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Keep Them Smiling in a Steel-Framed Dental Office

Building a Dental Facility with the Strength of Steel

Build your dental practice and your office with a cost-efficient steel-framed office.  Dentists can really sink their teeth into the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Why Now is the Time to Build a New Dental Practice

close up of beautiful with text about a steel-framed dental officeAccording to the latest data, there are almost 200,000 working dentists now practicing in the U.S.

The Healthy Policy Institute expects the number of dental professionals in the U.S. to continue to grow steadily.  That means more competition for your practice.

Providing an attractive, comfortable office entices customers to your practice.  Your top-notch dental services will keep them coming back.

Five Reasons to Choose a Steel-Framed Dental Office

Steel office buildings offer five advantages for dental practices:

SOLID INVESTMENT:  Metal buildings cost less to construct.  Typically, the larger the structure, the lower the cost-per-square-foot of steel-framed structures compared to other buildings.

Consider splitting the building’s space with other medical professionals.  Doing so increases your immediate income stream.  It also allows you to expand into that space later as your practice evolves.

And looking toward the future, you will be glad to know steel buildings hold their beauty and value far longer than wood-framed buildings.

ECONOMICAL:  Bloated overheads eat up profits.  Therefore, affordable operating costs are a must for the successful dental practice.

Investing in premium insulation, like RHINO’s Pro-Value system, slashes heating and cooling costs up to 50%.  Choosing reflective metal roofing cuts utilities even more.

Steel buildings require virtually no maintenance, saving even more.

As a non-combustible material, a commercial-grade steel-framed office also reaps big discounts on insurance premiums.

STYLISH:  Making your office fit comfortably into the surrounding neighborhood is essential.  Fortunately, steel-framed offices don’t have to look like a barn.

You can finish your steel-framed dental office in block, brick, glass, steel panels, stone, stucco, or tilt-up concrete.

MORE FLEXIBLE:  As the field of dentistry adjusts to meet growing demand, the practices must become increasing efficient to changing needs.

Clear span steel buildings contain no load-bearing walls or interior columns to constrain floor plan changes.  Consequently, steel-framed offices reconfigure quickly and easily making them ideal for dental office construction.

Metal buildings also allow fast, affordable future expansion.

HEALTHIER:  A steel-framed dental office supplies a healthier environment for patients and staff.

Steel never outgasses, rots, warps, sags, or twists like wood structures.  As an inorganic material, a steel-framed building even repels mold, mildew, and termites.

In addition, using thicker insulation blocks more exterior noise, creating a much quieter dental office, too.

Bright Smiles and a Bright Future

Is there a steel-framed dental or medical office in your future?

Learn more about the stronger, safer, smarter method for dental office construction. Please contact RHINO Steel Building Systems today at 1.940.383.9566.  Ask for a free quote on your dream dental office.

RHINO ships high quality, environmentally-friendly, steel-framed buildings all across North America.  Every order carries a full guarantee that the framing will meet— or exceed— all current local building codes for the lifetime of the structure!