Steel: The All Purpose Building System

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October 21, 2016

Whatever the Project, Build It with Steel

Pre-engineered steel framing uses an all purpose building system that fits any low-rise construction project.

Steel buildings generally cost less to construct and to operate than other traditional building systems. From a backyard workshop, to church sanctuary, to a massive distribution center— and everything in between— a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) can do it all.

All-Purpose Building SystemSpecifically Designed

There are no cookie-cutter steel buildings. Designed exactly to the customer’s specifications, every PEMB order meets or exceeds all current local building codes for that location.

Today’s innovative computer-aided structural steel design programs create prefab metal building designs easily, economically, and efficiently.

Once the customer approves the plans, an engineer, specifically licensed for that state, sends a Letter of Certification to accelerate the construction permitting process.

Precision Fabrication

The computer program then generates minutely detailed manufacturing drawings for every piece of the framing package. Sent to the fabrication plant nearest the job site, these all-purpose construction drawings guide fabricators to produce the state-of-the-art framing.

Every piece is cut, welded, and drilled to the exact measurements indicated. Industry standards and tolerances are tight. The quality-control department double-checks the manufactured elements for accuracy.

Once accepted, the steel framing pieces receive a coating of corrosion-resistant paint. Before shipping, fabricators mark each part for easy identification.

Floor Plan Freedom

Steel Building Uses InfographicOther building materials lack the strength of rigid-frame steel while still allowing for all-purpose construction.

Lumber and other structural systems necessitate walls at strategic locations to carry the roof’s weight. Load-bearing walls limit floorplan options— and interfere later with remodeling choices.

The commercial-grade steel used in a PEMB all purpose building system supports the roof with the exterior columns. Pre-engineered metal buildings need no intrusive load-bearing interior walls or support columns.

A completely open PEMB offers up to 300-foot-wide clear span structures. With the addition of one center column, PEMB 480-foot-wide buildings are possible—three times the width of an NFL football field!

As an all purpose building system, PEMBs deliver sky-high elevations. Customers choose eaves up to 40-foot in height. (EVEN Taller structures are possible additional engineering.)

Rigid-frame steel buildings can be any length imaginable. A PEMB also promises easy later expansion— especially in length.

Facade Freedom

Do you think all metal buildings look like barns? No way! Many of the businesses you frequent probably hide a steel skeleton without you ever knowing it.

There are no limits to the exterior finishes available with today’s PEMB. Complete your structure in brick, colorful steel panels, decorative block, EIFS glass, hardy board, stucco, stone, tilt-up concrete, wood— or in any combination of these treatments.

Customize your PEMB further with canopies, gutters systems, energy-saving insulation, mezzanines, skylights and wall lights, and all types of doors and windows.

PEMBs can rest on any type of foundation, including perimeter footing, pier-and beam or concrete slab.

Faster Construction

The superior strength of steel means far fewer framing pieces fashion a much stronger structure. Since all the parts are prefabricated at a factory, the framing kit arrives ready to assemble.

Most builders find a PEMB slashes construction time by 33%, saving both time and money.

Sustainable System

Environmentally conscious builders rely on all-purpose construction.

As the most recycled material on earth, steel tops the list of green building materials. Moreover, steel is the only material whose strength is undiminished by repeated recycling.

The U.S. Green Building Council claims, “Steel as a primary structural building material, with its inherently recyclable nature and its efficiency of assembly, is the logical and responsible choice for Green Building.”

A Truly All Purpose Building System

Perceptive buyers choose PEMBs for every application imaginable:

  • Aircraft Hangars and Support Structures
  • Automotive, Mechanic, and Welding Businesses
  • Barns, Sheds, and Other Farm and Ranch Buildings
  • Church and Worship Sanctuaries and Other Structures
  • Distribution Centers, Mega-Warehouses, Warehouses
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Structures
  • Medical Clinics and Office Buildings
  • Personal Storage, Recreational Vehicle Garages, Hobby Buildings, and Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Retail and Commercial Structures
  • Self-Storage Businesses
  • Sports and Recreational Centers

Limited Only by Your Imagination

RHINO’s all purpose building system offers the finest product and building options in the industry.

We believe in providing first class service before, during, and after the sale. In the past twelve months, repeat customers— and those referred to us by previous clients— generated 39.1% of RHINO sales. That says a lot about the quality of RHINO’s customer service.

For durability, adaptability, and economy of construction, a RHINO steel building offers the ultimate choice for every low-rise construction project.

Join the herd of happy customers hooked on RHINO. Call 888.320.7466 today for ideas, information, and a free quote on your next building project.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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