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Steel Dairy Barns for Contented Cows

Happy Cows in Comfortable Barns Produce More Milk

Pre-engineered steel dairy barns create a safer, more comfortable environment for dairy farmers— and for the herds they own.  Surprising research shows happy cows not only produce more milk, but better quality milk.

Large white metal barn with gray trim and the text "Steel Dairy Barns"Got Milk? Thank American Dairy Farmers.

The scope of the American dairy industry boggles the mind:

  • The average American consumes 812.9 pounds of milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, and other dairy products every year!
  • The USDA reports 9.349 million milk cows in the U.S. as of January 2017.
  • The average cow produces 6.5 gallons of milk per day.
  • It takes about 350 “squirts” to yield one gallon of milk.
  • The average dairy herd size 223 cows.

Happy Cows Give More Milk

Several research projects have proven what Carnation Milk Company has been saying since 1907— “contented cows” produce better milk— and more of it.

  • HAPPY HORMONE: Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found dairy cows given a chemical that increased serotonin— the “happiness hormone”— produced higher levels of calcium.  Jersey cows showed an increase in milk calcium levels.  In Holstein cows, serotonin generated greater blood calcium.
  • NAME THAT COW: A study released in 2013 concluded cows with individual names yielded almost 500 pints more milk.  Friendliness between dairy farmers and individual cows reduces fear, which improved fertility, growth rate, and stock behavior.  Simply treating dairy cows as individuals spikes milk production by about 3.5%.  Happy, more trusting cows meant fewer injuries to workers, too.
  • LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN: A Michigan State University study discovered increasing the hours of lighting— and better barn ventilation— raised milk production.
  • MUSIC HATH CHARMS: A British study concluded playing slow music in the dairy barn improved milk production by 3%.  Consistent and calming music created the best results.

Boost Cow & Cattle Comfort with Steel Dairy Barns

Stressed cows are non-productive cows.  Happy cows make prime performers.

Successful dairy farmers today do everything possible to enhance cow comfort.  Thoughtful design of dairy barns design is a top priority.  Environments that reduce noise, raise comfort, and support bovine health, will create calmer, more productive herds.

Pre-engineered metal dairy barns and milking parlors provide maximum space, comfort, and ventilation for dairy cows well-being.


Steel dairy barns supply multiple benefits for today’s dairy operations:

  • FAST CONSTRUCTION: Dairy farm operations cannot slow down for a construction project.  Dairy farmers love the quick and easy erection of a RHINO steel building.  Many dairymen erect their own steel barns and buildings.
  • SPACE: RHINO steel buildings span up to 300’ without inside columns.  Steel dairy barns as wide as 480’ wide are possible with minimal interior columns.  Eave heights soar 42’ or more.  Metal buildings have no length limitations.  Later expansion is easy and economical.
  • STRONG CONNECTIONS: Steel bolts and nuts connect RHINO framing. These heavy-duty fasteners withstand the lifting force of strong winds better than the nails connecting wood barns.
  • ZERO ROT: Wood barns rot over time. Steel dairy barn construction never rots.
  • SUPER WATERPROOFING: RHINO buildings include durable sealing washers on self-drilling screws, die-formed ridge caps, eave closure strips, and formed base trim for ultimate leak protection.
  • LOWER INSURANCE: Fire-resistant steel barns earn big insurance discounts.
  • BIRD-RESISTANT: Farm buildings with trusses attract birds.  Perching and nesting in the trusses, birds foul everything below.  Metal buildings use rafter-free framing, leaving no place for birds to perch and nest.
  • NO TERMITE OR MOLD: No wood-munching termite can make a meal of steel farm structures.  Metal barns never mold or mildew.
  • CHEW-PROOF:  Cows love to chomp on wood framing. Building with steel eliminates bovine munching on barn framing.
  • LITTLE MAINTENANCE: Steel barns require very little maintenance, reducing tasks for busy dairymen.
  • STRONGER CLADDING: Cheaply made barns use cladding 30% lighter than the RHINO’s 26-gauge Galvalume® steel panels.  RHINO’s purlin bearing rib (PBR) panels also promise a more durable structure.
  • OPTIONS: RHINO farm buildings offer many customizing options like steel trim, ventilation, insulation, skylights, interior trim, doors, and more.

Call RHINO today!

RHINO’s steel dairy barns and agricultural structures meet— or exceed— all current local building codes for the lifetime of the building— guaranteed.

Talk to a friendly RHINO metal building specialist now at 940-383-9566 to learn about our dairy barn construction. Our professional staff will help you plan the perfect metal dairy barn, hay shed, milking parlor, or equipment shelter for your dairy.