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Why Metal Buildings Make the Best Auto Shops

Building a Garage with the Strength of Steel

Metal buildings for mechanics shopsAuto shops need open space for the vehicles they repair.  Conventional building materials like wood or block require structural load-bearing columns or walls to support the roof.  That is very limiting for a garage operation.  Pre-engineered metal buildings provide open, clear span structures, which maximize the work area.

In fact, the majority of auto, truck, boat, and recreational vehicle repair shop owners build with steel framing.

Metal Building Benefits for the Auto Shop Owner

Super-strong prefabricated steel buildings are self-supporting.  Steel framing allows for open spans up to 150’ wide or even more without interior columns to get in the way.  Arranging an unobstructed auto repair garage becomes simple.  Clear span pre-engineered metal buildings also offer the flexibility to rearrange the floor plan as needed.

Specialty vehicle repair garages require taller structures to accommodate lifts.  High profile vehicles like semi-trucks, RVs, or buses also demand taller repair bays.  A building system as strong as rigid-framed steel allows eave heights up to 40’ or more.

Prefab metal buildings can be any length desired.  As a auto repair business grows, metal buildings make expansion by simple by just adding more steel frames to either end wall, increasing the number of bays needed.

Overhead Doors for Auto Shop Bays

All professional auto, truck, and boat facilities depend on sturdy overhead doors as part of their structures.  Prefabricated steel building kits can be fitted with either mechanical or manual lifting systems in a choice of sectional or drum styles.  For larger operations such as farm equipment or aviation repair facilities, hydraulic bifold doors up to 60’ wide are available.

Pull-through bays are easily arranged with a building material as strong as steel.  RHINO also offers insulated overhead doors.

Overhead doors may be certified to withstand up to 145 mph winds.

Why Owners turn to RHINO for their Auto Shop Buildings

RHINO prefabricated metal buildings are:

  • Fast and easy to erect, with all framing pieces prepared at the factory for easy assembly at the job site
  • Strong and durable, withstanding the test of time and retaining long-term value
  • Much more resistant to damage from fire, high winds, heavy snows or rains, earthquakes, termites, vermin, and mold than wood-framed structures
  • Available in three sturdy steel panel styles and in an array of color choices
  • An environmentally responsible choice, with a high recycled content

Call RHINO today at 940.383.9566 for a free quote and get started on your dream auto shop building design.