on-demand— and convenience stores.

Convenience stores cater to the harried rush of the American lifestyle. They cash in on our need for speed. As we hurry to work or play, we run by the closest 24-hour convenience store to fill our cars— and ourselves— on high-octane fuel and snacks.

Conveneince Store 3Convenience stores truly are major time savers.

Studies show the average dash into a neighborhood convenience store takes three to four minutes. Visits to the local supermarket average 41 minutes. When we are in a hurry— and when are we not in a rush — saving 38 minutes matters.

In truth, the number one product convenience stores offer is time.

C-Store Statistics

Convenience Store Facts infographicConvenience stores, also known as “C-stores” in the industry, remain a stable business opportunity in today’s marketplace. Just look at the impact of convenience stores on the economy:

• According to the industry experts at NACS, America now boasts 154,195 convenience stores. That is over three times the number of supermarkets and supercenters in the U.S. and over five times the number of dollar stores.

• Most convenience stores operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• On average, stores in general perform 11,680 transactions per week. Supercenters serve almost 27,000 transactions weekly. Convenience stores average an amazing 9,369 transactions in a single week.

• The convenience store industry now employs over 300,000 people.

• 63% of C-stores are owned by individuals with only one location.

• According to a NACS consumer poll last fall, 49% of customers enter a convenience store to buy a beverage, while 35% come in for a snack.

• On average, 37% on in-store sales are tobacco products and 19% of sales are food and drink items.

• Foodservice sales tend to be the most profitable part of a convenience store business.

• Over 83% of C-stores sell motor fuel.

• Almost 80% of all convenience stores sell beer.

• C-Stores sell 68% of all lottery tickets purchased in the U.S.

• Convenience stores host over 33% of all ATMs in the U.S.

The Convenience of Building Your C-Store with Steel

Just like the best convenience stores, we here a RHINO Steel Building Systems pride ourselves on fast, friendly service.

RHINO steel building systems craft stout and durable convenience stores. The clear span open capabilities of pre-engineered steel buildings provide the unobstructed interiors C-store owners need to maximize the use of space.

Economical to build and operate, RHINO’s convenience store construction services:

• Cut construction time by 33%.
• Slash utility bills by 50% (with Pro-Value insulation),
• Reduce insurance premiums by up to 30% (with most carriers).

RHINO ships commercial steel structures all across North America.

For more information on constructing your dream convenience store with the strength of steel, speak to a RHINO steel building professional today. The RHINO toll free number is 888.320.7466.

Be sure to see our next blog with more information on starting your own convenience store operation.


- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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