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Installing Windows in Metal Buildings

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November 13, 2015

Any Style Window Can Be Used In Steel Building Window Installation

Steel building window installation is quick and easy. You may choose any style window that you would use in any other building for a steel building.

No Limits on Windows in Metal Buildings

Windows for Metal BuildingsMost metal building suppliers offer metal building windows in several styles and colors. Designed specifically for the metal building industry, these windows allow light and ventilation into the structure. However, there are some limitations on window placement for this style of window.

Steel building style windows have no sub-frame. Metal building windows are designed to attach directly to the external steel panel— not the building’s framing. These windows screw onto the largest part of the corrugated rib of the steel siding panel. These ribs are spaced 12” apart, so the window must conform to that placement.

Metal building windows are adequate for insulated farm or storage buildings, where specific placement of a window is usually not critical. However, RHINO does not recommend metal building style windows for steel building window installation in insulated steel buildings.

In many commercial and industrial structures, the exact location of a window may be crucial to the design. Also, a more energy-efficient or more traditional style window may be required.

Metal Building Window InfographicNo problem.

Any style window used in traditional construction may be installed in a metal building.

Simply buy the windows of your choice from your local building material or home improvement store. (Click the infographic left for an example.)

Field Location of Windows in Metal Buildings

Metal building windows are “field located,” meaning the builder chooses where to put the opening at the job site during steel building window installation.

There are a few considerations:

  • A window cannot be located where there is a steel support column. Since steel columns are typically 20’to 25’ apart, this is usually not a problem.
  • Metal building windows should not be placed in a section with X-bracing. If exact location of a window is important, let your metal building company know BEFORE engineering begins. They can move the X-bracing to another section, if necessary.
  • Metal building style windows must be placed on the wall panel on the large part of the exterior panel rib, located every 12”. Ordinary windows purchased locally are not depended on the exterior panel design, so there is more freedom of window placement. Ordinary windows mount more securely into the steel framing, while metal building specific windows just attached to the steel building sheathing.
  • If your design calls for large expanses of glass or a multiple windows, notify your steel building supplier BEFORE engineering begins on your building. (Large expanses of glass may affect the engineering design and loads.)

RHINO Metal Building Windows

While RHINO offers three aluminum window sizes in several frame colors, we do not recommend the use of the windows expect in insulated farm or storage buildings.

Sturdier, frame-mounted, insulated windows should be purchased locally.

Call RHINO today, toll free at 888.320.7466 to learn more about RHINO windows, personnel doors, overhead doors, and specific recommendations.

- by Mat Brown,

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