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Choosing Overhead Doors for Steel Buildings

RHINO Overhead Doors Increase Comfort and Convenience

RHINO provides a wide selection of overhead metal building doors. Choosing the right style and size for each overhead door requires a little thought and planning.

What Size of Overhead Door Will You Need?

Think of what you will be moving through your overhead door— not only now, but also later.

Attractive tan metal building with green trim and six large openings with overhead doorsFor example, if you are building a steel garage at your home, you will need to measure any vehicles you plan to house in the structure. Be sure to include side mirrors when calculating the width of your metal building doors.

Measure not only the overall height, but allow for anything carried atop the vehicle. Do you sometimes carry mountain bikes or a canoe atop your car? Does your RV have an air conditioner or antenna mounted on top?

RHINO recommends ordering a steel building with an eave height at least two foot higher than your tallest overhead door.

Consider any future purchases you might make, too. For instance, if you are building a steel barn, choose a door wide enough to accommodate your current implements— and any other farming equipment you plan to buy later.

What is the Function of Your Steel Structure?

Overhead doors for metal buildings come in both light-duty and heavy-duty styles.

For residential structures like steel storage buildings or steel garages, light-duty doors usually suffice. Commercial applications like warehouses, auto shops, or manufacturing plants, require heavy-duty commercial-grade overhead doors.

Where Will Your Overhead Doors Be Placed?

Framed openings for overhead metal building doors are “factory located,” meaning they are positioned for maximum strength in the plans.

RHINO overhead doors for metal buildings may be installed on the end walls or sidewalls. End wall openings are the more economical choice.

Many businesses find overhead metal building doors placed on opposite ends of the structure are more convenient, so cumbersome vehicles may drive through the structure, rather than having to back out.

Unlike many of our competitors, RHINO buildings also include trim for all framed openings and steel building garage doors.

What Style of Overhead Door Works Best for You?

RHINO overhead doors for metal buildings are available in a variety of styles and colors to complement any structure. Options for overhead doors for steel buildings include:

• Cylinder drum style or sectional
• Manual or electric lift systems
• Insulated or non-insulated
• With or without windows
• Wind rated to meet— or exceed— all local building codes
• Widths up to 36’ (larger widths available for hangar-style doors)
• Variety of materials

A professional RHINO steel building specialist can help you choose the right overhead metal building doors for your next construction project. Call the RHINO steel building hotline today at 940.383.9566.

Out next blog will cover hangar door options.