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Why You Should Buy Prefab Metal Buildings

We all make our buying decisions based on what is ultimately best for us.  So why would a prefab steel building be the best choice for you?  Let’s bottom line it.

Look at the ways a metal building kit saves you time and money now, and future hassles.

How Choosing Prefab Metal Buildings Saves You Time

  • Prefab metal buildings are manufactured specifically for your structural needs and delivered quickly to your job site.Prefab Buildings save you money
  • A prefabricated steel building system erects faster than many conventional building systems.  Generally, a metal building construction takes about one-third less time than other building methods.  All the framing components are cut to length, drilled, and welded at the factory, saving you time on the job site.
  • Steel is an inorganic material.  It does not change shape with variances in humidity as an organic material like lumber.  Practically maintenance free, steel buildings do not need the upkeep and repairs common in wood buildings.  Wood-framed buildings deteriorate as the framing warps, twists, creeps, and sags over time.  Your time is better spent using your building than in repairing your building.

How Choosing a Metal Building Saves You Money

  • In construction, as in any other commercial venture, time is money.  If the building is erected in one-third less time, of course it saves on construction costs.
  • Framing with a steel building kit is a step-by-step assembly of factory-produced components.  Many buyers elect to erect the building themselves with help from a few friends, saving even more on construction costs.
  • Since all the primary framing is already cut, welded, drilled, and marked before delivery, there is almost no waste on a prefabricated steel building project.  You only pay for what you actually use.  In a wood building, 15%-20% of the lumber you’ve bought may need to be rejected due to inferior quality.  At the end of the project you’ll have to pay for all the wasted lumber to be hauled away.  If there is any leftover metal when you build with a steel building kit, it can simply be sold to a recycler for scrap.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounted rates for steel structures, since steel is a commercial building material and noncombustible.
  • If your building project needs to be climate controlled, choosing an upgraded insulation package like RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation System saves as much half on your utility bills.
  • Since steel is inorganic, it doesn’t support mold or fungus, nor will it attract termites like wood structures.  There’s no need for frequently treating your building with expensive and hazardous termiticides.
  • Durable steel buildings retain their value over the decades, protecting your building investment.

How Choosing a Metal Building Will Save You Future Hassles

  • A steel building is virtually maintenance free, saving money on future repairs.
  • Rigid-framed metal buildings are connected with high-strength bolts and screws.  These fasteners do not work out over time, like the ordinary nails and staples used in wood construction.  A steel building is straight and true when it is built and it stays that way over time.  Wood buildings can sag and shift over the years.  Soon doors and windows no longer shut properly.  The entire structure becomes less airtight and watertight.  Soon the building begins to have a “tired” look, which affects the value of the property.
  • Finished in strong and attractive colored steel panels, the exterior of a metal building boasts a 25-year to 30-year guarantee.  This eliminates the need for the constant repainting typical in wood buildings.  If you choose to finish your steel building with brick, stone, or other attractive building materials, it will also save you the hassle of periodic repainting.
  • If you find you need to expand your building at a later date, prefab buildings are easy and economical to enlarge.  You just order more framing to attach at either end wall.  A clear span steel building even makes interior remodeling more convenient, since there are no load-bearing walls to interfere with redesigning your floor plan.
  • Since steel is a stronger, more durable building material, it provides better protection from fire and lightning, high winds, hail, termites, mold, and even earthquakes.  That can save you the hassle and expense of major repairs caused by natural phenomenon.

Whether you are planning a low-rise commercial or industrial structure or a building for your own personal use, build it with a prefab steel building system.  From a small RV garage in your backyard to a 500,000 square-foot mega import warehouse, you’ll find the best deal is always a RHINO steel building.

Contact RHINO today and let one of our friendly and experienced steel building consultants assist you in choosing a prefab metal building for your needs.  Call: 940.383.9566.