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Metal Buildings for Tires Stores

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December 21, 2016

Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Construction

Why do the owners of tires stores overwhelming choose pre-engineered steel buildings to house their businesses? Because prefabricated metal buildings provide the best structure at the best price.

You can talk benefits all day long, but the real test of any product is it’s actually use, also known as “when the rubber meets the road.” A quality-made pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) not only promises great value, it also delivers on that promise. That is why steel frames 65% of all new low-rise commercial construction.

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All commercial building owners want a well-built, long-lasting structure that holds the value of their investment. But steel buildings also bring added advantages specifically suitable for automotive services like tire stores.

Spatial Freedom: Steel’s superior strength allows it to create open floor plans, free of weight-bearing interior columns or walls. This allows tire stores to make maximum use of space. RHINO steel buildings span up to 300’ in width of unobstructed space.

Strong Doors: Tire stores need multiple bays to mount tires on vehicles. These bays require strong, wide, dependable overhead doors. RHINO ships the overhead doors with the steel framing package. Customers choose from a variety of door sizes and styles and lifting mechanisms. Insulated and high-wind-resistant overhead doors are also available from RHINO.

Fire-Resistant: All automotive service businesses, including tire stores, require extra fire-resistant construction.

In a lumber-framed structure, the wood framing is the second most likely point of fire ignition. Regardless of where a structural fire begins, wood framing supplies fuel for a fire.

Steel never provides the point of ignition for fire, nor will steel framing feed and spread a fire. Because of the non-combustible nature of rigid-frame commercial-grade steel buildings, most insurance companies grant big discounts on building insurance premiums.

Energy Savings: The deep wall cavities of PEMBs create a perfect space for extra thick insulation. RHINO’s Pro-value insulation package, with its durable vapor barrier, creates a comfortable space for customers and employees, while saving the tire storeowner’s energy bills by as much as 50%.

In areas with pitiless summer heat, tire storeowners may use reflective “cool” steel roofing panels for even greater energy savings.

RHINO’s optional skylights supply natural lighting on sunny days, further cutting utility costs.

Bird-Resistant: Any large area frequently open to the elements proves a temptation for birds, like the service bays of a tire store. Wood trusses, light-gauge steel trusses, and open web-steel trusses provide inviting overhead perches for birds. Before long, these adorable fowls are fouling your equipment, your staff— and your customer’s vehicles.

Rigid-iron PEMBs use steel rafters, which leave no place for birds to perch or nest in the ceiling.

Logical Steel QuoteEco-Friendly Material: Steel has the highest recycled content of any material on earth. Consequently, steel is the best choice for “green” building.

Versatility: Tire stores need to be attractive and inviting, just like any other customer-driven business. The waiting room should be clean, spacious, and warm, so that customers pass the time waiting in comfort. Customers return to businesses that treat them well— and minimize their waiting.

While the “steel building look” with a metal roof and colorful steel wall panels and trim works for many tire stores and auto service centers, that is not the only possibility. Steel buildings may match any traditional building style and create an upscale, distinctive look if desired. Brick, stone, stucco, glass, and other popular building treatments work with PEMBs too.

Trust RHINO’s Reputation for Quality

The replacement tire industry is huge. There were 233.5 million passenger and light truck replacement tires sold last year in the U.S., according to Modern Tire Dealer. IBIS reports tire stores rake in $38 billion in annual sales.

Keeping up with the competition may require a new location or a larger tire store.

Make your upcoming auto service or tire store construction project a RHINO steel building. RHINO’s PEMBs provide years of trouble-free service.

Steel buildings are also easy economical to expand as your auto or truck business grows.

For more details, please call RHINO Steel Building Systems at 940.383.9566.

RHINO’s courteous and knowledgeable metal building specialists will happily assist you on any commercial or industrial low-rise construction project, from tire stores to automotive warehouses. Call now for more information and a free RHINO quote.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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