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Build Green, Save Green

10 Ways Green Building with Steel Saves Money

Many people fear choosing green building will cost too much. Not so.

Stacks of paper money covered by a red metal roof, with the caption "Build Green, Save Green" with Steel BuildingsMany green building materials do marginally increase the initial cost of the building. However, some building systems cost no more than conventional construction. Many eco-friendly choices pay for themselves several times over the lifetime of the structure.

Take prefabricated steel buildings, for example.

The Advantages of Recycled Steel

Building with steel is building green. More steel is recycled than any other material.

Steel has two major advantages over other recycled materials:

1. Steel never loses any strength— no matter how many times it is recycled. No other material can make that claim.

2. Steel’s magnetic qualities make it easy to handle and separate from other materials. Huge electromagnets make locating and moving steel quick and inexpensive. Other recycled materials must be separated from waste materials by hand.

10 Ways to Save by Building with Steel

Prefabricated steel buildings are affordable to build now— and affordable to operate. Look at some of the savings enjoyed by those who build green with steel:

1. ENERGY EFFICIENT OPTIONS: A well-insulated steel building saves thousands of dollars on utility bills over its lifetime. RHINO’s optional Pro-Value Insulation Package, for example, reduces heating and cooling bills by about 50%. Choosing light-colored metal roofing saves more. Selecting optional reflective, cool-coated metal roofing in warm climates slashes utilities another 15%. Installing energy and water saving appliances, natural lighting like skylights, passive solar design, double-pane windows, and insulated doors cuts energy use even further. Landscaping that shades— but requires little irrigation— also helps cut operating costs.

2. TIGHTER ENVELOPE: Air leakage in a structure wastes energy. Steel buildings assemble straight and seal tightly. Steel does not creep, split, warp, or twist like wood. Nails in wood framing work out over time. Steel framing uses no nails. Steel buildings stay straight and tight throughout their lifetime, eliminating drafts and air leaks.

3. LESS CONCRETE: Steel’s lighter weight means less concrete is needed for steel buildings, saving money on foundations.

4. FASTER CONSTRUCTION: Pre-engineered rigid-steel buildings require far fewer pieces to construct a very strong structure. All the prefabricated building components bolt and screw together quickly. Steel framing typically cuts framing time by one-third or more, reducing construction costs.

5. IMPROVED HEALTH: Build green to improve your air supply. Steel is inorganic. It does not outgas like chemically treated wood. Steel does not support mold. Termites and rodents cannot make a meal of steel, so there is no need for noxious chemical treatments. Improved indoor air quality may reduce medical bills. Allergy and asthma sufferers find a steel building decreases the number of health problems, doctor visits, and sick days.

6. LOWER MAINTENANCE: Steel buildings require very little upkeep, drastically reducing maintenance costs over the lifetime of the building.

7. INSURANCE SAVINGS: Most insurance companies offer big discounts to steel building owners for choosing a fire-resistant, commercial-quality building material. Those savings add up over the lifetime of a structure.

8. ECONOMICAL EXPANSION: Businesses require more space as they grow. Rebuilding at a new location is one alternative, but an expensive one. Adding length to an existing pre-engineered steel building is simpler and more economical.

9. LONGEVITY: Steel buildings outlast other structures by decades. They retain their good looks and value far longer, too. The less often a structure must be replaced, the more the owner saves.

10. SELLING THE FRAMING: When most buildings outlive their usefulness, the construction materials are dumped in a landfill. Steel framing is sold to be recycled once more.

Build Green: The Right Thing to Do, the Smart Thing to Do

Building green with steel not only saves your nice green money, but also helps conserve our natural resources. How often do you get a chance to do the right thing and save money at the same time? Talk about your win/win proposition.

Please call RHINO at 940.383.9566 now for more details on our eco-friendly, economical, energy-efficient steel buildings. We ship metal buildings from multiple factories all across North America.

Build green and save green with RHINO metal buildings.