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50 x 80 Metal Building IconCountless Applications, Limitless Opportunities

RHINO produces low-rise steel structures in any size required by the customer.  There are no “standard” sizes in RHINO metal buildings.  We find certain sizes— like a 50’ x 80’ metal building—frequently ordered by RHINO’s customers.

RHINO has delivered thousands of prefabricated metal buildings across North America.  These steel building packages run the gamut from a mere 144 square feet to a massive 165,000 square feet.  Our median metal building remains at 4,000 square feet.

We deliver the right building at the right price.

Why are 50 x 80 Metal Buildings So Popular?

The multiple end uses for which our popular 50’ x 80’ metal buildings are destined stretch the imagination.  From agriculture, to commerce, to industry, a 50’ x 80’ metal building stakes a claim in every market.  Building heights may vary, based on specific applications.

Larger convenience stores fall in the 4,000 square foot range.  According to industry experts, the typical restaurant also contains about 4,000 square feet.  Poultry houses normally require about the same amount of space.

Although town residents seldom order backyard structures this large, country dwellers often order buildings in this size range for multiple purposes.

One RHINO customer, for example, created a storage garage for his classic car collection, complete with a workbench area.  In the remaining space, he constructed a home office with kitchenette and half bath with a small guest suite above it.

The ingenuity of our perceptive customers is amazing.

Why Choose a Prefab Metal Building for Your Project?

RHINO prefabricated metal buildings provide so many advantages over other building materials.

  • STRONG:  Steel framing is durable, strong, and designed to last for decades of problem-free operation.
  • PREDICTABLE:  Unlike wood, steel’s properties are predictable and consistent.
  • STANDARDIZED:  Exacting national standards applied in meticulous, quality-controlled manufacturing facilities produce all framing members.
  • CONSISTENT:  Every steel component performs the same as every other component of identical gauge and type.  Each piece is uniform in size, weight, and strength.
  • GREEN:  Steel is recycled more economically and in greater quantities than any other building material.
  • SMART:  Steel framing offers greater protection from termites, mold, strong winds, heavy snows, earthquakes, lightning, and fire.
  • AGELESS:  Pre-fabricated steel components go in straight and stay that way.  High strength bolts and screws keep steel framing tightly in place, preserving the beauty— and the resale value— of the structure.  Garage openings stay horizontal.  Windows and doors shut properly.  Walls remain straight and corners square for the life of the structure.

Regardless of the size or application of your building project, RHINO will meet— and exceed— all your expectations.  Please call RHINO today to get a quote on your 50×80 metal building at 940.383.9566.