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Metal Buildings for Texas Farms and Ranches

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February 9, 2018

Why Steel Buildings Appeal to the Ag Market in the Lone Star State

Prefabricated metal buildings are ideally suited to all agricultural applications.

In fact, Texas farmers and ranchers were among the first to appreciate the advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings.  And what’s not to like?  Today’s steel buildings are attractive, long lasting, economical, simple to erect, and easy to maintain.

Texas Leads the Nation in Farms and Ranches

There are more farms and ranches in Texas than in any other state— 248,000, according to the latest statistics.

Two of the largest operations in the country claim Texas as home.

The King Ranch, founded in 1853, covers 1,289 square miles.  That’s a whopping 825,000 acres!  Divided into four large unconnected sections, the King Ranch is found in South Texas.

In North Texas, the Waggoner Ranch spreads across 796 square miles— more area than all of New York City—making it the largest contiguous ranch in America.  Established in 1849, this impressive piece of real estate spans six counties.  The Waggoner Ranch includes 510,000 acres of land, hundreds of horses, thousands of cattle, and 1,200 oil wells.  The ranch sold several years ago for a jaw-dropping $725 million!

However, these behemoth ranching operations do not represent the norm in Texas farms and ranches today.  The average Texas farm and ranch runs 537 acres.

Texas also boasts the largest rural population of any other state.  Today, 3.8 million Texans live in the country.  While most these rural dwellers live on working farms or ranches, a drive through the country shows the majority of the residential rural properties in Texas also include one or more metal buildings.

Why Rural Texans Buy RHINO Metal Buildings

From a two-acre country homestead to a two-thousand acre farm or ranch, prefab metal buildings stand up to the rigors of rural life in Texas.  RHINO’s commercial-grade steel buildings offer built-in resistance to damage from strong winds, fire, lightning, termites, mold, rot, and aging.

From barns to hay sheds, and stables to riding arenas, RHINO metal buildings provide the strongest protection at the best price.  That is why Texas farmers, ranchers, and rural dwellers trust Denton-based RHINO Steel Buildings for all their structural needs.

RHINO agricultural buildings offer terrific advantages, including:

  • High-quality products at an affordable prices
  • Clear spans up to 300-feet
  • Easy care
  • Fast, simple, bolt-together framing
  • Multiple customizing options
  • Rafter-free ceilings
  • Strength and durability
  • Unlimited versatility

Call RHINO today to learn about our Texas metal barns. Ask our experienced farm, ranch, and rural building specialists for a free quote on your next building project.  Find out for yourself why RHINO provides the best metal buildings in Texas.

Call RHINO now at our headquarters in Denton, Texas, on our toll-free hotline: 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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