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#1 Way to Cut Costs on a Metal Building

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January 23, 2018

The Best Way to Save Money on Your New Prefab Steel Building

What is the best way to cut costs on a metal building?

Keep it simple.

We all have the tendency to let our dreams outpace our budget on construction projects.  It is so easy to get carried away during the planning stage, that we lose sight of the overall cost.  However, with a little careful thought and planning, you can save bucks and still have a highly functional structure that fits your needs.

Fortunately, you are on the right track with an affordable pre-engineered metal building (PEMB).  No other building system promises the efficiency and economy of a prefabricated steel building.

The Basic Box

To cut costs on a metal building— or any other building project— think inside the box.

The most economical construction shape remains a basic box.  Price-wise, nothing beats a simple square or rectangle-shaped building with a low-pitch roof.


The more intricate and complicated the structure, the more building material needed for the project— and the longer the construction time.  Less material and less time equals less money spent.

It is that simple.

Cut Costs on a Metal Building with New RHINO Series

In an effort to bring the best pricing to customers interested in a simple, basic metal building, RHINO is unveiling its new HyperBuilt Series.

Available in four sizes from a modest 480 square feet to a spacious 1,560 square feet, these basic-box metal building wonders deliver the most bang-for-the-budget-buck available today.

And they deliver fast, too.  HyperBuilt kits arrive to your site in as little as two weeks from order.

Choose from 10-foot or 12-foot heights for simple building designs.

If your budget allows, you may choose to include some of the following options:

  • Delivery on a Moffett Lift Truck that unloads the kit for you
  • Upgrade wind loads from 115 to 145 mph
  • Gutters and downspouts with kickouts
  • Upgrade painted roof with 40- warranty
  • Attractive contrasting wainscot and exterior trim package
  • Additional framed opening for endwall
  • DripXTM condensation barrier

Speak to a RHINO steel building specialist today for more information by calling 888.320.7466.

These highly-trained and experienced professionals can offer expert advice on more ways to cut costs on a metal building for the budget-minded buyers, as well as free quotes.  They can also provide you with more information on the do-it-yourselfer’s dream building kit— our new HyperBuilt Series.

Call RHINO today!

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- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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