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5 Ways to Customize a Metal Building

Adding Personality and Pizazz to a Pre-engineered Steel Building There are many ways to customize a metal building so that it does not look boxy and barn-like. Granted, the basic box with a low-pitched gable roof is the most economical pre-engineered steel building. However, the structure may need a more customized facade for some applications. That’s no problem for the RHINO Steel Building System. Here are five ideas and steel building options you can use to create the perfect look… Read More

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How to Beat the Heat in a Metal Building

Combating Hot Summers with Cool Steel Buildings When designing a pre-engineered metal building project in a hot southern climate, it pays to plan ahead for heat extremes. Today’s steel building systems offer several prefab building insulation options to help keep you cool during the summer. Current Heat Waves Stifling the Southwest In the last ten days, extreme heat crippled parts of the U.S., shattering previous record temperatures: Death Valley hit 127° Fahrenheit. Needles, CA temperatures rose to 123°. Las Vegas’… Read More

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The Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Why Standing Seam Roofing Graces So Many Steel Buildings Strong, sleek, and attractive, a standing seam metal roof promises that rare combination of form and function. Standing seam steel roofing looks better, lasts longer, and provides superior waterproofing. What is Standing Seam Roofing? Standing seam roofing is ingenious, really. It allows the roof sheathing to attach to the structure without screws piercing the steel sheets. High-strength metal clips fasten the steel roof panels securely to a steel building’s purlins beneath… Read More

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How to Plan a Metal Building

Visualizing Your Dream Pre-engineered Steel Building To plan a metal building, you first need to visualize the design. Traditionally, that’s been difficult to do— until now. RHINO Steel Building Systems makes designing your steel building fun and easy. Our new online Design Tool lets you hone in on your dream steel building project. Before you begin, here are a few fundamentals metal building construction plans you need to know: The RHINO Design Tool covers the most popular “standard” metal building… Read More

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The Nuts and Bolts of a Steel Building

High-Strength Fasteners Connect the Best Metal Buildings An integral part of a pre-engineered steel building system rests on the strength and quality of the bolts, nuts, and screws connecting it. Every building is only as strong as its connections. Nails vs. Screws First, let’s dispense with the controversy over which are stronger, nails or screws. Wood builders contend that nails hold better than screws. If you believe that, drive both a nail and a screw halfway into a board. Now… Read More

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Pole Barns vs. Rhino Steel Buildings

The term "pole barn" is sometimes misused, causing confusion when trying to find the right product. People who ask about a pole barn may actually be envisioning a steel building and simply using an incorrect term. To determine which structure will better fit your needs, let's take a look at the differences between pole barns and RHINO metal buildings. What is a pole barn? A pole barn uses wood beams or "poles" buried in the ground as the main support… Read More

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Metal Barns

RHINO metal barns are prefabricated as kits with factory-precise components for quick and easy on-site assembly. All the primary framing pieces are cut, welded, and drilled for fast bolt-together construction. The remaining framing components and roof and wall panels are applied with self-drilling screws. Many do-it-yourselfers assemble and erect the framing themselves with the help of a few friends, just like an old-fashioned barn raising. RHINO steel barns and agricultural buildings work well for many farming and ranching applications, including… Read More

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Steel Warehouses

RHINO steel buildings are the perfect building system for metal warehouses and distribution centers, regardless of size. Our prefabricated buildings system offers benefits for the warehousing industry which are unavailable with other types of construction. Faster: Save as much as one third on construction time with RHINO’s prefabricated building system. All components are cut, welded, and drilled at the factory for quick assembly at the job site. Delivery is faster too, usually within six to seven weeks from order, to… Read More

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Steel Industrial Buildings

RHINO prefabricated steel industrial buildings provide nearly limitless applications for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, welding shops, meat packing plants, processing plants, recycling centers, saw mills and lumber yards, aircraft hangars, truck terminals, oil and gas buildings, equipment storage, industrial parks, and more. Each RHINO rigid-frame steel building can be customized to fit the requirements for your industrial building construction. Faster: RHINO’s prefabricated steel framing components provide a much faster industrial building construction cycle, because all the steel framing members are cut, welded,… Read More

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Steel Church Buildings

Churches and congregations operate under strict budgets and have different financial needs than the average client. RHINO's prefabricated metal church buildings for sale, offer amazing customizations, while keeping building and construction costs affordable. Every congregation is distinctive, which is why we offer houses of worship that can be designed to fit your church’s particular needs. RHINO steel church buildings offer exceptional features to protect your investment, so your tithes can be spent on growing your congregation rather than on constant facility… Read More

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