Metal Building Accessories

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Metal Building Accessories

RHINO offers a wide variety of metal building accessories, all specifically chosen to complement our building system. Enhance your RHINO standard metal building prefab kits with door and window choices, exterior and interior selections, insulation upgrades, metal building skylights and wall lights (see below), ventilation options (see below), and more.

Professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike appreciate the quality and easy installation of accessories and metal building components from RHINO. The result is a building with both form and function for your individual requirements. Numerous additional accessories are also available. Speak to a knowledgeable and supportive RHINO metal building consultant to discuss exactly what metal building components your prefab kits will require by calling toll free 888-320-7466 for more information.

Metal Building AccessoriesIn addition to the steel building accessories shown here, collateral loading can be added to accommodate the weight of sprinkler systems and point loads (for anything on the roof or ceiling weighing 500 pounds or more, like large AC units). Mezzanines can be included and other metal building components can be ordered for your RHINO steel building to accommodate your specific structural needs.

Metal Building Skylights

Skylights enhance any building, bringing in diffused natural lighting and reducing the need to run interior lights during daylight hours. Reinforced white skylights are available in standard lengths to meet UL-90 rated roof systems. These translucent plastic panels have the same profile as metal roof panels for a perfect fit. Wall lights for sidewall installation are also available among our many metal building components.


More Steel Building AccessoriesSteel building prefab kits include ventilation accessories like 3′ x 3′ standard louvers with AZ-55 Galvalume® coating and 9″ x 10′ standard roof ventilators with optional bird screens. Contact us to learn more about our metal building accessories or our metal building ventilation.

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