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RHINO Steel Building Systems offers virtually any type of structural design required.

Whatever the project, RHINO can fill your building needs. Standard metal building bay lengths are 20′ and 25′ between main steel frames, with optional bay lengths up to 40′ possible. A variety of end wall configurations are available, depending upon your specific building demands. Post and beam endwalls are standard. Optional “rigid steel frame” end wall designs are best if an addition to the structure is planned for the future, or where a large opening such as an aircraft hangar door is essential. RHINO’s building consultant professionals are available to answer all your questions and assist you in determining exactly which of our seven framing styles best fits your application, and the perfect width, length, and height for your building project and site.

Metal Building Features
We make it easy to purchase a quality steel building. RHINO’s building specialists can assist in taking your initial concept and developing the structural design and accessories to best accommodate your metal building requirements. Every order comes with three complete set of plans and a detailed anchor bolt plan for your project, stamped by a steel building engineer licensed in your state.

All standard RHINO metal buildings provide these value-added benefits:

  • 100% commercial-grade rigid-steel framing.
  • Prefab framing parts cut, welded, and drilled at the factory for simple bolt-together assembly on the job site.
  • All clips pre-welded to the frames for easy attachment of girts and purlins.
  • High-strength bolts and nuts for strong framing connections.
  • Framing for a door opening up to 30’ wide.
  • Post and beam end walls.
  • Building trim in a choice of colors. (See Color Panel Page for colors.)
  • Fast delivery in 6-7 weeks from order.
  • Cover trim for all framed openings.
  • A complete Bill of Lading listing all parts shipped.
  • 3 sets of Engineer-Stamped Plans with a Letter of Certification.
  • An anchor bolt plan.
  • A 49-page Installation Manual and Construction DVD.

Plus all these superior weatherproofing and quality-enhancing benefits also included as part of our standard package:

Rhino Self-Drilling Fasteners

self-drilling-fastener.pngRHINO supplies self-drilling cast zinc fasteners for Galvalume® sheathing as standard with all models. A lifetime warranty ensures no red rust will form on the cast zinc head. A strong, abrasive-resistant, long-lasting EPDM sealing washer provides a tight waterproof seal even under the harshest weather conditions. The seal is also protected from ozone and ultraviolet damage. The result is a stronger, more durable structure.

Higher Quality Standard Panels

features_img2.jpgStrong PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) roof and wall panels of 26-gauge high-tensile steel are standard in RHINO’s metal building kits. These attractive and durable PBR panels feature extra overlap (see above) for increased strength and extra water resistance. These sturdy steel panels are coated with Galvalume® for weather protection, then the color is baked on top of the Galvalume® for an additional layer of protection. The Galvalume® coating comes with a 25-year warranty and the color coating has a 30-year warranty. Other metal buildings use ordinary “R” panels with shorter overlap, producing less metal-to-metal contact and a weaker connection. (See our steel building Options Page for all the striking panel color choices.)

Rhino Ridge Caps

RHINO’s die-formed ridge caps conform to all standard panel shapes, providing a much snugger seal at the roof seam. This ensures a metal-to-metal contact for a tighter seal and improved pest control.


Another standard RHINO weatherproofing feature is the eave sealing system of specially designed foam rubber “closure strips” at all eaves, base and roof. The mastic and double-sided tape for the closure strips is also included as part of the standard package.

While our standard package works for almost every application imaginable, there are many options available from RHINO to further enhance your building to fit your specific needs. (See our Options Page for more information.)

Formed Base Trim

formed-base-trim.pngThe formed base trim, employed at the bottom of the wall panels, provides a colorful steel edge on which the wall panel rests, producing two major benefits. One, this eliminates the need for a 1-1/2″ notch in the concrete around the perimeter of the slab. Thus, your panel will not rest on the concrete which may later cause rusting. And two, the formed base trim typically saves an average of four yards of concrete on a 5,000 sq. ft. building—an average $300 savings on the concrete. The base trim is available in the same matching colors as the wall panels. (See the Panel Colors Page for the color choices.)

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