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Steel Buildings in Florida

Floridian METAL Buildings help Beat the Heat and Hurricanes of the Sunshine State

The tropical and subtropical climates of Florida make it a favorite place to visit— or to live. Warmer winters, huge theme parks, and over 600 miles of inviting beaches beckon retirees and tourists from all across America.

The influx of retiring baby boomers and immigrants settling in Florida keeps the local construction market booming.

Unfortunately, damages from violent storms and hurricanes also fuel the need for construction. Consequently, Florida boasts some of the toughest steel building codes in the country.

Some of the strict building codes for metal buildings in Florida include:

  • Pole Barns in Florida
  • Steel Warehouses for Florida
  • Steel Industrial Buildings in Florida
  • Steel Church Buildings for Floridians
  • Florida Steel Aircraft Hangars
  • Recreational Buildings for Florida
  • Prefabricated Steel Buildings in Florida
  • Metal Garages in Florida
  • Florida Metal Storage Buildings
  • Floridian Indoor Horse Arenas
  • Steel Commercial Buildings in Florida
  • Agricultural Steel Buildings for Floridians
  • Metal Barns in Florida

Steel Buildings Florida with state flagRHINO Metal Buildings for Florida Meet All Local Building Codes

RHINO prefab steel buildings for Florida are designed to meet or exceed all local buildings codes— even in Dade County.

Our steel framing system is not only much stronger than typical wood framing, it is also more resistant to hurricane-force winds, Formosan termites, fire, and mold damage.

Every RHINO building package also includes waterproofing features unavailable with many other metal building companies.

Safe Metal Building in Florida, the Lightning Capital of the U.S.

Did you know that Florida receives more lightning strikes per year than any other state in the U.S.?

A shocking 1.4 million lightning strikes hit Florida each year. Central Florida is called ‘Lightning Alley.’ In fact, there are more lightning deaths and injuries in Florida every year than all other states combined.

A well-grounded steel building beats all other construction methods in a lightning storm. Steel framing conducts lightning harmlessly into the ground, rather than resisting the current as wood framing does.

Exterior Florida Steel Buildings Treatments to Suit Your Location and Purpose

Enjoy all the benefits of a prefabricated RHINO steel building— without having it look like a metal building. Any exterior building material used with other construction methods is also possible with RHINO’s steel buildings in Florida. Choose exterior finishes of tilt-up concrete, brick, glass, stone— or even the Florida favorite, stucco, for your project.

Building Green Metal Buildings in Florida with Steel

Choosing prefab metal buildings in Florida is a “green” building decision. Steel is the most recycled material on Earth.

Upgraded Pro-Value building insulation products and cool-coated steel panels create “green” climate-controlled buildings that save as much as 50% on energy usage.

Customers across North America have ordered RHINO structures for every conceivable building project, including:

  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Industrial Metal Buildings
  • Metal Aircraft Hangars
  • Residential Metal Buildings for Garages, Storage, or Multi-purpose Uses
  • Steel Agriculture Structures for Farms and Ranches
  • Steel Buildings for Manufacturing Facilities

Discover more reasons to choose RHINO metal buildings in Florida. Call a metal building specialist today for a free quote at 940.383.9566.