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10 Ways RHINO Metal Buildings Save Time

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January 2, 2018

Discover All the Ways You Will Save Time with a RHINO Building

RHINO metal buildings save time, and in construction, time is money.

Faster construction is convenient and saves consumers money on their personal building projects. However, saving time is absolutely essential on for commercial or industrial builders. Every additional hour of construction raises total project costs.

RHINO steel buildings not only cut construction time by 33%, but also save time before and after construction. Here’s how:

1. Metal Building Experts

All RHINO’s specialists bring years of hands-on steel building construction experience to the table. They share valuable tips for streamlining and improving the project. Their expertise helps bring project in on time and on budget.

2. Design/Engineering System

State-of-the-art steel engineering software dramatically shrinks design time for a steel building system. Three-dimensional structural analysis programs assure the structural integrity of the metal building design.

The computer-aided-design software quickly generates detailed fabrication drawings for each framing, increasing the speed and accuracy of the manufacturing process.

3. Stamped Plans

Armed with plans stamped by an engineer licensed in your state, permitting becomes swift and painless. Building officials are well versed in the reliability of pre-engineered metal buildings, expediting the approval process and saving valuable time.

4. Less Framing

Wood and light-gauge steel framing place studs every 16” to 20” on center. That is a lot of framing work.

The super-strength of commercial-grade steel buildings like RHINO allows columns and rafters to space 20’ to 25’ apart. Far less framing translates to far less labor. The larger the structure, the more construction time our system saves.

5. Quick Delivery

Every RHINO metal order ships from the factory closest to the job site, saving time and slashing freight costs.

RHINO metal buildings typically ship in 4-7 weeks from the receipt of the order. (Larger, more complex structures may require additional engineering and production time.)

6. Prefabricated Framing

Wood, weld-up, and light-gauge steel buildings require labor-intensive fieldwork. Each piece is measured, cut, and assembled one at a time.

RHINO’s prefabricated steel buildings arrive ready to erect. Every factory-produced piece is pre-cut, measured, welded, punched, painted, and clearly marked, ready to assemble.

Quality-controlled, factory-made framing reduces the chance of human errors on the job site. Pre-engineered steel framing bolts together precisely.

7. Pre-Welded Clips

RHINO steel buildings boast ¼-inch thick steel “clips” pre-welded strategically on the columns and rafters. These clips allow quicker attachment of girts and purlins, speeding up construction.

Welded clips actually create stronger connections than the screw-together connections used by cut-rate building suppliers.

8. Clear Instructions

The concise assembly directions included with RHINO metal buildings makes framing erection simple. Every piece of the framing is marked to a matching number on the plans.

RHINO also includes an Installation Manual and a Construction DVD with every order. Follow the systematic instructions, and you cannot go wrong. In addition, RHINO metal building specialists with hands-on construction experience are available to answer any questions that arise.

9. Less Waste

Construction site cleanup is another time-consuming job. Remnants and discards of buildings supplies must be hauled away to the dump— often at great expense. However, RHINO metal buildings create very little waste. Builders sell whatever remains of the framing kit to the nearest scrap metal dealer.

10. Little Maintenance

Even after construction, RHINO steel buildings continue to save time. Strong, durable metal buildings need very little upkeep. There is no need for all the roofing repairs and periodic repainting common with lumber-framed structures.

Trust RHINO-Tough Metal Buildings

No other building method saves more time than RHINO metal buildings. Is it any wonder that steel buildings now claim 70% of all commercial building and 95% of all industrial projects?

Find out more about RHINO metal buildings. Call 940.383.9566 now to discuss your next low-rise construction project with a knowledgeable steel building specialist. You will find our service is friendly and our estimates are free.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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