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Steel Office Buildings

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Startup Business Ideas for 2017

Part 2:  75 New Businesses to Start this Year If you have been dreaming of becoming your own boss, but do not have a specific enterprise in mind, check out this list of startup business ideas. Some will involve specific skillsets and training; other business endeavors require little previous training. Many entrepreneurs already have vision for a product or service, based on their own ideas, talents, and experience. The objective is to find the business startup most compatible and exciting… Read More

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Baby Boomers Drive Need for Medical Buildings- Part 2

The Advantages of Building Healthcare Facilities with Steel As the multitudes of baby boomers march relentlessly toward 65, the need for more medical buildings increases, year by year. In 1950, 12.3 MILLION people in the U.S. were 65 or older In 2000, the number of senior Americans swelled to 25.0 MILLION. By 2030, after the last of the baby boomers hits 65, the senior ranks will swell to 72.1 MILLION. By 2050, the number of Americans 65 or older is… Read More

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Baby Boomers Drive Need for Medical Buildings- Part 1

Graying U.S. Population Will Require More Healthcare Facilities As the largest generation of Americans in history hits the “golden years,” the healthcare industry will require an increasing number of medical buildings. Aging baby boomers will require more clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, physical therapy facilities, physician and specialists offices, testing facilities and labs, and urgent care offices for treatment. “Baby boomers”— those born between 1946 and 1964— are the largest segment of the U.S. population, 78 million strong. Baby Boomers: A… Read More

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Millions Now Work from Home Offices

Make Working from Home Work for You Advances in technology have brought a radical change in where we toil, as millions of Americans opt to work from home offices. “Telecommuting,” as remote office work is called, brings amazing rewards to those who work at home— and to their employers. PRODUCTIVITY INCREASE: A Stanford University study concluded home-based employees averaged 12% more output than office-bound workers. Some large corporations reported even greater productivity increases. DECREASED OFFICE COSTS: The more employees working… Read More

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Capitalize on Steel Office Buildings

Collect Rents Instead of Paying Rents by Leasing Office Space As we discussed in our last post, all growing businesses someday demand larger office buildings. Business owners must choose to find an appropriate space to lease— or to construct their own office building. There is a third option: building a larger structure than your business requires and leasing the additional space. Building a dual-purpose structure presents several great benefits. First, the income from rental unit or units helps offset the… Read More

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Is It Time to Build Your Own Office Building?

How to Choose Between Building and Leasing Office Space At some point in the evolution of all growing businesses, owners must decide whether to lease larger space or build their own office building. Building a new office creates a chance to improve working conditions, expand space, upgrade your company’s image, and customize the structure to your specific needs. However, owning your own building also heaps additional responsibilities and obligations on your plate. Here are a just few of the questions… Read More

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