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How Cool Metal Roofing on Steel Buildings Saves the Environment

In the first article in this two part series, we discussed the ways cool metal roofing saves money on utility bills. However, cool-coated steel roofing also powerfully impacts the environment as an example of environmentally friendly roofing.


We have always known a white roof is cooler than a dark roof, regardless of the roofing material. Just as you are cooler in the summer if you wear white clothing rather than black, white roofing reflects more heat.

However, many people don’t realize just how much temperature difference a darker-colored roof can make.

On a 90-degree Fahrenheit summer day, the surface of a white roof may reach 110 degrees. On the same balmy day, a structure with a black roof generates a surface temperature of 190 degrees!

But let’s face it—white roofing lacks pop or pizazz.

With cool coating, the roofing reflects the heat away from the building, without forfeiting color selection. RHINO’s cool-coated metal roofing allows you to choose from a wide array of sixteen eye-catching colors while serving as an environmentally friendly roofing material. We also offer cool-coated exterior wall panels in a dozen dazzling, vibrant shades.

Cool Metal Roofing: A “Green” Building Product

Cool-coated steel roof panels for metal buildings reflect heatBuildings devour two-thirds of all electricity used in the U.S. Widespread use of cool-coated, steel, environmentally friendly roofing could drastically cut that appalling statistic.

A cool roof panel wears a baked-on finish of highly reflective infrared paint. It not only reflects sunlight, it also cools itself by emitting radiation away from the roof surface. Since this makes the building absorb less heat, energy consumption in hot weather decreases.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports during the peak of summer, the surface temperature is 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit less on a cool metal roof than on other roofing materials.

However, cheaper utility bills represent only part of the picture.

Saving the Environment with Cool Steel Roofing

Believe it or not, cooler roof temperatures actually reduce smog levels.

In cities, dark, heat-absorbing pavement and buildings hold heat. Temperatures in these ‘urban heat islands” may soar up to 10 degrees above surrounding areas. These higher temperatures contribute to poor air quality, as air conditioning units fight to keep up with demand. Smog and ozone problems abound in urban heat islands.

Since heat is redirected away from a metal building with cool-coated steel roofing, the area surrounding the building is cooler. The structure sporting a cool-coated roof cools down much faster after nightfall, saving even more energy while using environmentally friendly roofing.

Cool metal roofing panels greatly benefit warmer climates. Yet in areas where winter heating trumps summer cooling concerns, traditional steel roofing panels may make a better choice for metal buildings.

RHINO’s Cool Metal Roofing Saves Energy

RHINO offers cool-coated exterior wall and roof panels as an option for our prefabricated metal buildings. For additional energy savings, check out our premium Pro-Value insulation.

Call today for free estimate or more details on environmentally friendly roofing: 940.383.9566.