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Comparing Pre-Engineered Metal Building Prices

How Building Codes Affect Steel Building Prices

Location absolutely affects metal building prices.

So, why isn’t the same sized building quoted at the same price, regardless of where it is built?  Because local building codes affect costs.

How Location Determines Metal Building Prices

Icon depicting pre-engineered metal building pricing.Building codes designed to mitigate risk in a natural disaster impact steel building prices.

For example, in coastal areas where hurricane-force winds are likely, local building codes require a higher wind load.

Likewise, the seismic load increases in earthquake-prone regions.

Moreover, places with harsh winters with heavy snow call for stronger snow loads.  Indeed, it is often advisable to choose steeper roofs in snow country, too.

Higher loads may require more steel, heavier gauge steel, or increased bracing. Therefore, all of these impact steel building costs.

Naturally, regions not prone to widespread damage from natural disasters have less severe building codes.  Consequently, structures in these areas cost less.

Comparing RHINO Steel Building Prices at Four Locations

To give you a better idea of how steel building costs change by location, check out the numbers below.  For comparison, we have priced the same 60’ x 100’ x 12’ RHINO steel building for four specific cities across the U.S.

These steel building prices include Galvalume® 26-gauge purlin-bearing rib (PBR) roof panels and sidewall panels in your choice of colors.  This pricing also includes one framed 10’ x 10’ opening.

In addition, each 60 x 100 metal building cost listed below has all the other standard features available— at no extra cost— in every RHINO steel building package.  Basically, these additional standard features include:

  • Commercial-grade steel framing
  • Ready-to- erect framing pieces
  • Pre-welded clips for easier assembly
  • High-strength fasteners
  • Framing for one door
  • Cover trim for all openings
  • Three sets of engineer stamped plans
  • An anchor bolt plan
  • And so much more…

60 x 100 Metal Building Prices at Four Locations

(Pricing as of November 20, 2019)

Photo of a gray 60 x 100 metal building with blue trim.As you can see, each city has radically different building requirements:

  • Dallas, TX— $26,800.

5 Ground Snow Load, 115 MPH Wind Load, Exposure B

  • San Francisco, CA— $27,200.

0 Ground Snow Load, 110 MPH Wind Load, Exposure C, Seismic D

  • Tampa, FL— $29,920.

0 Ground Snow Load, 141 MPH Wind Load, Exposure C

  • Gouverneur, NY— $35,650.

70 Ground Snow Load, 115 MPH Wind Load, Exposure B

The metal building prices above reflect the 60 x 100 metal building cost of the steel package only.  Therefore, be advised that these prices do not include freight, framing erection, or foundation.

Therefore, you should see our earlier blog How Much Does a Metal Building Cost? for general estimates on concrete and framing erection.

For estimated shipping costs to your location, you can call RHINO Steel Building Systems at 940.383.9566.


RHINO supplies the right structure for your specific location.  Moreover, you will find RHINO metal building prices give you more bang for your building buck.

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