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Does a Steel Building Require an Architect?

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June 2, 2017

Deciding Who Designs a Pre-engineered Metal Building

If you are contemplating your first building project with a pre-engineered steel building, you may wonder who will design the structure. That depends on the size and scope of the project along with your type of metal building design.

Understanding a Pre-engineered Steel Building System

Let’s start with the basics.

Traditional wood-framed structures need strategically placed “load-bearing” interior walls to help carry the weight of the building. Although stronger than wood, light-gauge steel structures also depend on load-bearing walls to carry the weight.

A pre-engineered rigid metal building exterior is entirely self-supporting. Load-bearing interior walls are unnecessary. A clear span steel building is so efficiently designed, clients may even draw their own floor plan right on the slab with a piece of chalk, making changes on the fly during construction.

When You Need an Architect

Uncomplicated, open floor plans with few interior walls generally do not need expensive architectural services. RHINO Steel Building Systems orders include plans stamped by a structural engineered licensed in your state for local permitting entities and financial institutes.

More complex, multi-story commercial and industrial projects may benefit from an experienced architect. For example, motels, schools, dormitories, and nursing homes with complicated interior layouts require an architect to plan interior wiring, layout, and plumbing. Architects also help in locating the building on the site. They consider prevailing wind direction, drainage, and easements to locate the structure for maximum efficiency.

In some urban areas, building codes and zoning officials require architectural plans on all construction projects.

A RHINO Steel Building Promises Design Freedom

Clients often want to design their own building. They already have a “perfect” plan in mind and fear a pre-engineered steel building may constrict their vision.

A RHINO steel building specialist allays those fears by offering money-saving design tips on how to work with steel. Use their expertise and experience to help fine-tune your vision for a metal building design. Simple changes in the overall design can be the difference between staying on budget and blowing the budget.

Three Important Tips from RHINO Steel Building Systems

  1. Check with local building and zoning officials first. Know exactly what they require. Learn what zoning restrictions say about size, use, and height of the structure.
  2. Call a RHINO metal building specialist. Discuss your building vision. Provide him or her with your local permitting and zoning details. For a small fee, RHINO supplies working steel building plans for an architect’s use. (RHINO deducts the fee from the building order total.)
  3. Only hire an architect with extensive experience with pre-engineered steel buildings! Ask for references on previous steel building projects. Check those references thoroughly.

Call RHINO now at our toll free number: 888.320.7466 for more information on metal building design.

Go with the PRO; go with RHINO!

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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