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50 x 60 Metal Building IconA 3,000 Square-Foot Box of Potential

A 40’ x 60’ metal building is our most popular size. However, many people need a little more room for maneuverability. If so, a 50’ x 60’ metal building kit may be a perfect fit. If the property allows, a 50’ x 60’ building provides an additional 600 square feet over the 40’ x 60’.

As with all RHINO metal buildings, you may choose any eave height you need for a 50’ x 60’ steel building.  We find most people choose between 16’-20’ heights in this size. Your specific building application dictates the optimal building height. Choose any height up to 40’ on a standard quote. If your structure needs a greater than 40’ eave height, ask for a custom quote from RHINO.

Roof pitches of 1:12, 2:12, 3:12, and 4:12 are available on a standard order. Pitches of 5:12 or higher require a custom quote.

50 x 60 Metal Building for Homeowners or Business Owners

As with a 40’ x 60’, a 50’ x 60′ metal building works very well as a multi-purpose structure for homeowners.

Those building to lease discover a 50’ x 60’ steel building economical, versatile, and adaptable a variety of commercial clients.

Farmers and ranchers find a 50’ x 60’ metal barn supplies ample room for hay or product storage, equipment storage, or livestock.  Churches or schools could divide the structure into multiple classrooms or offices— or choose to leave the space open for a large detached meeting room or recreational area.

Retail applications like appliance, antique, furniture, or clothing stores should consider installing large glass windows on the wider endwall of a 50’ x 60’ structure, creating attractive display windows for their wares.

A 50′ x 60′ metal building works great as a mid-sized diner or family restaurant, a mom-and-pop family business, or an auto parts or auto repair shop.

Clearspan or Modular?

If an unobstructed interior is required, choose clear span framing. For example, a 50’ x 60’ aircraft hangar would require clearspan framing. However, if minimal interior steel posts would not hamper operations, modular framing is often more economical.

Metal Building Advantages

RHINO’s 50’x60′ Metal Building Kits offer:

  • Better protection from fire, termites, high winds, heavy snows, and earthquakes
  • Decades of virtually maintenance-free operation
  • High-strength steel roof panels and wall panels
  • Steel building trim in choice of colors
  • Commercial-grade rigid-steel framing
  • A “green” building product, with a high recycled content
  • All framing components cut to length, welded to shape, and pre-drilled for fast and easy bolt-together erection
  • Clips already pre-welded to framing for faster attachment of secondary framing
  • High-strength bolts and nuts for super strong framing connections
  • Steel framing guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes for the life of the structure
  • Cover trim for all framed openings
  • Fast delivery

Whatever building size you need, call RHINO today to at 940.383.9566.