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Steel Building Benefits for Investors

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June 13, 2017

Building and Leasing Metal Buildings for Profit

Discerning commercial and industrial property investors appreciate the cash flow opportunities afforded by a pre-engineered steel building. A high-quality metal building generates a steady, predictable income stream year after year. Moreover, steel buildings require little upkeep, yet still hold their value over decades of use.

A Steel Building is Economical to Build

Commercial investors overwhelmingly choose pre-engineered metal buildings for construction. Currently steel claims 65% of all new low-rise commercial construction— and that number is climbing.

Industrial investors are even more enthusiastic about metal buildings. Steel dominates industrial construction with an unbelievable 95% market share.

A prefabricated commercial or industrial metal building typically requires a smaller initial outlay than other real estate investments, creating the most bang-for-the-buck three ways:

  • Steel’s super strength-to-weight ratio means far fewer pieces create a much stronger building.
  • Streamlined and efficient, the entire pre-engineered building design and production process eliminates expensive waste.
  • Prefabrication dramatically reduces construction time, cutting labor and builder’s insurance costs.

A Metal Building is Economical to Own

Pre-engineered steel buildings last longer— and retain their value better— than other building systems. A metal building promises money-saving, hassle-free ownership several ways:

  • RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation slashes heating and cooling bills in half.
  • Practically maintenance free, a steel building avoids costly upkeep.
  • As a noncombustible, commercial-grade building material, steel minimizes fire risk. Consequently, most insurance companies offer significantly lower premiums to rigid-iron steel building owners.
  • Steel also provides greater protection from severe storms, earthquakes, mold, and termites.

A Steel Building Attracts Tenants

In a great location, an eye-catching steel building draws quality renters— and usually at a higher return than other real estate investments.

Business owners prefer to house their operation in a stronger, safer, more energy efficient structure. Investors often find steel building tenants willingly sign longer contracts than other building rentals.

Adaptability keeps commercial and industrial space rented and lucrative. Most new tenants need to make floor plan changes to fit their operation. The clear span properties of steel buildings make remodeling simple as new renters come along. Dividing a larger space between several tenants offers even more flexibility.

A Metal Building Holds its Value

A high-quality steel building ages gracefully, holding its value decades longer than other types of structures.

Investors who later sell the property find they reap a substantial profit on a steel building in an excellent location.

RHINO: Built Strong to Last Long

Charge into real estate rentals with a RHINO steel building. Whether you plan to build a single commercial or industrial structure or an entire business park, RHINO Steel Buildings delivers the best product at the best price.

Call RHINO now, toll free at 888.320.7466 to discuss the advantages of investing in a steel building rental property. Trust RHINO’s metal building specialists to answer questions, offer valuable tips on your project, and provide free estimates.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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