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May 20, 2014

Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for the “Heart of Dixie”

Prefabricated metal buildings in Alabama are a hit with homeowners and business owners alike. With a history rooted in iron and steel production, many Alabama residents already know the merits of steel.

Birmingham, Alabama, named after the steel industry hub of England, began the industrialization of the state. Alabama seemed the ideal location for iron and steel production. The Jones Valley in Alabama was the only place in the world where deposits of the necessary ingredients for steel— iron ore, coal (for coke), and limestone— were nearby and plentiful.

Founded in 1871 at the intersection of two main railroads, Birmingham became a boomtown based on pig iron production. In just twelve years, the city went from a population of 1,200 to over 25,000.

Today steel production and fabrication still contribute to the state’s economy.

Exceptional Advantages of Metal Buildings in Alabama

Some benefits of RHINO Alabama steel buildings are universal. Our prefabricated steel buildings are strong, durable, affordable, fire-resistant, low maintenance, energy efficient, easy to construct, recyclable, flexible, expandable, and versatile.

However, some of the advantages of RHINO metal buildings meet specific needs in Alabama.

HUMIDITY: Alabama’s position on the Gulf of Mexico keeps the climate humid and moist. All that muggy air contributes to mold and mildew problems. All mold needs to flourish is high humidity and an organic material like wood to feed upon.

Steel is inorganic and does not support mold or mildew growth.

HEAT: While the winters are typically mild, Alabama experiences hot, sticky summers.

RHINO offers insulation packages to keep metal buildings in Alabama cool and comfortable. The RHINO Pro-Value insulation package slashes cooling costs as much as 50%. Choosing optional reflective cool steel roof panels saves an additional 7%-15% on cooling costs for Alabama steel buildings. Proper insulation stops condensation from being a problem, too.

TERMITES: Alabama is an area identified as a high risk for termite infestation. Drywood, subterranean, and Formosan termites inhabit the state, causing millions in structural damages.

Nothing defeats termites like Alabama steel buildings. No termite can make a meal of steel. By not supplying a food source, you eliminate the need for harsh and expensive termite treatment.

Alabama Steel Buildings Stand Up To The State’s Extreme Weather

RAIN: The moisture-laden Gulf air provides ample rain for the state. Alabama averages over 4.6 feet of rainfall annually.

RHINO steel buildings include many waterproofing features not available with other building systems. Formed base trim, die-formed ridge caps, closure stripping and mastic tapes combine to create a watertight structure within our metal buildings in Alabama.

Alabama is also prone to thunderstorms, tropical storms, and horrendous hurricanes. These storms often produce high winds, deadly lightning, large hail, and tornadoes.

LIGHTNING: Thunderstorms produce awesome lightning. Alabama receives over 820,000 lightning strikes every year.

Lightning is the number two cause of storm-related deaths in the U.S. Alabama ranks tenth in the U.S. for the number of lightning strikes per capita. It also places sixth in the country for deaths from lightning. And as for lightning damage, Alabama ranks fourth in the nation.

Steel is an excellent conductor of electricity and offers great building lightning protection. If lightning strikes properly grounded metal buildings in Alabama, the current passes harmlessly though the steel framing and into the ground.

Wood is a poor conductor of current. When lightning hits a wood-framed structure, the current may ignite the framing, explode the framing, or divert to nearby objects or people.

WIND: Hurricane Ivan slammed into Gulf Shores, Alabama, in 2004 as a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of 132 mph. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina pounded the area again, making landfall as a Category 3 storm with 125 mph winds. However, the grandmamma of Alabama hurricanes was Camille, a Category 5 storm in 1969 with winds speeds approaching 190 mph.

RHINO Alabama steel buildings are guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes— including wind loads— for the lifetime of the structure. Prudent buyers might consider even stronger loads than those required by codes for their metal buildings in Alabama to withstand hurricane-force winds in coastal areas.

TORNADOES: Tornadoes, spawned by thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes, rip across the Alabama landscape all too frequently.

Alabama is the only place in the world suffering through two distinct tornado seasons each year— spring and November- December.

There are so many severe tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama, the area is called “Dixie Alley,” distinctly apart from the “tornado alley” of the plains states.

Alabama and Oklahoma tie for the dubious distinction of having the most EF5 (F5) reported tornadoes, based on the Enhanced Fujita scale. An EF5 tornado inflicts incredible damage, with wind speeds estimated well over 200 mph.

However, these violent twisters account for only 2% of all the tornadoes in the U.S. Over 1,600 tornadoes have hit Alabama since 1950.

While no structure is likely to survive a direct hit by an EF5 tornado, much of the damage is caused by the wind lifting the roof from wood structures, allowing the walls to collapse. Nails and staples used in wood construction fail under the stress.

RHINO metal buildings in Alabama connect with heavy-duty steel bolts and nuts, making the structure far more resistant to damage from twisters and high winds.

HAIL: Alabama thunderstorms often produce large, damaging hailstones.

Large hail pummeled RHINO in Denton, Texas in April 2014. While our staff’s cars were heavily damaged, the Alabama steel building housing our corporate headquarters sustained zero damage. Other structures in the area suffered significant damage.


Our enthusiastic steel-framing specialists will make you the best deal in Alabama steel buildings: 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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