RHINO Steel Building Testimonials

“Friendly and helpful staff. All around good customer service experience.”     —Nate Marks, Idaho

“From the assistance we received with the design of our building through delivery, the team at Rhino did not miss a beat. Early in the process, we received multiple copies of our plans for every contractor we would need. They helped us find a great erector too!  I cannot stress enough how well the team at Rhino did in terms of keeping us informed. We knew when the building and other materials were scheduled to arrive and they did arrive as scheduled. Great product, great service.”    —Steven Van Ooyen, Lantana, TX

“My experience w RHINO buildings has been fantastic. Highly recommended. My father and I built this in a couple of months.  My father and I recently completed putting up my 30 x 40 RHINOo insulated building. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. The insulation even makes the interior brighter when the lights are on. Insulation is worth every inexpensive penny.  I also own a Rhino building and went with gutters and insulation. Well worth the small added expense. ”   —James Butler

“I worked with Bobby Voight [at RHINO] in 2009 to design a 65 x 80 foot equipment building.  A storm with estimated 90 mph straight line winds ripped through the mountains of Virginia just before July 4th this past summer.  Telephone and power was out for over a week in some areas.  Trees were uprooted everywhere.  The only damage to my Rhino building was that the sign riveted to the peak blew off.  I’m still cleaning-up around the farm but thankfully the only repair work I have to do on the barn is replace the sign!”    — Joe S., from Virginia

“It’s great working with RHINO. I have purchased 14 buildings from RHINO so far, including a 130′ x 250′ warehouse currently under construction. They also ship the building insulation and overhead doors with the steel, coordinating the delivery time to best fit my schedule. They have always worked with me to make sure my customers get the building design which best suits their needs. I can count on RHINO to make it happen.”       — Lee Ramsey of Links Construction LLC in Denton, Texas, http://www.linksconstruction.biz/

“My experience with RHINO Steel Buildings has been nothing but positive.  The sales staff is extremely professional, and always works extremely hard to design a custom building to fit my individual needs.  The sales staff understands our coastal windstorm requirements and engineers the building to meet all local codes and Texas Windstorm Insurance requirements.  Prints are delivered in a timely fashion, allowing the foundation crew ample time to finish their job prior to the building being delivered.  RHINO provides a professional that is available during the installation process to answer any questions and explain the installation instructions and prints.  This service has been extremely helpful in the installation process.  I am extremely happy with the product and service provided by Rhino, and can’t imagine building without them.”      — Victor Caraway of Caraway Enterprises LLC, Winnie Texas

“My guys were amazed at the insulation package.  We erected the framing for the first buildings last fall and worked inside during the winter.  The buildings were so well insulated with the Pro-Value Insulation that we never had to heat the building all winter.  Honestly, it was unbelievable.”     — Jacek Zak, General Manager and Special Projects director for Andy’s Deli and Mikolajczyk Sausage Shop, Inc., discussing their new 11,700 sq. ft. meat processing plant, offices, and deli store in Wisconsin

“The RHINO customer service support was excellent.  I am very pleased with the whole experience and with the building itself.  I’ll definitely use RHINO again for any other building projects.”     — Rick Moore, builder and owner of the 11,000 sq. ft. Pourhouse Sports Grill in Denton, TX

“RHINO recommended an erection contractor for our new indoor arena for football and provided all the steel building materials.  We could not be happier with the way everything came together and this new arena will be a source of pride for the Smith County Owls and our community.  The new building is 100′ x 200′ x 20′ and we’ll be installing astroturf next week.”  To view go to: www.smithcountyfootball.com .      — Chuck Gentry – Carthage, TN

“We’re in the final stages of construction in Marble Falls, Texas.  The building will house The Aladdin Home Store.  This major project was 25,000 square feet that required more than 100 cement trucks from midnight to midnight over 24 hours… just to complete the slab work.  With a tile roof and extensive front facade, customers will never know the building has steel frames.”      — Dan Byerly, Bar-D Construction, Marble Falls, TX

“I’m a very satisfied buyer of RHINO Steel buildings.  My most recent building is 75′ x 125′ x 18′ and will be used for fabrication and warehousing.  This is my third building from RHINO.  The materials were delivered on time with no missing parts.  When minor problems occurred, RHINO personnel were on the spot with the solution right away.  I couldn’t be more pleased with my RHINO buildings.”       —Bob West, Armetco – Justin, TX