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How Metal Buildings Cut Operating Costs

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January 5, 2018

The Long-Term Financial Benefits of Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings cost less to build than wood structures. However, construction accounts for only part of the savings. Steel building owners continue to save money year after year.

Look at the ways pre-engineered metal buildings cut operating costs:

Slash Utility Bills by 50%

The deeper wall cavities of a pre-engineered metal building provide room for thicker insulation. Well-insulated steel buildings save energy. By installing the our extra-thick Pro-Value Insulation Package with thermal breaks, RHINO metal building owners slash heating and cooling bills in half!

A better-insulated metal building also cuts down on distracting outside noise.

Less Expensive Insurance

As a non-combustible building material, steel never ignites, nor adds fuel to a structural fire. These fire-resistant qualities earn big discounts on premiums with most insurance carriers.

Pay Less for Maintenance

Dimensionally stable steel never bows, warps, splits, twists, rots, cracks, or creeps like wood framing does as it ages. Steel buildings stay straight and plumb for the lifetime of the structure. RHINO metal buildings connect with high-strength bolts and screws— not nails and cheesy staples like those used in wood framing today.

Furthermore, a steel building’s windows and doors close properly now— and continue to seal tightly for decades to come. A prefabricated metal building remains tight and draft-free, cutting energy costs.

Metal buildings never require the upkeep and frequent painting associated with lumber-framed buildings. The weather-resistant finishes on steel panels and trim keep steel buildings looking fresh and new year after year.

And believe it or not, a steel building weighs less than a wood building. Less weight means less settling, reducing the chance of costly and annoying foundation problems over time.

No Expensive Mold or Termite Treatments

Removing obstinate mold is expensive. As an inorganic material, steel does not support mold, mildew or other fungi growth. Consequently, there is no need for expensive mold eradication and repairs for steel framing.

As an added bonus, steel emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), promoting healthier indoor air quality than outgassing wood framing.

Shockingly, Americans spend $5 billion annually for termite control and repairs.

Steel’s resistance to termites, wood ants, and gnawing vermin eliminates the need for costly chemical treatments and repairs. Wood framing, on the other hand, issues an open invitation to destructive termites and other creepy crawlers.

Built-in Weather Protection

High-quality metal buildings stand up better to earthquakes, winds, snows, and other weather extremes than wood-framed structures.

Did you know lightning inflicts more damage each year than hurricanes and tornadoes combined? In a well-grounded metal building, lightning current passes through the steel and harmlessly into the ground.

Economical Remodeling

In a clear span steel building, it is easy to reconfigure floor plans. Owners are free to change the layout as needed, without working around interfering load-bearing walls or columns.

Metal buildings also expand easily. Just add affordable steel frames to endwalls to create additional bays.

Long-Lasting Resale Value

Practically ageless, RHINO prefab metal buildings hold their original beauty— and value— decade after decade.

Even after decades of faithful service, a “retired” steel building has worth. At the end of the metal building’s usefulness, just sell the steel framing to a recycler! On the other hand, wood building owners must pay someone to haul demolished lumber to the dump.

RHINO Metal Buildings: The Smart Choice

Learn more about RHINO metal buildings. Check out our online brochure.

Call us now, toll free, at 888.320.7466. We would love to discuss your next building project in detail. Online quotes are also available.


- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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