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21 Reasons the Best Deal is Steel Buildings

Metal Buildings: Strong, Safe, Sustainable, Smart

It is no wonder that pre-engineered steel buildings lead commercial and industrial construction today.  These modern metal marvels create the most enduring, practical, eco-friendly, affordable structures ever seen in low-rise construction. Learn the benefits of steel buildings for your next construction project.

Steel building under construction with rhino in the foreground and the headline "The Best Deal is Steel Buildings."Steel Buildings are Stronger

  • Steel boasts the highest-strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. Fewer pieces create a stronger, more economical structure.
  • Steel’s great strength allows for larger unobstructed spans not possible with other building materials.
  • Consistent in quality and strength, steel framing avoids the grade variations and irregularities of lumber.
  • Unlike wood, steel is impervious to changing humidity levels. Metal buildings will not crack, creep, shift, split, or warp like lumber.

Steel Buildings are Safer

  • Durable steel buildings withstand hefty winds, heavy snows, and even earthquakes better than other building systems.
  • Non-combustible steel framing never acts as the ignition point for a structural fire, nor does it add fuel to a fire.
  • As an inorganic material, steel never molds or mildews.
  • Steel never outgasses like other building materials, improving indoor air quality.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable, making it the greenest building choice.
  • No matter how many times steel is recycled, it never loses any of its strength.
  • The deeper wall cavities of rigid-frame metal buildings make room for thicker, more energy-efficient insulation, slashing heating and cooling costs by 50%.
  • Thicker insulation also cuts outside noise, for a quieter environment.

Steel Buildings are Smarter

  • Steel’s prefabrication cuts construction time by 33% or more.
  • Metal buildings require very little maintenance.
  • The fire-resistant features of commercial-grade steel earn lower premiums with most insurance carriers.
  • Versatile steel building systems create stand-alone structures— or add-ons— to existing structures.
  • Easy to install, factory-made steel building kits arrive at the job site ready to bolt together.
  • Framing pieces prefabricated at the factory require no cutting or welding at the building site.
  • Steel never attracts termites or vermin, so metal buildings do not need costly chemical termite treatments.
  • The beauty and value of a metal building lasts for decades longer than other types of structures.

RHINO Stands Out from the Common Herd

Give our knowledgeable RHINO Steel Building Systems the opportunity to bid on your next commercial or industrial building project.  We would love to explain the benefits and value-added features of our metal building systems.

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