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Steel & Metal Buildings by Size

RHINO Made-to-Order Metal Buildings Fit the Job Every Time

While we have supplied some information on the various uses for popular prefabricated steel building sizes, these are just idea starters. You determine the size needed for your construction project.

What Metal Building Size Do You Need?

There are no “cookie-cutter” prefabricated steel buildings. Every RHINO metal building exactly fits the specific requirements of you— our customer. You tell us what you want— dimensions, options, colors, etc. Each order is manufactured just as you order it, from a 1,000 sq. ft. garage to a 1,000,000 sq. ft. warehouse. (However, be advised that almost everyone outgrows the building they ordered. That’s no problem. RHINO steel buildings are easily expandable later.) Regardless of size, RHINO-tough steel buildings bring the same characteristics of superior strength, durability, and versatility to every construction project.

RHINO Metal Buildings for AVIATION

Aviation depends on the strength of steel for large clear span structures to house planes, jets, helicopters, gliders, and other aircraft. Aviation uses for steel buildings include:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Business offices
  • Maintenance buildings
  • Mixed-use structures
  • Terminals
  • Shade shelters

RHINO Metal Buildings for AGRICULTURE

Farmers and ranchers were among the first to recognize the benefits of building with steel. Today RHINO delivers attractive, long-lasting, practical metal buildings for every conceivable rural use, including:

  • Barns of every imaginable size
  • Bunk houses
  • Farm and ranch offices
  • Indoor or covered horse riding arenas
  • Spacious equipment or livestock shelters
  • Horse stables


The commercial and industrial structural possibilities for low-rise prefabricated steel buildings are endless. From a small donut shop, to a modern medical center, to a gigantic import warehouse, steel buildings provide ample benefits for any commercial or industrial enterprise, such as:

  • Retail stand-alone stores, strip malls, or big box stores
  • Restaurants, from fast-food to fine dining, from coffee bars to sports bars
  • Service industry business like mechanic shops, bakeries, accounting offices, caterers, dry cleaners, day care centers, dance studios, photographer studios, fitness centers, florists, printers, etc.
  • Entertainment centers, theaters, bowling alleys, indoor sports facilities, arcades, gyms, recreation centers, etc.
  • Churches and religious support facilities
  • Office buildings, medical buildings, dental offices, veterinarian facilities, vehicle dealership showrooms and service centers
  • Warehouses, manufacturing plants, truck and bus maintenance buildings


Customers also choose prefabricated steel buildings for personal use on their urban or rural property. Examples include:

  • Multi-vehicle garages for cars, motorcycles, boats, or RVs
  • Workshops or storages structures
  • Recreational retreats like hobby shacks, man caves or woman caves, craft cottages
  • Home offices
  • Guest cottages, mother-in-law apartments
  • Lake cottages, hunting cabins, vacation hideaways

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