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Steel Buildings for Auto Parts Stores

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December 16, 2016

10 Reasons Auto Parts Store Owners Love PEMBs

A pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) provides the benefits owners of auto parts stores require.

Like all retailers, auto parts storeowners desire quality construction at an affordable price. PEMBs meet those criteria easily. Steel buildings deliver a low cost-per-square foot for framing materials and fast building erection.

NAPA Auto Parts StoreBut as any savvy retail merchant knows, the initial cost is only one part of the equation when choosing a new building.

To keep profit margins healthy, the building’s maintenance and operating costs need to be low. Pre-engineered steel building last longer, retain their value better, and cost less to care for than any other building system.

Look at all the advantages a PEMB system brings to the table.


PEMBs provide the best long-term investment in construction. Here are ten of the many reasons the best low-rise building deal is always steel:

1. Faster Delivery and Erection: A PEMB saves time. A RHINO steel building ships in five to seven weeks.

Prefabrication shortens construction time. PEMBs cuts construction time by an average of thirty-three percent over labor-intensive wood framing.

The steel framing arrives cut to length, welded into shape, punched, painted, marked, and ready to assemble. PEMBs are like a full-sized adult version of a kid’s erector set.

2. Cost-Efficient to Build: Historically, steel prices are far more stable than other building materials, making PEMBs a great buy.

Fewer workers are needed to construct a pre-engineered steel building, cutting labor costs. PEMBs go up fast, saving even more labor costs and lowering builders risk insurance costs.

3. Cost-Efficient to Operate: Adding upgrade insulation, like RHINO’s Pro-Value system, nets big energy savings. An auto parts store using the Pro-Value insulation package slashes heating and cooling bills in half. Reflective “cool panels” are also available for additional energy savings in warm southern climates

PEMBs require very little maintenance. Over the lifetime of the structure, easy-care metal buildings save many maintenance hassles— and lots of upkeep money.

As a fire-resistant material, commercial-grade rigid steel earns much lower property insurance rates with most carriers.

Quality-made steel buildings hold their value and good looks decades longer than wood-framed buildings, making PEMBs an even better long-term investment.

4. Consistent Quality: Wood-framed buildings require buying twenty percent more lumber than needed. Builders must cull out the split, warped, and substandard wood studs.

Manufactured to exacting industry standards with precise tolerances, prefabricated metal buildings assure verifiable strength and consistent quality. Retail store construction never required more many for more materials than needed to complete the job.

Auto Parts Stores Facts infographic5. Strong Connections: The nails and staples used in today’s wood buildings back out of the studs over time. The frame loosens. The structure shifts, sags, and settles. Doors and windows begin sticking. Corners bend. Sheetrock cracks. Floors start to creak and groan.

Rigid steel-framed buildings employ high-strength bolt and self-drilling screw connections. PEMBs assemble straight and plumb— and stay that way for the structures lifetime.

6. Floor Plan Freedom: Steel’s superior strength permits a PEMB to span far greater distances without interior columns. In fact, PEMBs routinely clear spans of 100’, 200’, even 300’ in width.

All retail operators, including auto parts storeowners, appreciate floor plan and design freedom. Organizing merchandise and displays is much simpler in a building without interfering load-bearing columns or walls.

A clear span interior also allows owners to easily rearrange the store layout, adapting to changing markets and the ebb and flow of customer preferences.

7. Greater Protection: An auto parts building protects the owner’s inventory, the store’s employees, and customers during natural disasters. PEMBs provide the best possible protection.

Steel buildings meet extreme weather challenges like lightning, fire, wind, termites, mold, snow, earthquakes, and normal aging much better than other building system.

8. Attractive Exteriors: Attractive and colorful steel panels work well for most auto parts stores. However, fitting into a neighborhood “look” is important for increased store traffic. A PEMB can blend in with any exterior style desired. Brick, stone, glass, stucco, tilt-up concrete, or even wood can grace a metal building exterior.

9. Economical Expansion: As an auto parts store’s needs change, so can the PEMB that houses it. PEMBs expand easily by simply, quickly, and inexpensively by adding steel extension bays to either endwall.

10. Earth-friendly and Green: Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Unlike other materials, recycling steel does not change its strength. Consequently, PEMBs are the best choice for the auto parts storeowner— and for the environment.

RHINO PEMBs Promise Quality

For durability, flexibility, and ease of construction, a prefabricated RHINO metal building is the ideal choice for retail stores, online warehouses, or e-commerce fulfillment facilities for auto parts.

Every RHINO metal building comes with a letter of certification promising the structure meets or exceeds all current building codes and loads requirements— for the lifetime of the building!

Find out more about the practical, innovative, versatile PEMBs available from RHINO. Please RHINO now, toll free at 888.320.7466. Learn what the RHINO Difference could mean for your auto parts store or other retail store construction project.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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